SMS guest messaging for service optimization

Communicating with guests has always been tricky -- urgent issues get buried, and there's a never-ending flow of requests. Changes in the travel climate have made guest communication more important than ever, which is why over 74% of hospitality providers plan to communicate with guests throughout their stay. Unlike generic texting services, our SMS messaging tools are purpose-built for short-term rental operators, and empower professionals to stay on top of in-house issues, increase guest satisfaction, and drive 'gap night' revenue.

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Automatically pull reservation and contact info through your PMS system

Manually entering reservations, names, and contact information is a huge waste of time. Our messaging technology integrates with your PMS system to automatically pull over the information you need to communicate with your guests and clients. You'll never have to manually upload data again. 

Monitor all of Your Guest Communication through One Central Portal

Monitor all of your guest communication through one central portall

Disorganized communication leads to unanswered questions, delayed maintenance jobs, negative reviews, and unhappy guests. Our communication dashboard consolidates all of your messages into one easy-to-use interface, and gives you the visibility you need to easily monitor, flag, respond, and triage guest text messages.

Gap Night Revenue

Drive additional revenue with automated 'gap night' messaging

When you have a small gap between reservations, chances are that property will remain vacant. Our dashboard smartly identifies all 'gap night' opportunities, and automatically sends messages offering your departure and arrival guests the ability to lengthen their stay and fill that gap night. You'll drive more value for your clients, and generate additional revenue at a higher margin.

Bulk Messaging-1

Send bulk messages for specific dates, property types, and more

No property manager likes sending individual messages to each guest. Our technology makes it easy to contact multiple recipients at once by leveraging filters like check-in date, check-out date, location, amenities provided, and more. Then, use messaging analytics to track and improve your proactive guest communication.

Leverage Templated Messages Based on Check-In Date and Stay Type

Leverage templated messages based on check-in date and stay type

Don't waste time figuring out what to send your guests and clients, sending generic welcome texts, or customizing each message one-by-one. Our pre-built templates include pre-arrival, property-readiness, stay-satisfaction, and check-out reminders, and can be customized with tokens.

Create Task-1

Create and assign maintenance jobs directly from messages

35% of managers feel burdened by manual processes. This includes calling your maintenance team after a renter submits an issue. Our technology enables you to assign a work order to field staff and contractors directly from the message view. This automates your processes and drives efficiency across multiple departments. 

Automatically Communicate Task Status with Guests.

Communicate information & task status with guests using 2-way SMS functionality

55% of guests want to receive service-based messages from their manager. Our 2-way texting functionality empowers you to easily communicate back-and-forth with guests using your business phone number, and send real-time status updates on maintenance repairs, linen delivery, custom concierge, etc.


Functionality purpose-built for communicating with guests

PMS Integrations 

Integrations with leading PMS systems and IoT devices to harness the power of your data. 

Unlimited Messages 

Send and receive as many messages as you need to deliver a VIP guest experience.

Phone Number Porting

Seamlessly port over your business number so guests don't bother you on your personal cell.

Pre-Built Templates 

Leverage messaging templates for pre-arrival, post-arrival, mid-stay, check-out and more.

Customized Tokens 

Use tokens to customize messages with guest, location, and stay-type information. 

Bulk Sending

Send automated messages in bulk, so you can save time and elevate the guest experience.

'Gap Night' Revenue

Automatically identify 'gap night' opportunities, and offer extended stays to drive more revenue. 

Work Order Creation 

Assign a work order to your field staff and contractors directly from the message view. 

Engagement Analytics

Track reply rates for each message and stay type, and improve interactions with your guests.

Messaging our guests through Breezeway gives them the opportunity to reach out with any issues or questions throughout the stay, and holds our team accountable. Several guests have told us that they love having the option to text us as the office!


Office Manager,
Carolina Beach Realty,
Carolina Beach, NC

The response to Breezeway's guest texting product has been overwhelmingly positive, and has changed our strategy for generating 5-star reviews.  We now automatically send thank you messages before each guests' departure, and follow up with a Google review link for those that respond favorably.


Lance Stitcher
Seaside Vacations,
Chincoteague Island, VA

Breezeway's tool is something we can't live without. Their messaging functionality directly pulls guest contact information from our PMS, and then sends automated text messages that guests can respond to in real-time. Breezeway has completely streamlined our guest communication.


Mellissa Juszczak
A Tiny House Resort,
South Cairo, NY
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