Smart tech that drives additional 'gap night' revenue

When you have a short gap between vacation rental reservations, chances are that property will remain vacant. Our dashboard and mobile app equip you with the smart tech to offer your departing and arriving guests the ability to lengthen their stay and fill that gap night. You'll drive more value for your clients, and generate additional service revenue.

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Gap Night Overview-2

Easily identify gaps in reservations for revenue generating opportunities

Gaining more visibility into your reservation calendar is the first step in maximizing guest services. Our dashboard pulls over all the information you need from your PMS system, and automatically shows you every 'Gap Night' opportunity, so you can offer extended stays to departure and arrival guests. 


Set controls that define availability and when/how to offer 'gap night' deals 

Customize settings and controls to take advantage of large or small gaps in between reservations. Set intervals, message send-times, time zones, internal notifications, and more, for both departure and arrival gap night offers. 


Automatically message and offer incoming guests the opportunity to arrive early

Send automated messages to incoming guests offering them the ability to arrive prior to their original check-in time. Create templates and leverage pre-built templates, then customize further with tokens. Each message is automatically sent based on your settings & controls, so you'll never waste time sending messages one-by-one.


Automatically message and offer departing guests the opportunity to extend their stay

Send messages to current guests offering them the ability to stay beyond their original check-out time. Customize templates and messages different than that of your 'Arrival Gap' messages, and automatically send them based on your 'Departure Gap' settings and controls.


Guests accept 'gap night' offers by directly texting you back

Easily receive and confirm responses from your guests, and message them back using our 2-way SMS functionality. Organize and monitor all of your 'Gap Night' communication through an easy-to-use interface, and deliver more services for a better guest experience.


Drive more revenue per stay and maximize your rental income

As competition in market grows higher, delivering additional property services and value to your vacation rental guests has never been more important. Our 'Gap Night' functionality helps you drive more revenue each month, deliver a better guest experience, and helps differentiate from your competition.

Predictive intelligence to drive more revenue

PMS Integrations 

Integrations with leading PMS systems and IoT devices to harness the power of your data. 

'Gap Night' Schedule

Easily identify all 'gap night' opportunities in one user-friendly dashboard.

Customized Settings

Set controls that define availability and when/how to offer 'gap night' deals.

Unlimited Messages 

Send and receive as many messages as you need to deliver a VIP guest experience.

Bulk Sending

Send arrival and departure gap deals at the same time, so you can can increase conversion rate.

Pre-Built Templates

Leverage messaging templates for arrival and departure gap nights. 

Customized Tokens 

Use tokens to customize messages with guest, location, and stay-type information.

Phone Number Porting

Seamlessly port over your business number so guests don't bother you on your personal cell.

Engagement Analytics

Track reply rates for each message type, and improve interactions with your guests.

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