Turno vs Breezeway: Which vacation rental cleaning software is the biggest time-saver?

Ashtyn Zussy
Ashtyn Zussy

May 10, 2023

As your inventory grows, it gets harder to stay on top of your cleaning operations. Manually managing turnover schedules and keeping track of last-minute bookings is stressful and error-prone, with the potential to bring about your worst-case scenario: A missed clean and one-star review.

While your property management system (PMS) may handle some task management coordination, you’ll need a specialized solution to become an efficient, scalable operation. Both Turno and Breezeway ease your workload and prevent scheduling mishaps. 

But to make an informed decision on the best property care platform, you need a close look at how well they:

  • Automate cleaning schedules
  • Manage quality control
  • Track and verify maintenance
  • Provide live unit status
  • Manage inventory and assets
  • Help you communicate with guests and crews on the go

This article provides an in-depth comparison of Turno and Breezeway so you can be confident in your choice on the best platform for your vacation rental business.

Eliminate missed cleans, create customized checklists, and get real-time notifications about property status with Breezeway. 
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Turno vs Breezeway: At-a-glance comparison

Here’s an overview of the key features Turno and Breezeway offer. 




Automated task scheduling

Cleaning checklists

Maintenance tracking

Team communication

Guest communication

Inventory tracking

Asset management

Owner stays

Cleaner marketplace

Smart lock integrations


Mobile app (iOS and Android)

Centralized dashboard

User rating (Capterra)



Turno vs Breezeway: How do they stack up?

Say goodbye to frantic phone calls about missed cleans or maintenance issues. Once you’ve picked either Turno or Breezeway, you can automate short-term rental management and leave those headaches in the past.

So, let’s compare the two platforms and get you closer to finalizing your decision.

Breezeway: Best all-around choice for efficiency and quality 

Breezeway’s property care platform increases the speed and simplicity of your cleaning and maintenance operations. This drastically reduces your workload and elevates the guest experience.

“Breezeway has saved me so much money across the board—reservations, maintenance, housekeeping, my administrative office, because it's all right there. Everything is literally streamlined into one place.”

- Jacqueline Wilson, president of Biloxi Beach Resort Rentals

Our scheduling tools automatically create tasks based on your PMS’s latest reservation, guest, and property data. Cleaning schedules automatically update if there’s a reservation change or a guest books last minute. As a result, you have a hands-off solution to scheduling turnovers that’s always accurate and up-to-date.

So, no more missed cleans or multiple cleaners arriving at the same property to do one job. 

This means you’ll finally have time to focus on improving the guest experience and growing your business (or just taking a break). For example, one of our customers eliminated 20 hours of manual scheduling from their weekly to-do list by using Breezeway.

A screenshot of the Breezeway property dashboard.Breezeway lets you oversee cleaning schedules, assets, and inventory.

Our features go beyond cleaning and maintenance schedules, though, and include in-app messaging, gap night optimization, maintenance tracking, and short-term rental management checklists. With this body of solutions, you can spare yourself time and energy across a range of key business management areas.

For example, our welcome book gives guests all the information they need about their stay in the palm of their hand. This includes instructions on how to access the property and use appliances. So, guests won’t need to call you—and they’ll be less likely to mistakenly think they’ve broken the coffee machine, or worse, actually break it!

Another solution property managers love is our industry-leading customizable checklists. You can create custom lists for each property and share them via our mobile app with your teams. No matter how complex the turnover process at your properties may be, you can be confident teams won’t miss anything.

Additionally, our owner stay feature automatically adjusts your workflow and checklists when the property owner visits. This ensures their property is prepared according to their preferences and standards, which helps you build better business relationships.

Importantly, the Breezeway property care platform is easy to implement and designed for your entire team to use—even for cleaners who are working with you for the first time. 

"Breezeway's connection with PointCentral has been amazing and has totally changed our approach to property care. It's saved us time and has increased guest satisfaction. We've had nothing but good feedback.”

- Jeanne Dailey, owner of Newman-Dailey Resort Properties

Key features that will simplify your day-to-day operations

  • Automated task scheduling to save time and effort when managing cleaning and maintenance
  • Recurring workflows with rules you can set based on each property
  • Customizable checklists for quality assurance
  • Task monitoring with a centralized dashboard for efficient work coordination
  • Mobile app for you and your team
  • Centralized messaging so you can stay in contact with guests
  • Smart tech that identifies gap nights and automatically offers to extend the guest’s stay
  • Asset management for efficient furniture and appliance maintenance
  • Inventory tracking to ensure a steady supply of fresh linens and amenities
  • Smart access and security with temporary lock codes for cleaning crews
  • Welcome book to give guests a smooth stay
  • Online safety program on how to identify issues with properties
  • Detailed, real-time property reports for owners 
  • Cleaner payments to save time and streamline your payments by managing and processing payments right from your Breezeway account

Why Breezeway stands out

If you’re looking for a comprehensive, user-friendly solution that will grow with your business, Breezeway is for you.

