Our Culture

It takes an amazing team to make big things happen. That's why we place a lot of emphasis on the culture we're building at Breezeway. We don't just look for smart talent, we hire energetic people who share our company values. Fostering a collaborative environment helps make our product better, our employees stronger, and our goals more attainable. Together, we're elevating the experience at every property. 

We Lean In (The Broom): We are engaged with our work, and operate with purpose, pace, and passion.

We Carry the Weight (The Joist): We support each other, cultivating a rewarding environment through attitude and action.

We Turn Forward (The Wrench): We bring a growth mindset to our work, learning and striving to get better each day.

Employee Benefits

Professional Growth 

Expanding your knowledge and expertise is a focal point here at Breezeway.

Competitive Compensation

We make sure to recognize the talents and contributions of top performers. 

Equity Ownership

Every role and department has equity ownership in our shared company success.

Travel Perks

We work with hospitality providers all over the world, and share travel perks with the team. 

Health & Dental Insurance

We offer premier health and dental packages right here in the medical mecca of Boston.

A Few Extras

Our Boston office is packed with amenities like cold brew on tap, espresso, and more. 

Job Openings