5 Best Vacation Rental Housekeeping Software for Property Management

Lizzie Griffin
Lizzie Griffin

September 1, 2023

Trying to manually manage cleaning and maintenance for just a few vacation rental properties is no easy feat—you’re constantly juggling cleaning schedules, inspections, and maintenance tasks. And then there are the last-minute booking changes, which can risk you missing a clean. 

With every property you add to your portfolio, those manual tasks get increasingly complicated, making it easier for mistakes to slip through the cracks. 

Housekeeping management software is the solution to this chaos, helping you automate and centralize your cleaning and maintenance operations to eliminate repetitive manual processes and avoid errors. To help you find a tool that’s right for you, this article: 

  • Explains what housekeeping management software is
  • Gives you a list of the five best tools on the market
  • Outlines the main benefits of this software
  • Tells you the key features you should look for when choosing a solution

Make cleaning and maintenance the easiest part of your job.
Breezeway’s task automation, cleaning checklists, and property care coordination features take the hassle out of housekeeping operations. 
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What is housekeeping management software?

Housekeeping management software helps vacation rental property managers optimize and automate their cleaning operations. This type of tool includes features that help with task management, inventory tracking, quality assurance, and maintenance supervision.

Your housekeeping app should also connect to your property management system (PMS) and/or booking channels to ensure property status and reservation information is always up-to-date. The platform should also include messaging tools, to facilitate communication with cleaners, as well as access solutions so it’s easy for the team to enter a property when required.

5 top vacation rental housekeeping software 

When it comes to short-term rental management software, no tech stack is complete without a housekeeping operations tool to minimize your task coordination workload and ensure your homes are ready when you need them. 

Discover the top five housekeeping management solutions on the market to help your day-to-day run smoother while upholding guest expectations. 

1. Breezeway: An all-in-one solution to maximize efficiency and guest satisfaction

From turnover scheduling and maintenance tracking to quality assurance and inventory management, Breezeway offers an all-in-one solution to simplify housekeeping for your vacation rental business. The platform connects your whole team, from high-level operations to your cleaners on the ground, to make sure everyone has the information they need, exactly when they need it. 

Breezeway helps you eliminate the risk of missed cleans, ensure maintenance issues never fall through the cracks, and provide your guests with vacation homes that exceed their expectations. At the same time, the platform keeps your team aligned and your operations running smoothly, even as you grow your portfolio. 

In addition to the features that help you run smooth cleaning and maintenance operations, Breezeway comes with tools to boost business efficiency. These include a guest messaging solution, digital welcome books, an owner reporting tool, asset management features, and even smart tech for driving gap night revenue. 

So Breezeway doesn’t just make cleaning and scheduling easier, it helps you save on costs and increase revenue, too.

Breezeway dashboard

Breezeway’s dashboard gives you a clear overview of all your cleaning operations. 

“I wouldn't be able to run operations efficiently without Breezeway! The overall ease of use is fantastic. I love that I can quickly view which cleaners and inspectors I have scheduled, make any changes on the fly, and the fact that everything is automated! Breezeway saves me time, and the more time I have, the more I can refine my systems and take down more deals!”
David Fornelli, Head of Marketing and Short-Term Rental Operations

Key features

  • Task and scheduling automation, saving you time and simplifying turnovers
  • Quality assurance via customizable cleaning checklists
  • Recurring tasks so you never miss a maintenance check or deep clean
  • Simple maintenance requests for managing urgent and last-minute issues
  • GPS tracking and task notifications so you’re always in the loop
  • All-in-one dashboard to monitor property and task status
  • Inventory tracking and linen management so you know your properties are always stocked
  • Owner solutions like reporting and owner stay checklists
  • PMS integrations so your turnover schedule is always up-to-date
  • Mobile app to keep your whole team aligned no matter where they are
  • Broader business solutions like guest messaging and welcome books


Our pricing varies depending on how many properties you operate. We recommend reaching out to our team directly to get a pricing estimate. 

