Operations platform & mobile app for cleaning services

The average cleaning company loses 55% of its customer base every year due to poor service. Our operations dashboard can help, and equips you with the tools you need to schedule jobs, ensure quality work, and keep your owners happy. 

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  • 2MCleans facilitated
  • 80MSqr ft under management
  • 20+countries serviced

Pull over scheduled jobs and property data in real-time

Having clear visibility into your cleaning jobs is the foundation of running operations. Breezeway's dashboard pulls over all the information you need from iCals (or your client's PMS systems), and shows you what activity is needed at each property. You can filter the schedule by property type, customized tags, and more.

Track Work in Real-Time

Track work in real-time to make sure you never miss a job

Ensuring your units are ready cleaned on-time is one of the most challenging aspects of running a cleaning service. Our 'cleaning-readiness' dashboard alerts you whenever a unit is in jeopardy, and helps you closely track the status of every clean in real-time.


Monitor your cleaners through gps map view, task timing, and user planning

Today's cleaning landscape requires the utmost level of control and visibility. Knowing where your cleaners are, how long tasks typically take them, and what's on their daily schedule is critical to keeping your teams running smoothly, and ensuring all of the work gets done.

Cleaning Checklist

Smarter cleaning checklists that save time and ensure nothing is missed

Are you still using paper checklists to clean your units? One standard checklist can't address the unique units you clean, and costs your business time and money. Our mobile checklists (iOs and Android) are customized to each one of your units, so you can perform detailed work to keep your clients happy. 


Generate detailed cleaning reports to showcase your full value to owners

As owners expect more transparency about how their units are cleaned, it's never been more important to prove your value. Our detailed activity reports enable you to easily share your work with homeowners, so you can increase owner retention and boost your cleaning business. 

It's Time to Upgrade your Approach to Cleaning
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Data-Driven Tools for Better Quality Cleaning

Customized Checklists 

Customized checklists for each unit so you can perform smarter cleans. 

Mobile Apps 

Dedicated Android and iOs mobile apps with offline syncing so cleaners can work effectively.

Detailed Activity Reports 

Generate shareable links and PDF reports to share your work with homeowners.

Task Time & Rate

Track estimated time to complete cleans at the unit level. Set a rate to track billable hours.

Photo Uploads

Require cleaning staff to upload photos to ensure quality and task completion. 

GPS Map View

Get directions to your unit, and see all of your open cleaning tasks in map view.

User Planning

Monitor staff's daily, and weekly availability to easily manage cleaning assignments.

Historical Data 

Leverage reports and cleaning history to drive insights for your housekeeping business.

Supply Tracking 

Upload a list of commonly used items that are often used or replaced.