Coordinate work for confidence in property readiness

Coordinating your property care and guest services doesn't have to be a royal pain. Our tools give you the visibility to monitor progress in real-time, adjust assignments for last-minute changes, and triage issues as soon as they arise. You'll finally have complete confidence that every property is clean, well-maintained, and ready for check-in.

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Air Traffic (HOW IT WORKS)

Track your property care with smart task monitoring & readiness dashboards

Having confidence that your properties are ready for guest check-in isn't easy. Our 'property readiness' dashboard gives you air-traffic-control for your property operation programs, and provides real insight into the status of every job. You can even filter the dashboard by reservation, property type, staff, customized tags, and more.

Map View

Track the status of your teams through GPS map view

Coordinating your teams is easier when you know where they are, what they're working on, and how close they are to being done. Our task tracking dashboard shows you the data so you can make sure your teams are where they need to be, and make the most informed decisions for last-minute scheduling adjustments and urgent work.

Reported Issue

Receive issue notifications in real-time for fast resolution

Issues that pop up during inspections can create stressful maintenance emergencies that jeopardize guest check-in. Our dynamic checklists sync with the dashboard in real-time, so you're notified (along with your default maintenance staff or service provider) the second an issue is reported. 

Write a Comment

Comment on tasks and issues to keep teams running smoothly

Sharing information and updates with the right staff and departments is the cornerstone of efficient internal communication. Using text, WhatsApp, and other disorganized tools won't get the job done these days, and can lead to confusion and missed work. Our task details easily let you comment on jobs and issues, and completely eliminate the need for ad-hoc texts and calls.

Create Task-1

Triage guest texts and assign work directly from message view

Calling your maintenance team after a renter submits an issue can lead to delays in maintenance and guest services. Our technology enables you to triage issues and assign work to staff and contractors directly from each message view. You'll resolve issues faster, and spend less time coordinating and communicating internally.

Intelligence for deeper task scheduling

User Planning

Monitor staff's daily, and weekly availability to easily manage task assignments.

Dynamic Workflows 

Dynamic workflows that automatically notify inspection teams when cleans are completed.

Real-Time Notifications

Receive live notifications so you can schedule last-minute jobs before check-in.

Readiness Dashboard

Drive real-time operational insights to notify teams when properties are guest-ready.

GPS Map View

Track the location of your staff in the field to keep teams accountable.


Easily comment on issues and tasks for effective internal communication. 

Coordinate Work & Issues in Real-Time
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