What our users say

“We finally have a smart program that ties together all aspects of our property care into one easy-to-use interface. The increased tracking we get from Breezeway's platform has enabled us to provide an elevated experience for our guests, and more visibility for our homeowners.”
Reid Matthews, COO and Financial Controller


Make cleaning and maintenance the easiest part of your job.
Breezeway’s task automation, cleaning checklists, and property care coordination features take the hassle out of housekeeping operations. 
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2. Operto Teams

With Operto Teams, you can ensure you’re always on top of your cleaning scheduling with task automation, a centralized calendar, and customizable checklists. The tool also helps you manage laundry and linens, and lets you track maintenance issues. 

Operto Teams integrates with a number of popular PMS tools so you can sync your booking calendar with your cleaning schedules. It also offers additional time-saving solutions like homeowner dashboards and payroll reports. 

Operto Teams Master Calendar

Operto’s Master Calendar gives you a centralized view of all your reservations and turnovers.

Key features

  • Task automation based on custom rules 
  • Issue tracking to stay on top of maintenance tasks
  • Customized checklists, plus laundry and linen forecasting
  • PMS integrations to ensure booking and turnover information is always correct


The Operto Teams website doesn’t list any pricing information, so you have to reach out to the team for a quote.

3. Turno

What differentiates Turno from other tools is its cleaner marketplace, which has thousands of cleaners around the globe to help you find staff for your turnovers and cleans. The tool also helps you manage turnovers with auto-scheduling and auto payments. 

Plus, Turno has a photo checklist feature to ensure cleans match guest expectations, as well as simple issue reporting and inventory management. Because of its marketplace, Turno is a good option for property managers who don’t already have their own housekeeping team or service.  

Turno cleaning checklist

Turno lets you create custom cleaning checklists to ensure all your turnovers meet guest expectations.

Key features

  • Cleaner marketplace for property managers without their own cleaning staff
  • Auto scheduling and auto payments cut down on manual tasks 
  • Photo checklists and inventory management for quality assurance
  • Problem reporting for streamlined maintenance


Turno lets you connect one property for free. After that, there are two billing options: 

  • Monthly ($8 per property per month)
  • Annually ($6 per property per month, and includes a property manager lead)

4. EZcare

EZcare’s housekeeping management platform comes with features like automatic job scheduling, inventory management, and issue reporting. However, it also includes additional features that help round out your operations, like guest messaging, accounting, and compliance assurance.  

The platform also comes with a mobile app your teams can use to stay in the loop, letting your housekeeping staff view property notes and photos. Plus, location awareness keeps you informed of your team’s whereabouts when they’re out on the job. 

EZcare dashboard

EZcare’s dashboard gives you a unit-by-unit view of your cleaning schedule.

 Key features

  • Task automation for simplifying turnovers
  • Real-time issue reporting for streamlined maintenance
  • In-app messaging for smoother internal communication
  • Inventory tracking with low-level alerts 


The EZcare website doesn’t list any pricing information, so you have to reach out to the team for a quote. 

5. Propertycare.com

Our last tool helps you simplify turnover management by automating recurring tasks, as well as assigning staff to tasks.  You can choose from cost or time-efficiency models when automating your cleaning schedules and you can make manual modifications, too. 

Propertycare.com also lets you customize cleaning checklists for your cleaners to follow when performing turnovers, complete with images and descriptions. Plus, the platform gives you a centralized overview of property and task status so you can stay on top of your cleans.

Propertycare.com desktop and mobile view

You can use Propertycare.com both on a desktop and the mobile app.

Key features

  • Automated task scheduling with PMS integration
  • Customizable checklists with live task updates
  • Property damage reporting to help you manage maintenance issues
  • Team communication features to keep your staff connected


Propertycare.com requires you to sign a year contract and offers two billing options: 

  • Monthly ($7.50 per property per month)
  • Annually ($6 per property per month)

8 main benefits of using housekeeping software

You know what these tools can do, but how exactly can they help you? Here are the eight main advantages of having the right vacation rental cleaning software in your tech stack. 