For example, in just one year, one of our customers was able to scale from 10 to 25 properties thanks to using Breezeway.

Our range of features means you won’t have to worry about finding space in your schedule as you add more properties to your portfolio. You can use Breezeway to monitor inventory and keep track of your assets. 

So, when you buy a hot tub for a new rental, you know it won’t mean extra hours hunting for a replacement pump or finding a repair crew to fix the filters on a Saturday. You can easily track the state of appliances and schedule upkeep when it’s convenient for you or your staff.

Also, we integrate with top vacation rental software so you can add tools to your tech stack as you need them.

“Through schedule automation, task coordination, and seamless internal communication, Breezeway has saved us over 30 hours in labor costs each week, totaling over $25,000 each year.”

- Nixon Hazard, director of operations at Paso Robles Vacation Rentals


We tailor pricing to your number of properties. so specific costs depend on the size of your portfolio. Contact our team to set up a demo and get an estimate.

Eliminate missed cleans, create customized checklists, and get real-time notifications about property status with Breezeway. 
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Turno: Best for connecting with new cleaners

Turno is one of the leading vacation rental cleaning software providers in the short-term rental space. You can use it to auto-schedule maintenance, verify tasks have been completed with checklists, and pay your staff.

A screenshot of an application for the Turno cleaner marketplace.

Turno lets you connect with quality cleaning crews in your area.

One key feature is the cleaner marketplace where you can find and hire cleaning crews in your area. This is useful if you don’t already have trusted cleaners or know where to hire. 

Turno can be used in six languages and partners with cleaning companies across the world. And, similar to Breezeway, it integrates with major PMSs from across the industry.

Key features

  • Automated scheduling to delegate maintenance tasks
  • Checklists with notifications and verification
  • Cleaner marketplace to find and contact local cleaning crews 
  • Automated payments for streamlined team management
  • Reporting for damages, missing items, and other issues
  • Inventory management so you can track your supply of toiletries, linens, and amenities
  • Team communication to coordinate maintenance
  • Mobile app for you and your in-house or outsourced cleaning crews

Why it stands out

What sets Turno apart from other software is its global cleaner marketplace. Rental hosts can find the best-rated cleaning services in their area via the platform.

All you have to do is answer a few simple questions about your property type, size, and the cleaning materials you can provide, then cleaning crews will bid for the chance to clean for your business.

So, if your current crew is unreliable, or you don’t have any contacts yet, Turno helps you speed up the process of sourcing cleaners.


Turno offers a free plan for one property. Beyond that, there are two plans:

  • Monthly: $8 per property per month
  • Annual: $6 per property per month (which includes a property manager lead)

Overhaul your vacation rental cleaning with Breezeway

Cleaning and maintenance are some of the most frustrating aspects of rental property management. Nobody ever raves about how clean the dishwasher was, but you can be sure they’ll mention if it was dirty or faulty. And only a few negative reviews will have a significant impact on bookings.

Vacation rental cleaning software like Breezeway and Turno keep your properties and reputation pristine. But the guest experience is only one important part of your success. The more hours you save on cleaning management and guest messaging processes, the more time you can dedicate to scaling your business. 

With our long list of cleaning management features and a wide variety of integrations, Breezeway streamlines your cleaning and maintenance ops, guest management, and owner reporting, so adding a new property to your inventory doesn’t add to your workload. 

Eliminate missed cleans, create customized checklists, and get real-time notifications about property status with Breezeway. 
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Frequently asked questions about TurnoverBnB vs Breezeway

Does Turno charge a fee?

Turno charges $8 per property per month or $6 if users commit to an annual plan. This price doesn’t include payment processing fees. However, Turno also has a free plan for users with one property that includes all the standard features except the property manager lead.

How does Turno work for hosts?

Turno provides a centralized platform where hosts can manage all the cleaning for their properties. Users can find local cleaning crews, coordinate them via the built-in messenger, and automatically assign them to rentals. Plus, there are features to help hosts to track cleaning and maintenance, like inventory management and checklists.