Case Studies

We help hospitality professionals around the globe deliver smart property preparation and incredible guest experiences. Below are just a few stories of how Breezeway clients have leveraged data-driven programs to shave costs, elevate their brand, and accelerate their business. 

Family Time Vacation Rentals delivered branded guest experiences with Breezeway

Olala Homes navigated COVID-19 and grew cleaning & service scores with Breezeway

River Ridge Rentals elevated guest satisfaction and increased Google reviews by 1,150%

ALTIDO saved 60 hours of work per week and boosted owner satisfaction by 15%

A collection of professional rental managers use Breezeway to navigate COVID-19

Newman-Dailey Resort Properties accelerated property-readiness to offer early check-in

Summit Mountain Rentals reduced complaints by 50%, and saved 20+ hours

Paso Robles Vacation Rentals eliminated 30 hours of manual work per week and saved $37K

SeaBreeze ensured each of its luxury properties aligned with high-quality brand standards

Alabama Getaway grew tracked service tasks by 5X, and saved $10k in damage claims

Pocono Mountain Rentals reduced inspections by 60 minutes, and saved $26K found the data and visibility it needed to perfect the guest experience

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