Operations & Services
Safety & Compliance

Ops Platform

  • Automated Task Scheduling
  • Detailed Quality Assurance
  • Robust Owner Reporting
  • Powerful Asset Management
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SMS Messaging


  • Unlimited Messages
  • Task Status Updates
  • Pre-Built Templates
  • Phone Number Porting
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  • Full Ops & SMS Functionality
  • Preferred Pricing
  • No Onboarding Fee
  • Complimentary Training
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STRSI Training

  • Comprehensive Training for Vacation Rental Safety
  • Self-Guided, Virtually, or In-Person
  • Certification of Completion to Expand Offerings
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  • Smart Vacation Rental Checklists for Self Inspections
  • Comprehensive Safety Report with Maintenance Reminders
  • Certification Badge to Promote Safe Listings
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Property Operations Platform

PMS Integrations 

Integrations with leading PMS systems and IoT devices to harness the power of your data. 

Property Schedule

Organize and filter your properties by reservation, stay-type, groups, and more.

User Planning

Monitor staff's daily, and weekly availability to easily manage task assignments.


Auto-schedule property care tasks based on reservation times and custom rules.

Dynamic Workflows 

Dynamic workflows that automatically notify inspection teams when cleans are completed.

Readiness Dashboard

Drive real-time operational insights to notify teams when properties are guest-ready.

Recurring Tasks

Schedule tasks to repeat so you'll stay on top of preventative maintenance.

Service Partners

Invite cleaning companies, linen delivery services, plumbers, and other vendors to accept tasks.

Real-Time Notifications

Receive live notifications so you can schedule last-minute jobs before check-in.

Task Time & Rate

Track estimated time to complete tasks at the property level. Set a rate to track billable hours.

Customized Checklists 

Customized checklists for each unit so you can perform smarter inspections and cleans. 

Mobile Apps 

Dedicated Android and iOs mobile apps so reps can work effectively in the field.

Offline Syncing

Automatically sync information from mobile app to dashboard while offline without WiFi.

GPS Map View 

Get directions to your property, and see all of your open tasks in map view.

Representative Photos

Use representative photos to show staff exactly how something should look. 

Photo Uploads

Require staff to upload photos to ensure quality and task completion. 

Cost Tracking

Track item replacement and associated costs to recapture all of your billable work. 

Structured Data

Surface property details and maintenance history to quickly answer ad-hoc owner questions.

Property Profiles

Build property profiles and access details like property type, location, room count, etc.

Detailed Activity Reports 

Generate shareable links and PDF reports to share your work with homeowners.

CSV Upload and Download

Easily download and upload CSV files to export and share data with your clients.

SMS Messaging Product

Unlimited Messages 

Send and receive as many messages as you need to deliver a VIP guest experience.

Phone Number Porting

Seamlessly port over your business number so guests don't bother you on your personal cell.

Pre-Built Templates 

Leverage messaging templates for pre-arrival, post-arrival, mid-stay, check-out and more.

Customized Tokens 

Use tokens to customize messages with guest, location, and stay-type information. 

Bulk Sending

Send automated messages in bulk, so you can save time and elevate the guest experience.

Work Order Creation 

Assign a work order to your field staff and contractors directly from the message view. 

Engagement Analytics

Track reply rates for each message and stay type, and improve interactions with your guests.

Automated Voicemail 

Set an automated voicemail for when guests try to call your SMS number.

Task Status Update 

Send real-time status updates to guests (maintenance repairs, linen delivery, etc.).

Tools to Ensure Guest Safety

Safety Checklists

Ensure guest-safety through digital safety checklists on iOs and Android apps.

Photo Uploads

Upload photos through your mobile device to capture property and equipment details. 

Representative Photos

Leverage representative photos so you know the safest way for each element to be configured.

Safety Report

Receive a comprehensive digital report after each safety inspection. 

Property Profiles 

Collect valuable information with each inspection (appliance make, model, serial numbers, etc.). 

Maintenance Programs

Implement preventative maintenance programs customized to your property layout.