Airbnb Superhost Nopali Properties Standardizes Inspections and Boosts Efficiency with Breezeway's Easy-to-Use Tools


David, a professional real estate investor with Nopali Properties, manages four unique vacation rental properties and the Yara Hotel in the competitive Joshua Tree and Palm Springs markets. He is committed to turning homes into elevated spaces that please the eye and appease the soul. With high occupancy and frequent turnovers, David sought a solution to simplify his property management processes while ensuring effective communication, efficient inspections, and seamless coordination with his cleaning and maintenance teams. After exploring various options, David chose Breezeway for its modern features and easy-to-use tools. Breezeway allows David and his team to focus on scaling the business and providing exceptional guest experiences. 

The Situation:


To stay ahead of the competition and manage the tight turns of his bookings, David needed an effective inspection and inventory solution. David wanted a seamless process to ensure the quality of cleaning services was up to his standards with streamlined communication with his staff.

The Solution:


Breezeway's virtual checklists and inspection features offered David a convenient way to ensure the cleanliness and condition of properties remotely. Breezeway facilitated effective communication between his team, the virtual assistant, and the on-site cleaners. Breezeway allowed David to assign tasks, review inspection reports, and provide feedback easily, eliminating the need for manual coordination.

  • 4.99/5 Rating on Airbnb
  • 90% Occupancy Rate
  • Hours saved per week


Boosting Efficiency with Virtual Inspections


David faced the challenge of managing multiple properties with diverse needs and unique cleaning requirements. While using Hostfully as his PMS, David managed his bookings all in one place. However, coordinating turnover schedules, inspections, and inventory across properties demanded more time and effort than David had initially planned.

David saw that many hosts in the industry did not prioritize inspections. However, he quickly recognized the importance of thorough inspections due to his location's high ratio of same-day reservations. Finding a solution that facilitated virtual inspections and streamlined the process was crucial.

“Our properties have an occupancy rate of or better. So for us, it was a need to have inspections because of the high number of same-day reservations (61%). I had to build out systems to protect ourselves, our property, and our cleaners, and the easiest way to do that was with virtual inspections with Breezeway’s tools.”

Breezeway's automation allowed David to seamlessly delegate tasks to his virtual assistant and cleaning staff, freeing up time to pursue growth for his business and go above and beyond for guests. The centralized platform provided David and his team with a comprehensive view of property schedules, checklists, and maintenance needs, reducing confusion and improving efficiency for his team. David's virtual assistant conducted inspections 24 hours after cleaning, reviewing checklists and photos uploaded by on-site cleaners remotely. This process enabled efficient reporting, timely maintenance requests, and five-star guest reviews that matched inspection results. Thorough inspections and prompt maintenance coordination ensured that David's properties maintained high standards and increased occupancy rates throughout the year.


Streamlining Inventory Management 


Each property is unique and Nopali Properties is no different. David needed a flexible inventory management system that could accommodate the distinct aspects of each property, allowing him to tailor inventory lists and avoid confusion among his cleaning staff.

Breezeway provided a consolidated view to monitor inventory levels and ensure a well-stocked supply for Nopali Properties. With the inventory management dashboard, David could easily track supplies and identify items running low. Even better, the supply dashboard enabled a more manageable view of supply counts, details, and costs. By eliminating the need for manual inventory tracking, David was able to focus on personalizing each stay and elevate the guest experience. 

Breezeway is an amazing way for us to stay organized and to be as efficient as possible. Instead of just managing a cleaning crew, we can manage our cleaning crew, maintenance crew, inspectors, and inventory. It’s the best way to stay organized and efficient.” - David Fornelli, PM & Host
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