Pro Familia Homes creates the ultimate hospitality experience at their three properties with Breezeway


Founded by Lynn Smith and her husband Jeff, Pro Familia Homes’ mission is to create a hospitality experience “for the family.” Lynn and Jeff began their venture when they purchased their first property in 2020. Since then, Pro Familia Homes has grown to three properties and continues to deliver quality to every guest with the help of Breezeway operations and guest messaging platform.  

The Situation: 


Like many other hosts, Lynn and Jeff both work full-time jobs in addition to running their own rental business, Pro Familia Homes. With three properties in their portfolio, Lynn and Jeff are dedicated to maintaining their properties with care and providing the highest level standards for guests. With the limited time they can spend at each property, efficiency is key in their business.

The Solution: 


Lynn and Jeff found they could meet their goals of maximizing efficiency and maintaining quality with the help of a solid technology stack, including Breezeway, Hostfully, and Wheelhouse. These tools enabled Pro Familia and its staff to standardize processes, improve guest communication, and grow their business while maintaining a 5-star experience.

  • Hours Saved of Scheduling Turnover Tasks Per Week
  • Hours Saved with Text Messaging Per Week
  • 3X Property Portfolio 


Hitting the Ground Running


Lynn explains that from the beginning, they wanted to be “best in class,” so they adopted PMS partner Hostfully, found a dynamic pricing tool Wheelhouse, and started with Breezeway a few months later. Knowing they couldn’t have eyes on the property 24/7, Pro Familia Homes wanted to find technology solutions that would enable them to get everything done, from communicating with their guests to coordinating their cleaning teams. Lynn finds: “With another full-time job, having software that helps standardize cleanings and inspections is key. I need that visibility to be a good host.”

“Breezeway has been a game changer for us. We haven't had the struggles of many newcomers in the industry. We recognized we wanted to be the best from the beginning and would need the right tools and partners to get us there.” - Lynn Smith, Co-Owner, Pro Familia Homes


Creating Consistency


Lynn recognized they needed visibility into when their cleaners were showing up, when a new task was accepted or completed, how their checklists were being implemented, and how their homes were matching photo visuals. In short, they sought consistency. Initially, they tried a different cleaning software but wanted more customer support and user-friendly checklists. They switched to Breezeway.

“I love that with Breezeway, you can upload photos of how the property should look and that cleaning and inspection teams can reference them.” Pro Familia Homes gained new confidence working with their teams by knowing that they could set up standardized processes through their checklists and inspections. Lynn finds it especially helpful that cleaning teams can comment on their tasks and update her on the conditions of certain home items or inventory status.

Damage Protection Claims are Easier Than Ever


Lynn relies on her team and Breezeway’s checklists to track any damages. In case of damages, she can easily get reimbursed because Breezeway enables her to upload time-stamped pictures before and after guest check-ins. She can easily submit evidence to Airbnb and get reimbursed quickly. As Lynn notes, “I have all the documentation I need because it can’t just be your word against the guest.”


Improved Guest Communication with Breezeway


Lynn and Jeff knew technology was critical in helping them automate and scale their business. Lynn uses Breezeway’s guest messaging tool to connect with guests after check-in to ensure that everything is up to the guest's standards. She is able to proactively reach out to guests and respond to their questions in a timely manner. For instance, when her area had severe weather warnings, Lynn was able to quickly send preparedness info. Lynn’s approach to hospitality shows in their Airbnb reviews - “Best host ever! Loved the advice and clear guidance from Lynn.”


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