5 Best Airbnb Cleaning Software Solutions for Hosts

Brittney Bergevin
Brittney Bergevin

June 9, 2023

Manually managing Airbnb cleans means spending hours pouring over scheduling spreadsheets and WhatsApp chats. Last-minute booking changes and sudden maintenance issues create even more work. And, as you start to scale, the risk of missed cleans and bad reviews makes your existing processes unsustainable. 

With Airbnb cleaning software, though, you can grow your business and reduce your workload. The best software also helps you meet the high standards of modern guests, who increasingly look for the immaculate service they expect in a hotel.  

But, as much as you need cleaning software to free you up by automating work, researching and comparing these solutions presents its own challenges.  

So, we explain the most important features to look for in your Airbnb cleaning software, list the most important questions to ask before committing to a solution, and provide five recommendations on which platforms to use.

Use Breezeway’s user-friendly platform to automate scheduling, streamline communication, and eliminate the risk of missed cleans. Book a Demo

What to look for in Airbnb cleaning software

The best Airbnb automation software cuts down your manual work and makes assigning tasks fast and easy. 

Make sure the software you choose has these features for saving time and consistently delivering quality cleans: 

Automated task scheduling that syncs with your PMS so you can stop working in spreadsheets, avoid errors, and easily manage last-minute bookings

  • Automated task scheduling that syncs with your PMS so you can stop working in spreadsheets, avoid errors, and easily manage last-minute bookings
  • Customizable checklists that allow you to add representative photos to illustrate your quality standards
  • Inventory tracking tools that give you instant notifications when you’re running low on key supplies
  • A team communications platform where your team can collaborate, view tasks, and flag maintenance issues
  • A mobile app where your cleaners can upload photos of each turnover 
  • An owner stay solution that automatically triggers a special turnover process when owners are booked in 
  • Extra features like guest messaging, owner reporting, guestbooks, and extended stays

Pro-tip: See how much you could save by automating scheduling, maintenance, and property management by using our ROI calculator.  

What to ask the cleaning software sales team

As you get deeper into your research, you may wish to reach out directly to a property care solution with some questions. Here are five ideas on what you can ask:

  1. Will my team find the solution easy to use, even if they don’t have much technology experience?
  2. Can you provide examples of how your software has reduced turnaround time for other short-term rental hosts?
  3. Does your software offer reporting features that help hosts track cleaning performance and quality?
  4. Are there any training or onboarding resources available to help me and my team get up to speed with the software?

The 5 best cleaning software solutions for Airbnb managers

Here are our recommendations for the five best Airbnb cleaning software solutions. 

Breezeway: The all-in-one property care solution 

“Great experience from start to finish. Knowledgeable sales staff, best onboarding and support in the industry… Breezeway is the best vacation rental operations and guest communications tool available.”

Adam N., VP of Business Development.

Breezeway is a complete short-term rental operations and property care platform. 

The user-friendly software has a range of features like auto-scheduling and digital checklists to organize your team. And with the platform’s time-saving and quality assurance solutions, you’ll minimize manual tasks as you improve the guest experience. 

Breezeway’s dashboard

Breezeway’s dashboard gives you an instant overview of cleaning tasks and guest bookings across properties

Thanks to Breezeway’s intuitively simple checklists, cleaners will be able to walk into the job for the first time and have a clear view of all your expectations. They can use Breezeway’s mobile app to review your property-specific tasks, communicate with the team, and upload photos of what they’ve completed.   

“The user interface for this software is SO easy to use. I love how detailed you can choose to be for task templates, which is very crucial for us since we have large houses with a lot of details that our housekeepers need to be aware of for their cleans.” 

Joanne S., Hospitality Manager.

Breezeway also includes a range of integrated guest experience and business solutions to enhance your service to guests and owners. These include:

  • Digital welcome books including property directions, access details, WiFi code, and local recommendations so your guests can be independent and get the most out of their stay
  • Extended stay solutions that identify gaps in your calendar as upsell opportunities and automate messages to guests offering a longer stay
  • Owner reporting tools that build trust by keeping owners in the loop about maintenance issues and guest reviews 

Learn how Vanwaw Corporate Rentals got back 30 hours a week by scheduling cleans with Breezeway. This vacation rental property management group grew its portfolio from 10 to 25 by saving time and money with our user-friendly software. 

Features our customers love 

Automated scheduling
PMS integration and factoring in team availability, location, and performance data to optimize efficiency
Customizable cleaning checklists
Including representative photos to ensure cleanliness standards are maintained
  • Automated scheduling
    PMS integration and factoring in team availability, location, and performance data to optimize efficiency
  • Customizable cleaning checklists 
    Including representative photos to ensure cleanliness standards are maintained
  • A user-friendly mobile app
    Where your team can upload photos of individual tasks for remote inspection
  • Owner stay solution
    Notifying your team when owners are staying so they can change to a separate cleaning checklist and fulfill all their specific requests
  • Recurring tasks
    So you can stay on top of inspections, deep cleans, and regular maintenance
  • Task monitoring 
    Including time-tracking tools and a centralized dashboard so you can maintain a clear view of property status at all times 


We provide bespoke quotes based on the size of your operations. Request a demo and learn more.  

What our users say  

“Breezeway has been a game changer for us. We haven't had the struggles of many newcomers in the industry. We recognized we wanted to be the best from the beginning and would need the right tools and partners to get us there.” 

Lynn S., Pro Familia Homes

Use Breezeway’s user-friendly platform to automate scheduling, streamline communication, and eliminate the risk of missed cleans. Book a Demo.  


