Many of us at Breezeway have been in the vacation rental business for more than ten years, and have a deep connection with the industry. We value customer satisfaction, and are dedicated to ensure our tools drive tangible results for your business. The following quotes are just some of the things our clients are saying.

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Breezeway is the tool we've been looking for to deliver the high quality service that our guests and owners demand. We manage 500+ properties, each with its own unique requirements, and Breezeway keeps our team running smoothly.

Jason Sprenkle
Founder & President,
360 Blue Properties,
Destin, FL

It's amazing how much more automated our process is with Breezeway. We've reduced the time we spend texting, calling, and updating by over 50%, and are spending 20 fewer hours each week scheduling cleans and inspections.

David Wilcox
General Manager,
Summit Mountain Rentals,
Breckenridge, CO

Breezeway has helped make our operations more efficient and has facilitated better communication and data-sharing across our teams. From scheduling to task execution to billing, our productivity and accountability has greatly improved.

Michelle Williams
General Manager,
Atlantic Vacation Homes,
Gloucester, MA

Linking Breezeway with Escapia was a huge benefit, and has given us more confidence in our property operations. I can send my teams to the right place, and communicate issues to staff and owners. It's just a lot easier to perform quality property care on time with Breezeway.

Nicole Glenn
Director of Property Services,
SeaBreeze Vacation Rentals,
San Diego, CA

We finally have a smart program that ties together all aspects of our property care into one easy-to-use interface. The increased tracking we get from Breezeway's platform has enabled us to provide an elevated experience for our guests, and more visibility for our homeowners.

Reid Matthews
COO & Financial Controller,
Luxury Properties,
Jackson Hole, WY

I now spend 15 fewer hours each week reviewing and changing our schedule, and have more time to focus on strategic initiatives. Breezeway has completely organized our property cleans, inspections, and maintenance, and has increased billable tasks by  560%. 

Nixon Hazard
Director of Operations,
Paso Robles Vacation Rentals,
Paso Robles, CA

Breezeway's integration with Fetch My Guest has simplified our property operations. Our guest reservations automatically sync into Breezeway, which lets us easily schedule and track cleans, inspections, and maintenance tasks around check-in and check-outs.

Misty Oliver
Guest Relations Manager,
Beach House Rentals,
Capitola, CA

With properties across the country and in four different markets, Breezeway has been critical in streamlining operations and organizing our remote teams. The software has provided transparency across our different companies and departments, and has made us feel unified despite operating in different locations.

Jessie Sharp
Director of Maintenance
Park City, Utah

I'm incredibly happy with Breezeway. The platform's integration with LiveRez has steered our company in the right direction, and has given us valuable insight into property tasks. This increased visibility saves us money and time, and helps us deliver a better experience.

Elizabeth Moss
Alabama Getaway,
Orange Beach, AL

By automatically syncing our check-in and check-out reservation data, Breezeway's partnership with Streamline has saved us over 90 minutes each day scheduling property tasks. This integration has been a gamechanger for our business. 

Greg Petrillo
Owner & President,
Pocono Mountain Rentals,
Doylestown, PA

We've seen big efficiency gains with Breezeway by completing tasks, reporting detailed issues, and pushing work orders back into Streamline. This improved workflow, coupled with data I export from Breezeway, saves us time and money, and keeps our guests and owners happy.

Drew Liebentritt
Director of Operations,
Scottsdale, AZ

Breezeway is a major part of our continued success. The software ensures our properties will be perfect for guests, and has led to higher guest and owner satisfaction. With the information right at my fingertips, it's much easier to contact an owner about an issue.

Susan Piotrowski
Owner Liaison,
Morning Breeze Cabin Rentals,
Blue Ridge, GA

Breezeway is a must have product! The tool provides insight like the time to complete tasks and the cost to replace supplies at each property. While we've only been up and running for three months, we've been blown away with the tech so far. We love it and can't wait to learn more!

Stacy Wesson
General Manager,
Cascara Vacation Rentals,
Sunriver, OR

Connecting our PointCentral smart locks to Breezeway's platform has been amazing! Our cleaners are notified the second a guest leaves, which helps them start and finish cleans in advance, enables our guests to check in early, and saves us considerable time communicating with staff.

Carrie Prichard
Assistant Housekeeping Manager,
Newman-Dailey Resort Properties,
Miramar Beach, FL

We've been Breezeway customers for a while now, and we love it! The platform helps us seamlessly communicate with field teams, get notified in real-time when tasks are completed, and track progress with managers and staff throughout the day. 

Director of Operations
PMI Park City,
Park City, UT

We used to manage our 200 rentals manually. With Breezeway, our staff have the tools they need for day-to-day work, and owners have visibility into all that goes on at their property. Things are moving smoothly now, and we're doing better business because of it.

