Breezeway's Benefits Boost your Brand and your Bottom Line

Our operations and services platform automates the messiness of property care so you can focus on what really matters - 'wowing' your guests and owners. You'll never feel better about the quality of your rentals, or the way you run your business.

Guest Experience

Reduced Guest Complaints, More Repeat Stays, Word-of-Mouth Referrals, & Stellar Reviews.

Better quality property care translates to a better guest experience and more brand awareness. Our clients leverage Breezeway to reduce guest complaints by 75%, and they're cashing in on more repeat stays, referrals and reviews because of it. On average, that translates to $19k more in top-line revenue. 

Time Savings

Significant Time Savings on Coordinating Cleans, Inspections, & Maintenance Jobs.

Managers who ditch spreadsheets and outdated software for Breezeway's property ops and services platform save 30+ hours each week on task assignment! That's thousands saved in labor costs, and more time for strategic initiatives.

Air Traffic (HOW IT WORKS)

Drastic Reduction in Internal Confusion about Task Status and Property Readiness.

Communicating instructions, reporting issues, and monitoring task statuses can be a confusing game of telephone. Streamlining internal communication and monitoring progress in real-time eliminates 75% of internal questions. This means fewer headaches, earlier check-ins, and better quality property care.

Asset Management

No More Emergency Maintenance Repairs and Reduced Equipment Downtime.

Preventative maintenance is a big part of predictive property management. Operational insights like average repair times, equipment lifespans, and historical service tasks help managers build robust asset management programs, and save $5k in repairs, labor costs, and replacements


Fewer Missed Cleans, Call Backs, and Botched Repair Jobs.

When staff have prescriptive instructions for each clean, inspection and repair, nothing falls through the cracks. Equipped with customized checklists and work-order history for each unit, housekeeping and maintenance teams do the work right on the first try - 95% of missed assignments and call backs are eliminated.

Owner Retention

Additional Billable Work, Better Owner Retention, and More Service Offerings.

Detailed supply tracking and owner reports mean no more receipts and awkward owner phone calls. Refunds for maintenance parts are now easy, and managers are increasing billable maintenance by over 200%. Showcasing the value of your work creates happier owners who will want to renew your services year after year!

Peace of Mind Inspection

Better Acquisition Tools to Scale Your Property Management Business.

Would you rather hire a manager who uses spreadsheets to manage your property, or an intelligent property care platform? Exactly. Breezeway is the backbone you need to 4x portfolio growth without hiring more staff or doubling down on marketing budget. 

  • 30Weekly admin hours eliminated
  • $20KAdditional service revenue per year
  • 98%Service standard compliance

Alabama Getaway grew tracked service tasks by 5x, and saved $10k in damage claims

Summit Mountain Rentals reduced complaints by 50%, and saved 20+ hours found the data and visibility it needed to perfect the guest experience

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