Inventory & linen management

Ensuring your vacation rental properties are well-stocked with necessities and amenities is tricky. There's making sure you have the supplies on hand to replenish items after each stay, monitoring real-time changes in inventory, and tracking associated costs to forecast expenses and capture billables from homeowners. Breezeway's inventory management program uses data from property care tasks to help you manage your inventory and maintain high-quality properties. 

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Monitor inventory levels from one consolidated view & ensure every supply is well-stocked

It's hard for short-term rental professionals to track their inventory of supplies, and be confident they have items on-hand to prepare each vacation rental property for check-in. Breezeway's inventory management dashboard lets you see which supplies are running low, and makes it easy for you to track your supplies across your entire operation. 

Edit Supply

Easily manage your inventory by updating supply counts, details, & costs

There's a lot of moving parts to your vacation rental operation that affect the supplies you have on hand. Our supplies dashboard lets you manage and track every detail by creating new supplies, adding stock counts and costs, configure thresholds and notifications for low stock alerts, bulk upload lists, and much more.

Close Task-1

Associate supplies with work and automatically deduct stock upon task completion

You shouldn't have to manage and track your inventory manually. Our property operations tools help you associate supplies with specific tasks, meaning your supply counts will automatically update the moment that maintenance repairs and other property care tasks are completed.

Export Tasks

Export supply history & associated costs to forecast future expenses and capture billables

From changing filters and light bulbs to a number of small repairs, it's difficult to document all of your billable work and forecast future expenses. Our supplies and cost tracking feature solves this challenge, and helps you get reimbursed for every replaced item. You'll eliminate your shoebox of receipts, and those difficult conversations with owners.

Supply Sheet

Create and export supply sheets for linen packing & supply management

It can be a mess for your team to know what supplies to bring when turning over a property. Breezeway's inventory tools make it easy for you to create, export, and print supply sheets so staff can pack the right items for the right property.

Breezeway's short-term rental inventory management

Inventory Monitoring

Monitor your entire inventory of supplies from one consolidated dashboard.

Multi-location Inventory

Manage your supplies at different locations.

Low Supply Alerts

Set thresholds and get notified when you're running out of a specific item. 

Task Connectivity

Automatically update supply counts when tasks and work-orders are completed.

Replacement History

Surface associated tasks and changes in supply to view inventory changes over time.

Cost Tracking

Track associated costs for replaced items to recapture all of your billable work.

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