Powerful integrations with property management systems and IoT devices

Breezeway’s marketplace features third-party integrations that ensure you can easily coordinate cleanings and maintenance based on reservation and property data. Breezeway integrates with the leading Property Management Systems, smart home solutions, keyless entry systems, and more.

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Not Using One of the PMS Systems Above? No Problem!

Our platform can read iCal links from PMS systems, Airbnb, Vrbo, TripAdvisor and more, so you'll be able to use the full value of Breezeway's platform and mobile apps to elevate your property operations and services.

Breezeway's advanced functionality and forward-thinking team has made them one of our favorite partners to work with. Their property operations platform integrates directly with Guesty's PMS, and is one of the most robust integrations in the industry. We're excited about our partnership with Breezeway, and to continue to drive tremendous value for property managers around the world.


Escapia prides itself in providing property managers as much value as possible. That means best-in-class trust accounting, smart analytics, and a robust network of integrated partners to meet the unique needs of our diverse client base. Over 75 property managers leverage our tight integration with Breezeway, and we hear from them that Breezeway's operations software and advanced guest messaging technology is critical to delivering their brand of client service.

Ryan Hutchings
General Manager

Avantio's integration with Breezeway's leading operations software is a big WIN for the market, as it provides a stronger and more integrated product for property managers. Several of our leading managers are connected to the integration, and are leaning on Breezeway's technology to deliver best-in-class hospitality rental experiences.

Cesar Augusto Ramos Xavier
Head of Partnerships,
Supercharge your Property Operations
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