Breezeway FAQs

Thank you for your interest in Breezeway. We're excited to tell you more about our property care and operations software, and have listed answers to the most frequently asked questions below. Feel free to contact us with any questions, or submit this form for a customized product demo.

What are Property Operations?

Property operations are the workflows and processes used to coordinate, communicate, and verify detailed work to ensure high-quality property care and guest experiences. This includes scheduling internal staff and service partners, tracking property details and events, coordinating work across multiple locations and unique properties, and monitoring compliance with internal service standards. Don't miss how managers and hosts of all sizes are using Breezeway in our case studies. 


Why are Property Operations so Important Today?

Property operations have always been the backbone of maintaining high-quality accommodations. Guest expectations for the physical space (presentation, cleanliness, amenities, etc.) have increased, adding to the existing operational burden of hospitality providers. In fact, 37% of vacation rental managers believe cleaning and operations will be the most important aspects of their business over the next year. Now more than ever, the pandemic has underscored the need for highly detailed, quality-assured, and controlled property operations that can be validated and shared with clients. 


What Does Breezeway Do?

Breezeway is the leading property care and operations platform for coordinating, communicating, and verifying detailed work all while ensuring the best guest experience is delivered. Breezeway's software and mobile apps have facilitated more than 30M property tasks, and help thousands of short-term rental operators and hospitality professionals meet detailed service standards. Breezeway was started in 2017 by Jeremy Gall (who previously founded FlipKey and sold to TripAdvisor), with the mission to create the necessary digital tools to power the future of property care and services. 


How Is Breezeway Different than My Traditional PMS System?

Most PMS softwares focus on the front-of-house aspects of property management like facilitating bookings and reservations, managing property listings, website marketing, and accounting. While these are all very important aspects of a successful vacation rental business, back of house operations are often neglected. As the job of a vacation rental manager continues to shift from valuing the transaction (marketing and facilitating the rental booking) to emphasizing the experience (offering services and crafting the perfect vacation), managers are adopting purpose-built tools outside of their PMS system to coordinate and manage their property care and operations. Focusing solely on property operations enables Breezeway to offer solutions like intelligent task automation and remote scheduling coordination, SMS guest messaging, dynamic quality assurance tools and mobile checklists, automated 'gap night' messaging, comprehensive owner reporting, and robust asset management and preventative maintenance programs. 


Does Breezeway Integrate with My PMS System?

Yes, we integrate with over 35 of the industry's leading property management software systems as well as smart locks and IoT devices. Our PMS integrations automatically sync your property details and reservation data in real-time, and schedules the activity workflow that  is needed at each property. You can filter this schedule by reservation, property type, customized tags, and more, which makes it easy for you to coordinate cleaning, inspections, and maintenance.


What Products Does Breezeway Offer?

We offer three distinct product types: our property operations platform, our SMS guest messaging tools, and our safety and compliance programs. While each product can be purchased and used separately, leveraging these products together can drive additional efficiencies across your operations. 


What are the Benefits of Using Breezeway?

Breezeway's technology transforms your operations, and drives several benefits for your company's brand and bottom line. These benefits include: 

  • Significant time savings on coordinating cleans, inspections and maintenance work
  • More revenue per stay with 'gap night' messaging
  • A streamlined view of task status and property readiness
  • Fewer missed cleans, call backs and botched repair jobs 
  • Additional billable work, better owner retention, and more service offerings 
  • Reduced guest complaints, more repeat stays, and stellar reviews
  • Better acquisition tools to scale your property management business 


What does Breezeway's messaging product do?

Unlike generic texting services, our SMS messaging tools are purpose-built for short-term rental operators, and empower hospitality professionals to stay on top of in-house issues, increase guest satisfaction, and drive 'gap night' revenue. 


What is ELEVATE?

ELEVATE is Breezeway's annual property operations summit. We bring together panelists ranging from large multinational brands to local housekeeping supervisors to share insights and best practices that help operators meet the demands of clients, provide professional guest experiences, and run a successful rental management business. 


Does Breezeway Offer Customer Support?

Absolutely. Breezeway has a dedicated customer experience and support team who are committed to your success. Our team assists you throughout the training and onboarding process, and is available to help you optimize your service along the way. 


Does Breezeway Have a Mobile App?

Breezeway's application can be easily accessed through our mobile apps (both Android and Apple) as well as via desktop. Additionally, Breezeway's mobile apps have off-line syncing and can be used even without WiFi connection. 


Is Breezeway Available in My Location?

Breezeway is available worldwide, and is currently used in over 15 different countries. 


Does Breezeway Have a Cancelation Policy?

Breezeway's contracts are annual (billed monthly) with a 60-day cancelation term. 


Does Breezeway offer customized alerts and updates that users can receive?

Breezeway offers a full suite of customizable email, SMS, and push-to-phone alerts based on real time property events based on department. 


How much does Breezeway cost?

Breezeway’s operations platform and guest messaging app are both priced on a per property basis billed monthly. The specific pricing varies depending on portfolio size.


Do I Need a Certain Amount of Properties in Order to Use Breezeway?

There is no minimum number of properties to create a Breezeway account, in fact, our clients manage anywhere from one to 1,000 properties on our platform. 


How Can I Get Started with Breezeway?

Interested in getting started? Request a demo here, and a member of our team will be in touch to give you a customized one-on-one product walkthrough, and share the full capabilities of our software. 

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