Tailor the guest experience while boosting revenue with Upsells

Easily monetize and automate guest services while expanding your brand's influence—all within the Breezeway platform.

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Double your revenue per guest

Offer guests early check-ins, extra linens, and tailored guest experiences, from bike tours to private chefs. By customizing Upsells to match every guest's distinct wants and needs, you deliver a better experience and open up new revenue channels.


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Save time with seamless integrations

With Breezeway Messaging and Guide, effortlessly showcase your Upsell services, easily sync with your team, and manage requests within one integrated platform. Breezeway is your central hub for exceeding guest expectations. 

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Never miss an Upsell opportunity

Stay connected with your guests throughout their stay by providing timely alerts and reminders for enticing Upsell opportunities. From pre-arrival to departure, deliver personalized Upsells at every stage of their journey.

Upsells makes exceeding guest expectations easy


Guests engage with Upsells via secure link, eliminating extra app downloads.

Streamlined operations

Automate the entire Upsell experience, saving time for your team.

Easy set-up

Step-by-step self-onboarding allows you to start using Upsells right away.

Integrated tools

Integrated with Breezeway Guide and Messaging for enhanced functionality.

Brand extension

Extend your brand's reach by delivering experiences beyond the property. 

Enhanced coordination

Cross-department communication for seamless staff coordination.

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