Tools for VR Managers to Automate Property Care & Guest Services

Breezeway's operations platform and messaging technology take the headaches out of vacation rental property management. A lot of work goes into coordinating turn days - we've got you covered to ensure every clean, inspection and maintenance job is done right.

  • 52MSqr feet managed with Breezeway
  • 1MCleans, inspections, & maintenance jobs
  • 16+ Vacation rental PMS integrations
Simplify Property Task Scheduling with Breezeway

Simplified coordination of cleans, inspections, maintenance, and turnovers.

Running your property care through manual processes is costing your vacation rental business time, money and valuable reviews. Breezeway consolidates your operations by keeping your cleaning, inspection, and maintenance teams in sync, and gives you complete visibility and control of your property care programs. 

Property Operations Platform - VR

Seamless communication with internal teams, guests, and homeowners.

Communication has historically been a challenge for vacation rental property managers. Clunky group texts cause missed assignments among internal teams, and the lack of tools make it difficult to interact with guests and share reports with owners. Our messaging technology solves these challenges, and helps you deliver an amazing guest experience.


Tight integrations with leading PMS systems and IoT devices.

Life is a lot easier when your property management tools work well together. Our 12+ vacation rental PMS integrations automatically sync your property details and reservation data, which makes it easy for you to coordinate cleans, inspections and maintenance.

Data-Driven Tools For Vacation Rental Managers

PMS Integrations 

Integrations with leading PMS systems and IoT devices to harness the power of your data. 

Customized Checklists 

Customized checklists for each unit so you can perform smarter inspections and cleans. 

Mobile Apps 

Dedicated Android and iOs mobile apps with offline syncing so reps can work effectively.

GPS Map View 

Get directions to your property, and see all of your open tasks in map view.


Auto-schedule property care tasks based on reservation times and custom rules.

Detailed Activity Reports 

Generate shareable links and PDF reports to share your work with homeowners.

Dynamic Workflows 

Dynamic workflows that automatically notify inspection teams when cleans are completed.

Photo Uploads

Require staff to upload photos to ensure quality and task completion. 

Task Time & Rate

Track estimated time to complete tasks at the property level. Set a rate to track billable hours.

Service Partners

Invite cleaning companies, linen delivery services, plumbers, and other vendors to accept tasks.

Supply Tracking

Upload a list of commonly used items that are often used or replaced.

User Planning

Monitor staff's daily, and weekly availability to easily manage task assignments.

Unlimited Messages 

Send and receive as many messages as you need to deliver a VIP guest experience.

Pre-Built Templates 

Leverage messaging templates for pre-arrival, post-arrival, mid-stay, check-out and more.

Work Order Creation 

Assign a work order to your field staff and contractors directly from the message view. 

Want Better Property Operations to Manage your Vacation Rentals?

Read how vacation rental managers are driving massive results with Breezeway.

Summit Mountain Rentals reduced complaints by 50%, and saved 20+ hours

Paso Robles Vacation Rentals eliminated 30 hours of manual work per week and saved $37k found the data and visibility it needed to perfect the guest experience