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Breezeway Assist is your team of hospitality professionals trained on your properties and able to respond within minutes to guest messages and phone calls. You can easily set and edit Assist’s coverage hours right from the Breezeway platform, so you can focus on delivering the best guest experiences with peace of mind.

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Let the pros handle it

Think of Assist as another member of your team, trained on your property data and company protocols to provide exceptional guest service on your terms.


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Save time and delight guests

By offloading guest communication tasks to a team of industry pros trained on your brand standards, you gain valuable time to exceed your guest's expectations.

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Flexible coverage, 24/7/365 

With an average response time of less than 1 minute, Assist ensures your guests receive prompt responses to any question, no matter the time of day.

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Automatic task creation for on-the-ground issues

When an issue at a property is escalated, the Assist team creates tasks within Breezeway according to your preferences.

Assist ensures every guest interaction is a positive brand experience

20 second average response time

85% of tasks completed without escalation

30% increase in guest satisfaction

"Everybody's sleeping better because they're not getting called for a wifi code. All the managers are super happy about Assist."

–– Annie Schnaubelt VP Lake Tahoe Accommodations

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