Safety Inspections & Compliance

Guests want to stay in high-quality properties, and safety and regular maintenance is at the very core of this expectation. Our data-driven tools help owners, property managers, and municipalities ensure safety at their vacation rental properties.

Smoke Alarm

Leverage Digital Safety Checklists to Ensure Your Property is Guest-Safe.

Safety and regulation are increasingly becoming a focal point in the vacation rental industry. Our pre-loaded digital safety checklist can be accessed on both iOs and Android apps, and equips you with the tech you need to ensure guest-safety, adhere to regulation, and attract more bookings.


Access Inspection History For Better Asset Maintenance.

Data is at the very core of Breezeway's safety programs. By surfacing things like appliance make/model/serial numbers, and issue history, you'll have everything they need to quickly diagnose maintenance issues, reduce repair time and associated labor costs.

Safety Report

Get Personalized Review From Trained Vacation Rental Safety Experts.

Not sure whether your property adheres to state or city standards? Want to make sure your property is extra safe so that you can differentiate your rental on listing sites? Get in touch with our top safety consultants to help ensure your property is truly guest-ready!

Asset Management

Receive Tailored Preventative Maintenance Programs Based on Your Property Profile.

Emergency repairs cause headaches, guest complaints, refunds, and sometimes even weeks in forgone revenue. Our preventative maintenance programs let you track the age of each element in your property, which helps prevent sudden malfunctions and costly repairs.

Tools to Ensure Guest Safety

Safety Checklists

Ensure guest-safety through digital safety checklists on iOs and Android apps.

Photo Uploads

Upload photos through your mobile device to capture property and equipment details. 

Representative Photos

Leverage representative photos so you know the safest way for each element to be configured.

Safety Report

Receive a comprehensive digital report after each safety inspection. 

Property Profiles 

Collect valuable information with each inspection (appliance make, model, serial numbers, etc.). 

Maintenance Programs

Implement preventative maintenance programs customized to your property layout.

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