Safety Training, Inspections & Certifications

Guest safety has never been more important in the vacation rental industry. Travelers want to stay in high-quality properties, and safety and regular maintenance are at the very core of this expectation. In fact, over 80% of professional property managers plan on routinely inspecting properties for smoke alarms, mechanicals, and other safety features. Our data-driven tools help owners, property managers, and municipalities maintain safe and high-quality vacation rental properties, and ensure guests feel more confident in their stay.

Smoke Alarm

Complete Breezeway's Self-Inspection to Certify your Vacation Rental as Guest Safe.

Breezeway’s ‘Commitment to Safety’ certification empowers homeowners to self-inspect their properties in just 15 minutes right from a cell phone or tablet. You’ll be guided through each step of the inspection; prompted to take photos of certain items and safety precautions (geo-tagged for verification). Once complete, our team of safety experts will review your submission and certify your vacation rental property as safe!

Safety Report-3

Differentiate your Property Listings By Marketing your Safety Certification.

Once the self inspection is approved and certified by Breezeway, participants are issued a 'Commitment to Safety' certification registration number. Both physical and digital decals with your certification number will be sent to you to add to your property listings, and adhere in a prominent location in your rental dwelling. Managers are able to show their dedication to safety to potential guests, who know that the property has been certified safe.

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Become a Breezeway Certified Short-Term Rental Safety Inspector.

Breezeway’s team of safety experts have developed our Short-Term Rental Safety Inspector (STRSI) training which empowers and trains individuals to identify safety shortfalls in short-term rental properties. Breezeway’s STRSI Course is 100% virtual and can be completed either through self-guided sessions, or online training with the help of a Breezeway safety expert. Getting certified as a Breezeway Short-Term Rental Safety Inspector will help ensure your agency maintains safe and high-quality rental properties, prevent accidents, reduce liability, and maximize each guest’s experience.


Leverage your STRSI Certification to Expand your Services & Acquire More Owners.

Certification also empowers property managers to expand their offerings by completing safety certifications at other properties, and bolstering their owner acquisition programs. Market your services to other management companies in the area, or hobbyist homeowners who are interested in certifying their properties as safe. When talking with potential owners, STRSI’s can utilize their knowledge to set them apart from the competition.

Going through the commitment to safety certification was a simple process that has given me peace of mind that I'm doing everything I can to ensure guest safety. As a Proper Insurance customer, it was an added bonus to find out that they provided a discount as further incentive in showing this commitment. Proper's new partnership with Breezeway brings light to the most important thing in the vacation rental industry - our guests' safety.

Megan McCrea
Southbound Stays Nashville, TN

We implemented a comprehensive safety certification program to keep staff engaged during the pandemic, and to be best prepared for when bookings resumed. I worked with Breezeway’s safety expert Justin Ford through Zoom to certify my team of nine property managers as ‘Short Term Rental Inspectors’. We’ve informed our owners that safety inspections will be a requirement for us moving forward that will accompany our general inspections.

John Kevan
Maui Paradise Properties,
Maui, HI

Benefits of our Safety Solutions

Peace of Mind

Provide peace of mind for guests and owners that properties have been certified safe. 

Market your Dedication to Safety 

Update property listings and website marketing to reflect your agency's commitment to safety.

100% Virtual

Complete our STRSI course at your own convenience online via self-guided sessions.

Safeguard your Properties 

Utilize our safety solutions to prevent accidents and reduce owner liability.

Certification at your Fingertips 

Easily complete our robust safety certification inspection on iOs and Android devices.

Grow your Inventory

Showcase your safety knowledge in your acquisition strategy to attract new owners.

Looking for More Customized Training?
Our experts offer an array of safety training products