Our Values

We value purposeful Action, pursued with Integrity and Respect, in Service of our clients, our teammates, and the business.

Action: We create and drive forward progress by leaning in and doing. 

We are creative builders, list crosser-offers, and gritty progress makers. Success is achieved not by leaps but through successive daily action and forward progress. Prioritizing progress over perfection drives meaningful growth and nurtures a hunger to continue exploring what’s possible for the team and the business. We hold views lightly and revise them rapidly, because being too attached to our ideas limits creative solutions and slows us down.

Integrity: We engage in our work with honesty, reliability, and shared responsibility.

 Having integrity means being reliable and trustworthy. Our integrity is a source of strength, that collectively builds us up and inspires excellence in ourselves and others. This means our clients and our colleagues can count on us to be supportive, helpful, and compassionate, particularly in disagreement. This integrity carries through our behavior, our communication, and our work, which is solid and dependable.

Respect: We honor different perspectives, and learn from our teammates and our clients. 

Respect is our foundation for effective problem solving, collaboration, and partnership. Respect cultivates open-mindedness and curiosity, allowing us to gain more perspective from our teammates, the market, and our clients. This orients us to learn and gain understanding from different sources rather than operate from assumption or judgement. Diversity of expression and experience yields creative solutions to complex problems. Intentionally growing that diversity and creating a space for it to thrive benefits our team and the business.

Service: We're driven to meet the demands of an evolving company, balancing the needs of our teammates, our clients, and the business. 

Everything we do at Breezeway is in service of delivering a product and experience to our clients that enables them to be successful beyond what they thought was possible. We do this by supporting them, encouraging them, making their lives easier, and providing effective solutions. Applying the same mindset to how we collaborate internally bolsters the work that we do. Transparency and knowledge sharing allows us to support each other, work more effectively and fuels our continued success as a company.

Employee Benefits

Competitive Compensation

We make sure to recognize the talents and contributions of top performers. 

Travel Perks

We work with hospitality providers all over the world, and share travel perks with the team. 

Health & Dental Insurance

We offer premier health and dental packages that provide coverage for our fully-remote team in the US.

Job Openings