Detailed Quality Assurance for a Better Guest Experience

Feeling confident that your properties are ready for guest check-in doesn't come easily. Especially when guests demand the highest level of quality, safety, and cleanliness. Our checklists and mobile apps equip your staff with the tools they need to perform comprehensive work, and give you assurance that every property aligns with company brand standards.

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Track Property Readiness in Real-Time to Make Sure Your Units are Guest-Ready.

Ensuring your units are ready for check-in is one of the most challenging aspects of property management. Our 'property-readiness' dashboard alerts you whenever a unit is in jeopardy, and helps you closely track the status of every task, issue, and last-minute changes in real-time.

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Build Customized Checklists for Detailed Work at Each Property.

One standard checklist can't address the unique characteristics of your units, or help you consistently meet your company's brand standards. Our tech lets you build templates for each type of clean and inspection, and include staff requirements like photo uploads, star ratings, and more. Better yet, these checklists customize themselves to the property with each use. 

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Leverage Mobile Apps to Perform Better Work in the Field.

Are you still using paper checklists to inspect and clean your properties? Trading the clipboard in for digital checklists means your staff gets work done more easily, and lets you monitor progress of tasks in real-time. Breezeway checklists can be accessed on both iOs and Android, even when there's no WiFi at the property.

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Use Representative Photos to Ensure Company Brand Standards are Met.

Guest and owners are picky, so you need to get your work done according to exact specifications. Use representative photos to show housekeepers and inspectors exactly how something should look when the guest arrives. You can even require them to upload photos to prove they've prepared the property so that it aligns with your brand standards. 

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Monitor Teams through Task Timing and Instantly Access Completed Work.

Without digital tools that track task length and show live progress, you'll have no idea that your staff were actually at the property. The oversight you have with Breezeway means you can ensure your staff are actually at the property, and you'll see completed items, notes, comments, reports and issues in real-time. 

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Get Issue Notifications in Real-Time to Better Ensure Guest-Readiness.

Resolving issues that pop up during pre-arrival inspections can be a big challenge. Breezeway's real-time notifications let you stay on top of last-minute issues, so that you can prevent things like missed cleans, emergency repairs, and call-backs.

Tools you Need to Ensure Quality Work

Readiness Dashboard

Drive real-time operational insights to notify teams when properties are guest-ready.

Task Time & Rate

Track estimated time to complete tasks at the property level. Set a rate to track billable hours.

Customized Checklists 

Customized checklists for each unit so you can perform smarter inspections and cleans. 

Mobile Apps 

Dedicated Android and iOs mobile apps so reps can work effectively in the field.

Offline Syncing

Automatically sync information from mobile app to dashboard while offline without WiFi.

GPS Map View 

Get directions to your property, and see all of your open tasks in map view.

Detailed Activity Reports 

Generate shareable links and PDF reports to share your work with homeowners.

Photo Uploads

Require staff to upload photos to ensure quality and task completion. 

Representative Photos

Use representative photos to show staff exactly how something should look. 

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