Control Property Access & Security

Providing property access to guests, teams, and service providers can be a major headache. Our smart tech dynamically generates, shares, and terminates lock access codes based on the progress of each task, so you can reduce confusion and increase the security of each property. 

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Lock Profile

Pull Lock Codes from your PMS system for Each Property & Reservation.

We connect with 30+ PMS systems, smart locks, and other IoT devices so you can harness the power of connectivity. Syncing data on check-ins, check-outs, occupancy, access codes, and guest info in real-time eliminates manual work, and saves you from toggling back-and-forth in between systems. 

Sending Code

Send Lock Codes to Guests through SMS Text for Seamless Check-In.

Making it easy for guests to check in sets the stage for a great renter experience. Our SMS messaging product not only helps you send programmatic texts with check-in instructions and lock codes, but it also powers 2-way guest texting so you can quickly resolve issues or questions at check in.

Create Task (With Code)

Automatically Generate, Share, & Terminate Access Codes through Task Assignments.

Manually generating and terminating lock codes is a pain, but it's necessary especially when working with external service partners. By automatically generating codes upon task assignment and then expiring those codes when work is complete, our tech solves the complexity of sharing access at each property, and helps you keep assets secure. 

Task With Lock

Easily Surface Codes to Staff When Performing Work at the Property.

Our workflows give your teams an easy way to access each property (only when assigned a job at that specific unit), helping you run a smoother operation. Your staff will have more time to perform quality cleans, inspections, repairs, and other service work in the field, with fewer internal questions for management.

Cleaning Task from Code

Use Signal from Lock Codes upon Guest Check-Out to Trigger Cleaning Assignments.

Leveraging property and service data to automate your property care programs is the way of the future. Our smart systems let you automatically assign tasks (and notify teams accordingly) as soon as guests check out of the property. This streamlines your internal communication, and affords you more time to prepare each property for the next reservation.

Leverage powerful integrations with IoT devices

Connected Tools for Smarter Operations

IoT Integrations

Leverage integrations with industry-leading PMS and smart lock systems.

Contactless Check-In

Send guests access codes and other check-in instructions.

Code Generation

Automatically generate temporary access codes and share with staff and service partners.

Hide Codes When Offline

For added security, easily hide access codes for when tasks are completed offline.

Access Control

See a historical view of staff and service partners who have accessed each property.

Dynamic Workflows 

Tie check-out codes to property care workflows to jumpstart cleaning tasks.

Automate Lock Codes & Control Property Access
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