Sarah & T

Justin Ford and the Safety Dance on the Sarah and T Podcast

In this episode of Sarah and T - The Professional Vacation Rental Manager's Podcast, the hosts interview Breezeway's Justin Ford. 


Jeremy Gall Featured on Geek Estate Blog

Breezeway Founder & CEO Jeremy Gall shares a hot take on the vacation rental ecosystem in Geek Estate's latest Real Estate Entrepreneur interview. 

Vaction Rental Currents

Justin Ford featured in VRMB's Vacation Rental Currents

Breezeway's Justin Ford featured in VRMB's report on why 2020 is poised to be the most disruptive year in the history of the vacation rental sector.


Breezeway featured in HubSpot's Customer Success Stories

Breezeway's Ben Firn discusses how HubSpot's software has helped the PropTech company scale its business and deliver more value to hospitality providers.

Thanks for Visiting

Justin Ford on the 'Thanks for Visiting' Podcast

Breezeway's Director of Safety & Certification Programs, Justin Ford, sits down with Annette Grant & Sarah Karakaian to chat about the importance of vacation rental safety and methods to ensure safe properties. 


The Conference Beat with Koryn Okey

Breezeway's VP of Sales, Koryn Okey, and VRMB Founder, Matt Landau, chat about Koryn's extensive background in the industry, and what vacation rental conferences offer to vendors, managers, and attendees. 

Trends Report

HomeAway Software's 2019 Vacation Rental Trends Report

Breezeway's Founder and CEO, Jeremy Gall, contributes his industry predictions to HomeAway's 2019 U.S. Vacation Rental Trends Report. In the report, Jeremy discusses delivering on brand standards, and developing data-driven tools.

Featured Customers - Breezeway

'Featured Customers' Lists Breezeway as Top Vacation Rental Management Vendor

Breezeway is ranked as a top performing vacation rental management vendor. This feature includes customer references, and summarizes how Breezeway's software helps clients better manage property care and maintenance operations.


Watch Breezeway on the Today Show!

Breezeway's Founder and CEO, Jeremy Gall, and NBC's Vicky Nguyen tour a beautiful vacation rental property in Nantucket, MA! The two go room-by-room, and discuss tips on how travelers can more fully enjoy their travel experience.


Skift Includes Breezeway in Top 100 Vacation Rental Vendors List

Breezeway is featured in Skift's 2019 Short-Term Rental Ecosystem and Vendor Deep Dive, ranking as one of the top vendors for vacation rental property managers. 

Listing Site Independence with Jeremiah Gall

Jeremy Gall on Unlocked Podcast!

Jeremy sits down with Matt Landau to chat about listing site independence, and its importance in the vacation rental industry. Matt and Jeremy explore what independence from online travel agencies really means, and how managers can achieve it. 

VRM Intel Magazine

Regular Contributor in VRM Intel Magazine

Breezeway is a regular contributor in the VRM Intel Magazine; where we share thought leadership pieces each quarter on industry trends and best practices. 


15 Property Management Tips

Breezeway is featured in Entrepreneur's '15 Property Management Tips', which discusses how to manage a rental property to generate more passive income. 

Thanks for Visiting

Justin Ford on the 'Thanks for Visiting' Podcast

Justin's back on the 'Thanks for Visiting' podcast to talk about the 8 danger zones in a short term rentals, and how to avoid them. Justin's a recurring guest on this podcast series for the rest of the year, be sure to check out his next episode!

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