Best Ways to Share Your Airbnb Cleaning Calendar With Your Cleaner

Lizzie Griffin
Lizzie Griffin

October 31, 2023

Guests arriving at your vacation rental before it’s been cleaned is the quickest way to a negative review—but getting Airbnb cleaners in the right place at the right time can feel just as tough.

Manually coordinating cleaners—especially if you get a last-minute booking or change—can keep you chained to your phone, wasting hours on manual chats, and fretting over every turnover.

That’s where software can help. Digitally sharing your Airbnb calendar with your cleaner can eliminate manual texting, time-consuming checks, and the risk of human error almost instantly.

Specialized turnover software makes it even easier for Airbnb hosts.Your calendars update automatically, and your cleaners always know what to do—even if a booking comes in at the eleventh hour. Plus, you can share checklists so every clean is done to a high and consistent standard.

The result? You never miss a clean, you save hours of work and stress—and your guests arrive at a sparkling short-term rental every time. Cue an easier life and positive reviews. Here’s how to do it.

Never miss a clean. 
Share your Airbnb calendar with your cleaner and offer an excellent guest experience with Breezeway. 
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How to share your Airbnb cleaning calendar with your cleaners 

There are three main ways to share your Airbnb calendar with your Airbnb cleaning service.

Method 1: Add your cleaner as a co-host on Airbnb

Adding your cleaner as a co-host on your Airbnb profile is a simple way to share calendars. 
You do this by heading to your Hosting space once you’re logged into Airbnb. 

  • Click on a listing, and then click Co-Hosts on the left-hand sideboard menu.  
  • Invite a co-host via email. 
  • Choose the level of access you give, including Full access, Calendar and inbox access, and Calendar access only.

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Airbnb lets you add a co-host and choose an access level

Using this method, though, you’ll still need to coordinate cleanings, check availability, ensure secure access, make sure your cleaning services team has seen the latest changes, and send everything else manually—including checklists.

Even if you give your cleaner ‘Calendar and inbox access’—so they can see any special requests or early check-ins, for example—communicating with guests is a delicate and important task, so giving a third party access isn’t ideal. Also, they might not see the messages until it’s too late.

So, this method risks human error, it’s potentially confusing, and your to-do list is still a mile long.

Method 2: Share your Google Calendar or iCal

Another method of giving your cleaner access to your Airbnb schedule is to sync your Airbnb calendar with your Google or iCal, and then share that with your cleaner.

You can do this by heading to your Hosting space once you’re logged into Airbnb.

  • Click on a listing, and then click Co-Hosts on the left-hand sideboard menu.  
  • Invite a co-host via email. 
  • Choose the level of access you give, including Full access, Calendar and inbox access, and Calendar access only.
  • Copy the link. You’ll need to paste this link into both Google and iCal when you add a calendar.


How to import your Airbnb calendar to an Apple iCal calendar

To import your Airbnb calendar into your Apple iCal app: 

  • Go to Settings on your device, then hit Calendar.  
  • Tap Accounts, and then Add Account, then Other.
  • Tap Add Subscribed Calendar.
  • Paste your copied .ics URL link from Airbnb in the ‘Server’ field. Give it a name like “Airbnb”.
  • In your iCal app, hit Calendars. Make sure your new calendar is checked so it’s visible.
  • If you tap ‘i’, you can rename the calendar, toggle alerts, and change the color.

Your Airbnb bookings will now show in your iCal in the color selected.

How to import your Airbnb calendar to your Google Calendar

For Google, once you’re logged into your account and on the calendar screen: 

  • Under “Other” calendars on the left, click +.
  • Click “From URL” on the menu that pops up.
  • Paste your link from Airbnb, and then click Add Calendar. This will enable your Google calendar to sync with your Airbnb schedule.
  • Make sure your new calendar is checked on the left sidebar. Your Airbnb bookings will then show in your Google calendar.

But this isn't perfect. Even Airbnb states that “the sync frequency of an exported calendar is determined by external calendars,” and it has no control over this. This risks your cleaner missing a change.

Plus, even if your calendar does sync, you’ll still encounter the same problems: Manual coordination, availability checking, communicating any special instructions or requests, and ensuring access…all before the next guests arrive.

Sure, sharing your Google and iCal calendars is better than nothing. At least your cleaning crew will see when bookings are expected. But it’s not a silver bullet.

Method 3: Use specialized turnover operations software

Specialized turnaround management and Airbnb cleaning software is designed to solve this issue with none of the risks of the other, less effective methods.

It lets you share your calendar—yes—but also automatically schedules tasks according to that calendar. 

It sends notifications about any last-minute changes, cancellations, or updates, and enables you to send detailed cleaning checklists for each property (again, automatically). It also makes sure your cleaning team can get into the rental property, and ensures they never run out of supplies.

No more manual organization, and no more staying tied to your phone in case of a last-minute booking or change.

9 Benefits of using vacation rental software to automate turnovers

Using dedicated vacation rental software to automate Airbnb cleaning does much more than just share your calendar. Here are nine major benefits.