BeHome247 is a property management solution that’s designed to give you increased visibility over daily operations. For this reason, it includes a simple interface to view and automate tasks, keep an eye on inventory and see new bookings as synced with your PMS.

It also includes integrations with smart devices such as thermostats, locks, and sensors. This gives you increased control over your property when you’re managing it remotely. 

BeHome247 dashboard

Quickly view task status for each property inside BeHome247

Key features

  • Automated task scheduling based on guest check-in/check-out times and maintenance issue flagging
  • Checklists with photo uploads to ensure clean quality 
  • Inventory checks so you can ensure linens and amenities are in place 
  • Centralized communications with a translation function
  • Integrations with smart devices 


BeHome247 doesn’t publish pricing information on its site. Instead, you have to get in touch to request a demo. 


Properly offers short-term rental management software that reduces the work involved with maintaining clean standards. You can use its best practices to form the basis of your checklists, then ask your team to upload photos for quality assurance.  

Properly also offers a remote inspection service which you can turn to if you don’t have time to review the images yourself. And their inspection team is made up of experienced hosts and managers.  Properly’s dashboard

Organize your team with Properly.com’s calendar view

Key features

  • Checklists so you can easily outline best practices
  • Quality assurance with real-time updates and photo uploads 
  • An app where you can view cleaning status 
  • A remote inspection service where an external team will review your cleaners’ work 


Properly price their property management and inspection services separately and you have to get in touch for a quote. 

What users say

“The tool really is fantastic & works on all OS. The implementation is super easy and the account manager you get takes care of most of it for you.,” Simon A. CEO


Propertycare.com is a property care platform with solutions that help you to create robust cleaning workflows. First, you can schedule tasks for your team based on information from your PMS and then you can make sure everyone stays on track with checklists and communications tools.

Like Breezeway, Propertycare.com is well suited to managing outsourced teams. You can enable different information access levels depending on the staff member you are assigning a task to.

Propertycare.com’s dashboard and mobile app

Propertycare.com comes with a mobile app to make life easier for your team

Key features

  • An auto-scheduling system that connects to your PMS 
  • A time-tracking tool so you can identify inefficiencies
  • A communications tool where your team can view live task updates
  • Customizable checklists that your cleaning team can view in-app
  • Property damage reporting where your team can flag issues and you can view maintenance reports 


Propertycare.com charges $7.50/month or $4/month if you pay for the entire year upfront. 


As with Breezeway, ResortCleaning optimizes its scheduling automation by integrating with your PMS. This allows the software to utilize your latest booking information and provide you with a clear overview of unit status.

As well as saving time on manually scheduling your cleaners, you can take advantage of the platform’s operational management tools, custom inspection checklists, integrations with invoicing and payroll software, and a team mobile app.

ResortCleaning manager’s dashboard

Get a full overview of daily tasks inside ResortCleaning

Key features

  • Automated task scheduling based on PMS booking data and your custom rules
  • Color-coded calendar view providing at-a-glance insights into task types and status
  • Inventory management for properties and stockroom supplies
  • Team mobile app to simplify internal comms, including push notifications
  • Service provider network to help you develop your housekeeping and maintenance team


ResortCleaning offers three pricing plans: Industry User is $5/month per property; Inventory User is $7/month per property; and you can reach out for a custom quote for Enterprise User.

What users say

“​​The level of customer service along with its ease of access to my clients is instrumental in my success. I love it and the people who work there are honestly great people!"  George R. Owner/Operator.

Scaling with Airbnb cleaning software 

When you replace confusing spreadsheets and chaotic communications tools with Airbnb cleaning software, you free up your time. 

And this allows you to focus your energy on meeting your homeowners’ standards, creating customer delight, and scaling your business. 

To find a tool that streamlines key processes, you should look out for these features:

  • Customizable digital checklists with templates so you can easily outline clean standards
  • An app where your team can upload photos of their individual tasks for you to inspect  
  • A task scheduling tool based on custom rules
  • Inventory tracking so you never have to worry about running low on stock and can make linen packing simple
  • A communications platform that your team can actually understand and use 

Breezeway brings all these essentials together alongside extra features to support your business. In the same place as you manage your team’s schedules and cleaning standards, you can keep owners updated on performance and easily manage guest communication. 

This task automation and centralization of key processes will take away the stress and set in place the conditions you need to scale your business.

Use Breezeway’s user-friendly platform to automate scheduling, streamline communication, and eliminate the risk of missed cleans. Book a Demo.  

Frequently asked questions about Airbnb cleaning software


What is the best way to clean an Airbnb?

To maintain high standards across all your Airbnb turnovers, you should implement customizable digital checklists. These cover best practices for each room of the property and should include reference images for your cleaners to follow.

With a property operations platform like Breezeway, you can reduce your workload, optimize efficiency and standards, and eliminate the possibility of a missed clean. 

What is the most efficient way to clean Airbnb apartments?

To optimize your vacation rental cleaning processes, you should use a centralized software solution. This will include:

  • Cleaning checklists that clearly define cleaning standards
  • A auto-scheduling tool to organize your team
  • A space to easily flag maintenance issues
  • Inventory tools to streamline linen packing and notify you when you’re low on stock
When automated correctly, scheduling work to field teams has a powerful ripple effect throughout your business, saving hours of manual work and vastly reducing guest issues at check-in. More than that, though, scheduling automation helps hospitality providers showcase the professional care they take towards preparing and facilitating amazing guest stays.