Share detailed owner reports for higher client retention

Showcasing the full scope of your property management services to homeowners has never been more important. That's why over 56% of professional managers plan on strengthening their owner relations over the next year by strategically sharing the detailed work done at each property. Breezeway's owner reporting programs give you what you need to increase owner retention, acquisition, and referral business.

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Manage Supplies-2

Manage supply tracking & associated costs for owner billing

From changing filters and light bulbs to a number of small repairs, it's difficult to document all of your billable work. Our supplies and cost tracking feature solves this challenge, and helps you get reimbursed for every replaced item. You'll eliminate your shoebox of receipts, and those difficult conversations with owners.

Reported Issue

Share maintenance issues with owners in real-time to keep on top of upgrades 

Keeping owners in the loop about what fixes need to be made affords you more flexibility and leeway when it comes to maximizing rental income. We give you the option to share issues and statuses on maintenance repairs with your clients, helping you build more trust with owners and best maintain the quality of each rental.

Maintenance Report

Proactively share completed tasks & reports with homeowners

Communicating the details of your services is the foundation for building more trust with owners (especially for absent owners who live hours away from the property). Our smart tech lets you easily capture and share every touch point with the property, so you can showcase the detailed work and attention you perform at each property.

Control Reporting-1

Customize the level of reporting detail for each one of your owners

No two owner clients are the same, and each one has different needs, communication preferences, and overarching goals of your service. Our tools let you customize the level of detail that each owner sees (report summary, reported issues, staff requirements, photos, etc.), and the way your owner can access each report (public web link, private web link, or pdf).

Owner Report

Send end of season property reviews with homeowners

End of season owner reports is part of the recipe to retain owners and boost word-of-mouth referrals. It's powerful to remind clients of the detailed attention devoted to their property, and further account for your management fee. Our owner reports equip you with all you need to showcase the full value of your work. 

Owner Stays

Communicate with owners via SMS when they stay at their property

Impress your owners every time they return home to their rental by sending them a templated message. Our pre-built owner templates include pre-arrival, property-readiness, stay-satisfaction, check-out reminders and more, and can be customized for each property and owner!

Functionality for better owner retention

Owner Workflows 

Programs specifically designed for when your homeowners stay at his or her property.

Owner Messaging

Communicate with your owners via SMS whenever they stay at their property.

Detailed Activity Reports

Generate shareable links and PDF reports to share your work with homeowners.

Cost Tracking

Track item replacement and associated costs to recapture all of your billable work. 

CSV Upload and Download

Easily download and upload CSV files to export and share data with your clients.

Structured Data

Surface property details and maintenance history to quickly answer ad-hoc owner questions.

Build More Trust with Your Owners
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