A view of the Breezeway user planning availability screen

Breezeway makes it easy for you to see cleaner availability at a glance

  1. Automated task scheduling

    Dedicated software can schedule cleans, notify available cleaners, and create tasks automatically as bookings and updates come in. It syncs directly from your property management system (PMS) and/or Airbnb so there’s no more stressing over last-minute guests, checking cleaner availability, or worrying that they won’t know what to do at which property, or when.

  2. Customizable checklists

    Ensure your properties are always cleaned meticulously and systematically by sharing step-by-step to-do lists with your cleaner. Rest easy knowing that everything has been done, avoid human error, and ensure consistently high standards.

  3. Separate instructions for each property

    Does one of your properties need special care, or have something extra—like a hot tub—that other properties don’t? Communicate any must-know instructions so your cleaner always knows exactly what to do at each property, every time (even if you change your cleaner or vacation rental cleaning contract).

  4. Cleaning supplies stay up-to-date

    Avoid any risk of your cleaner running out of wipes, paper towels, fresh linens, shampoo, dish soap, or toilet roll at the exact wrong moment. Specialist digital software tracks inventory and order replacements, while you keep an eye on the costs and budget for future orders.

  5. Your cleaner always has access

    Forget the hassle of handing over keys, compromising security by hiding fobs in a plant pot, or forgetting to text your cleaner the access code. Specialist software connects with your PMS to send them the smart lock code automatically, so they can get in when they need to.

  6. Your cleaner never misses last-minute changes

    Connecting with your PMS also ensures that your cleaner will be automatically notified of any last-minute changes via the same app. This could include a late booking, extended stay, or special requests. No more stressing over calendar syncing, or worrying if your cleaner has seen the changes.

  7. Your cleaner can access details on the go

    No more sharing personal numbers, relying on third-party apps, or worrying if they’ve seen your messages. Breezeway software is mobile-ready with a user-friendly app, so your cleaner can access all of the above important details at any time, even if they’re on the go. Nothing is missed.

  8. You can track tasks and monitor jobs

    It’s one thing to schedule a task, but it’s just as important to make sure it actually gets done on time, and how long it takes. Breezeway includes GPS tracking and task timing, so you can see where your cleaners are, monitor their work, and track the status of each clean in real-time, so you know when a unit is ready.

  9. You also get reporting, guest messaging, and extra revenue

    Ensuring your properties are clean and prepared before your guests arrive is just one part of offering an outstanding guest experience. 

That’s why Breezeway also includes extra features such as guest messaging, welcome books, and easy ways to extend guest stays. Guests have all the information they need on their devices, and you can maximize revenue, provide excellent service, and never miss another clean.

How to share your Airbnb cleaning calendar with your cleaners using Breezeway

Sharing your Airbnb cleaning calendar with your cleaners is crucial to running a successful vacation rental. But it’s just one small part of the logistical puzzle.

When it comes to organizing cleaners successfully and ensuring your rentals are always ready for the next guest, specialized turnaround software solves multiple problems in one move.

With Breezeway, sharing your Airbnb cleaning calendar with your cleaners is simple. Log in, head to Settings, then Integrations. Next to the Airbnb logo, click Add, then Allow. That’s it! You can then add (or “migrate”) your existing active Airbnb properties to Breezeway in a few extra steps.

A view of the Airbnb and Breezeway connection screen

You can connect Breezeway to Airbnb in a few simple steps

Plus, Breezeway is now an official Airbnb partner, so the two platforms work seamlessly together, for an even easier connection.

Syncing your Airbnb calendar with Breezeway comes with none of the risks or the logistical headaches of the other methods, plus it makes your cleaning process an integral part of the overall excellent service and guest experience that you provide.

Because guests arriving at a dirty vacation rental may be the quickest way to a bad review—but ensuring they check in to a sparkling clean property is the first step to a great one.

Never miss a clean. 
Share your Airbnb calendar with your cleaner and offer an excellent guest experience with Breezeway. 
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Frequently asked questions about Airbnb calendar sharing


Can you share your Airbnb calendar with someone?

Yes. There are several ways to share your Airbnb calendar. You can make them a co-host on your Airbnb account listings, import your Airbnb calendar to your Google Calendar or Apple iCal, and share that via email.

However, these methods are not very secure or practical if you’re running your Airbnbs as a fully functioning vacation rental small business. Using specialized property care software lets you share your Airbnb calendar, and automate your managerial tasks.

How can you automate your Airbnb cleaning schedule?

The easiest way to automate your Airbnb cleaning schedule is to use a specialized Airbnb vacation rental turnover platform like Breezeway. It pulls Airbnb booking data in real-time, and automatically creates cleaning tasks for your staff. Breezeway automates tasks, checks availability, notifies cleaners, tracks their work and location, and sends them customizable checklists. It’s all on autopilot!

Is there an app for Airbnb cleaners? 

The Airbnb app is a way for your cleaners to see your Airbnb calendar if you share it with them as a co-host. They can log in to the Airbnb app Hosting dashboard, see when your next guests are scheduled, and clean on time. 

This isn’t the best method, though, because they may still need to check details. Instead, using a platform like Breezeway—which has its own mobile app for cleaners—shares your Airbnb calendar while also making it easy for cleaners to confirm details and follow checklists so they do a consistently good job every time.