1. Major time savings

With housekeeping software, you no longer have to lose time doing scheduling Tetris or following up about cleans. Task automation means you can sit back and let your cleaning management platform do the heavy lifting. See how Olala Homes saved 20 hours per month on scheduling by using Breezeway.

2. Cost reduction

This type of solution doesn’t just help you save time, but money as well. That’s because the software helps you both reduce costly errors, like missed cleans, and minimize your staffing needs. See how Vanwaw Corporate Rentals saved $800 per month by automating turnovers and standardizing their processes with Breezeway. 

3. Improved efficiency

When you’re more efficient, you’ll not only see time and cost savings, but also happier guests. That’s because streamlined operations mean you can pay more attention to the guest experience. See how Paso Robles Vacation Rentals saved $37,000 in labor and maintenance costs and reduced manual work by 30 hours per week with Breezeway.

4. Fewer mistakes and missed cleans 

By using the right platform, you can stop worrying about missed cleans and other issues that cost your money and affect the guest experience. That’s because your calendar is always synced, meaning cleans always happen when they should. See how Summit Mountain Rentals reduced guest complaints by 50% by working with Breezeway.

5. Streamlined communication and better alignment

Because your whole team has one source of truth and a smart internal communication tool, you can ensure everyone’s coordinated, from cleaners to maintenance workers. So no more cases of two cleaners turning up to clean the same property. See how Pocono Mountain Rentals eliminated 95% of occupancy-related calls from maintenance contractors.

6. Consistent quality (and better reviews)

No matter how full your booking schedule, cleaning software features like digital checklists help you ensure guests always get the best possible experience. And when your guests are happy with their stay, this is reflected in their reviews. See how Breezeway helped Nopali Properties achieve a 4.99/5 Airbnb rating while operating at 90% occupancy. 

7. Happier owners

By using a platform that lets you share detailed reports with owners, your clients feel they’re always fully informed about their properties. Additionally, this software can help you ensure properties are always prepared just how owners like them for their stays. See how ALTIDO increased owner satisfaction by 15% by using Breezeway.

8. Increased scalability 

If you have any hopes of growing your business, you need to use the right housekeeping management solution. That’s because the right software will give you a centralized platform, helping you streamline all your cleaning operations no matter how many properties you run. See how Breezeway helped Travel Advantage Network achieve 10% annual growth in the units they manage.

Housekeeping software features to look out for

To help you narrow down your choices, here’s a list of the essential features your vacation rental and Airbnb cleaning software should have: 

  • Automated task management to save time and ensure you never miss a clean
  • Customizable cleaning checklists for quality assurance
  • Mobile app to keep your cleaners in the loop and help you monitor their work
  • Task monitoring and issue notifications to ensure nothing slips through the cracks
  • Messaging tools to keep you connected with your cleaners, as well as your guests
  • Inventory tracking and linen management for streamlined turnovers
  • Integrations with PMS solutions and other software to sync all aspects of your operations
  • Broader business solutions like owner reporting, gap night smart tech, and welcome books

Breezeway: The best vacation rental housekeeping software to simplify operations

While all these platforms give you essential features like task scheduling, cleaning checklists, and maintenance tracking, you want a solution that combines as many aspects of your operations as possible. When you can centralize housekeeping, guest communication, and owner relations all under one roof, your operations suddenly become much more manageable—and scalable. 

That’s why Breezeway is the ideal solution for property managers looking for an all-in-one solution that helps with housekeeping and more. It’s a user-friendly platform that your team members can access on their mobile devices, meaning everyone has access to the information they need, wherever they are. 

That means no cleaners show up to a property that’s already been cleaned, no maintenance tasks slip through the cracks, and no guests arrive at a vacation home that hasn’t been fully prepared and inspected for their arrival. For you, this translates to less stress, time and money saved, better reviews, and a scalable housekeeping solution for your short-term rental business.  

Make cleaning and maintenance the easiest part of your job.
Breezeway’s task automation, cleaning checklists, and property care coordination features take the hassle out of housekeeping operations. 
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