Property Management Resources


The operational burden of property management is getting heavier. Consumer expectations for quality and concierge service are rising, and owners are expecting more transparency about how their assets are maintained. Learn how hospitality operators can stay ahead of these changes.


Hospitality's Push for Quality & Service

The line between vacation rentals and hotels has faded. Read our take on industry convergence, and learn how to protect your bottom line. 

Delivering Deep Value to Homeowners

Learn how to build rapport with your homeowners, and how fostering owner relationships will boost retention, referrals, and revenue.

Riding the Wave of Industry Growth

As vacation rentals continue to mature, there's a renewed focus on consolidation. Read how to roll with the changes and ride the next wave of growth.

Identity of a Vacation Rental Operator

Property Manager or Hospitality Provider? Read our eBook on how the identity of a vacation rental manager has evolved based on added responsibilities. 

Standard Departure Housekeeping Checklist

Better property care is our bread and butter. That's why we took 800+ housekeeping checklists and spun up a master cleaning guide for your properties.

Pre-Arrival Inspection Checklist

We reviewed thousands of inspections to create a master inspection guide. Now you'll know exactly how and what to check at each unit.

Disinfect & Deep Clean Checklist

After reviewing thousand of checklists and guidance from the CDC, EPA, and other sources, we created a COVID-19 disinfect & deep clean checklist.

COVID-19 Owner Communication Guide

We've created a communication guide with messaging templates to help you build more trust with your owner clients amidst COVID-19.

Airbnb Plus Inspection Checklist

Airbnb requires that rentals pass a one hundred-point inspection by a third-party. Use our practice test to help you prepare for this comprehensive inspection.

COVID-19 Guest Communication Guide

We've created a communication guide with messaging templates to help you instill more confidence with your guests amidst COVID-19.

COVID-19 Staff Communication Guide

We've created a communication guide with messaging templates to help you best communicate with internal staff and service providers amidst COVID-19.

Property Operations & Guest Services Calculator

Use our calculator to benchmark how much you can spend on turnovers, asset management, and guest services to the industry average.

Property Care by the Numbers

Property managers are devoting more than 200 hours of annual care per unit. Those who leverage data can deliver a better rental experience.

Safety Tips for Vacation Rental Guests

Our tips help you get familiar with the unique space and amenities that vacation rentals provide, so you can fully enjoy your travel experience.

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