Case Studies

We help hospitality professionals around the globe deliver smart property preparation and incredible guest experiences. Below are just a few stories of how Breezeway clients have leveraged data-driven programs to shave costs, elevate their brand, and accelerate their business. 

Thanks for Visiting recognizes the importance of safety in their hospitality first approach

StayLakeNorman protects guests and owners with Breezeway's Safety Certification

Through integrated tools, Breezeway enabled growth & sustainability for Koloa Kai

Seaside Vacation Rentals used guest communication to drive new revenue

Family Time Vacation Rentals delivered branded guest experiences with Breezeway

Olala Homes navigated COVID-19 and grew cleaning & service scores with Breezeway

River Ridge Rentals elevated guest satisfaction and increased Google reviews by 1,150%

ALTIDO saved 60 hours of work per week and boosted owner satisfaction by 15%

A collection of professional rental managers use Breezeway to navigate COVID-19

Newman-Dailey Resort Properties accelerated property-readiness to offer early check-in

Summit Mountain Rentals reduced complaints by 50%, and saved 20+ hours

Paso Robles Vacation Rentals eliminated 30 hours of manual work per week and saved $37K

SeaBreeze ensured each of its luxury properties aligned with high-quality brand standards

Alabama Getaway grew tracked service tasks by 5X, and saved $10k in damage claims

Pocono Mountain Rentals reduced inspections by 60 minutes, and saved $26K found the data and visibility it needed to perfect the guest experience

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