Streamline maintenance and work orders: fewer hassles, better results

Breezeway's property maintenance software solutions help property management companies coordinate, communicate, and verify detailed work, and deliver the best experience to tenants. A lot of time and effort goes into maintaining quality, safety, and cleanliness across your residential units and commercial properties - our cloud-based tools empower you to automate your operations and deliver an amazing experience.

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  • 20% Lower labor costs
  • 25%  Reduced internal communication
  • 5 Hours saved per turnover
automate inspections and turnovers

Automate turnover processes for quality assurance

Quit manually scheduling every task between tenant turnovers. Save time and create consistent, quality work by automating repeatable and scalable processes for turning and inspecting apartments. Easily set up workflows to schedule work, and gain visibility into the status of work orders track and field-reported issues.

Sync data in real-time from your Property Management Systems

Sync data in real-time from your Property Management Systems

Breezeway seamlessly connects to leading Property Management Systems, including Appfolio and RentManager, to streamline all the information you need into one dashboard. Pull unit, lease, and tenant work order requests directly from your PMS into Breezeway to easily coordinate and complete work. Then, push that information back into your PMS for billing and record-keeping.

easy to use mobile app

Easy-to-use mobile app for field staff with GPS map view

With Breezeway’s user-friendly mobile app, field staff can access their schedules on their mobile devices to easily complete customized digital checklists, report issues, communicate internally, and get notifications of schedule changes. Managers can use GPS tracking in the map view to view job status and assign work based on location proximity.

Prevent issues with recurring maintenance tasks

Prevent issues with recurring maintenance tasks

Stop using stand-alone solutions like calendar reminders or Excel spreadsheets. Start using Breezeway's property management tools to automatically schedule recurring maintenance tasks to prevent issues before they arise and reduce tenant-submitted tickets.

work order

Save time and money with tenant-led inspections

Automatically coordinate tenant-led inspections around move-in and move-out days with checklists and templates in the Breezeway app. Receive real-time inspection reports with photos and notes to upkeep brand standards and the rental property’s condition. This functionality reduces labor costs, streamlines turnovers, and improves tenant satisfaction and lifecycle.

maintenance report

Enhanced operational insights and reporting

Breezeway’s dashboard gives you insight into metrics like employee efficiency, labor and maintenance costs, inventory management, “problem” properties, and occupancy/ vacancy trends to help you make more informed property management business decisions and optimize your operations.

simplify day-to-day communication

Simplify day-to-day communication

Breezeway facilitates seamless communication between property managers, tenants, property owners, and vendors. Our tools help you automatically coordinate work with vendors and communicate work order status updates with tenants, enhancing transparency and efficiency in maintenance operations and reducing response times.

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PMS Integrations to help you streamline your operations.

Best property maintenance management software features

PMS Integrations 

Integrations with leading Property Management Software and IoT devices to harness the power of your data. 

Preventative Maintenance

Automatically schedule recurring tasks to save time and reduce tenant-submitted tickets across your real estate portfolio.

Work Order Management 

Invite maintenance techs, cleaning companies, plumbers, and other service providers to accept tasks.

Mobile Apps 

Dedicated Android and iOS mobile apps provide ease of use for vendors to work effectively in the field.

Custom Checklists

Personalized mobile checklists ensure consistency in property inspections and maintenance.

Photo Uploads

Require staff to upload photos to ensure quality and task completion of maintenance activities.

Job-Status Visibility

Reduce downtime and monitor staff's daily and weekly availability to easily manage task assignments.


Auto-schedule inspections and maintenance tasks based on custom rules.

Tenant Portal

Make submitting maintenance requests and receiving updates on service requests easy for renters.

Detailed Reports 

Generate shareable links and PDF reports to analyze efficiency and share work with property owners.

Property Details

Track historical task activity and appliance serial numbers for more robust asset management features.

Track Costs

Easily track maintenance, cleaning, inventory, labor costs, pricing, online payments, and invoices associated with tasks or units.