Nicole Guidi
Principal Owner,
Book by Owner Dillon,
Dillon, CO

Breezeway's user-friendly tech helps us do our work faster. The platform has organized our housekeeping and maintenance staff and helps us track task progress through notifications and photo uploads. It's been awesome so far!

Tricia McIntyre
Aspen Luxury Vacation Rentals,
Aspen, CO

Messaging our guests through Breezeway gives them the opportunity to reach out with any issues or questions throughout the stay, and holds our team accountable. Several guests have told us that they love having the option to text us as the office!

Office Manager,
Carolina Beach Realty,
Carolina Beach, NC

Breezeway has provided a streamlined task management system that allows our company to easily work with various 3rd party vendors and internal employees so we can ensure consistent quality for our guests. 

Alex and Wes Hoecker
Two Pines Properties,
Big Sky, MT

We have been using Breezeway and it's been a HUGE help! The software has made scheduling and communicating with our housekeeping and maintenance crews incredibly simple. 

Cristina Mejia
Vacation Rental Coordinator,
PMI Birdy,
San Antonio, TX

Breezeway is one of the best, if not the best, SaaS company in the vacation rental space. Not just because of the product, but because they are great at constantly making and communicating improvements. We have truly enjoyed working with them.

Ashley Kubiszyn
River Ridge Rentals,
Breckenridge, CO

Breezeway has completely streamlined our guest communication, and is something we can't live without. Their messaging functionality directly pulls guest contact information from Cloudbeds, and then sends automated text messages that guest can respond to in real-time. 

Mellissa Juszczak
A Tiny House Resort,
South Cairo, NY

None of the other platforms we’ve tried are as good as Breezeway. Breezeway's software has simplified our workstreams and aided in every aspect of property and guest preparation. The team is incredibly supportive in helping us achieve our company goals, and I highly recommend Breezeway for any operation looking to automate its property care and deliver more service to its clients.

Anthony Lee
Head of Operations,
London, UK

Communicating task statuses is much more organized with Breezeway. We now have mobile checklists to perform cleans and inspections, and can easily surface important details and issues across teams. Breezeway's connection with Avantio eased our burden throughout 2020, and enabled us to showcase rigorous procedures to guests. 

Michelle Jaw
Olala Homes,
Barcelona, Spain

Breezeway has been critical in helping us manage our schedule and coordinate our operations and property care. We're incredibly happy with the product, and how it's helped us navigate swings of last-minute cancelations and re-bookings from COVID-19 and heavy snowfall.

Tim Goodwin
Watershed Cabins,
Bryson City, NC

Breezeway has made my life so much easier, and is a godsend. It's been a game-changer and the most important piece of software for the operations of our company since I started working here. I have 3 monitors and my biggest one is dedicated to Breezeway's dashboard.

Mike Short
Property & Operations Manager,
Daugherty Management,
Sandpoint, ID

The response to Breezeway's guest texting product has been overwhelmingly positive, and has changed our strategy for generating 5-star reviews.  We now automatically send thank you messages before each guests' departure, and follow up with a Google review link for those that respond favorably.

Lance Stitcher
Seaside Vacations,
Chincoteague Island, VA

I love Breezeway!! It’s such a magical software, I say that because it’s pure magic what my colleagues and I pull off on daily basis for our guests and properties. I feel confident saying that Abode Luxury Rentals couldn’t function without Breezeway!

Faith Folau
Guest Communications,
Abode Luxury Rentals,
Park City | Jackson Hole

Breezeway has become just as important to us as our property management system. From communicating with guests, to handling the operations between our two locations, Breezeway is where it’s at for us. Our staff also heavily relies on Breezeway and the workflows that make their jobs easier.

Elaine Stitcher
Seaside Vacations,
Ocean City, MD

There's no replacement for a safe vacation. We got a call from a guest who was able to quickly find the extinguisher to put out a grill fire — this is just one of the reasons we’ll continue to inspect our homes using Breezeway.

Caleb Hannon
Director of Operations,
StayLakeNorman Luxury Vacation Homes,
Mooresville, NC

I love Breezeway's system! Their integration with BookingSync works so seamlessly and pulls in all of our reservation information immediately so we never miss a beat. This makes it so easy for our team to coordinate operations across our portfolio of properties all in one place.

Jill Thorwegen
Director of Operations,
Opulent Vacations,
Park City, UT

We love working with Breezeway and Hostaway! Their systems work so well for our business and have completely transformed our behind-the-scenes operations. Overall, we now have a much better process to communicate with our staff and provide better hospitality to our guests.

Olga Kostina
Account Manager,
Athens, Greece

We are so happy with how Breezeway and Mews work together! Their integration makes our jobs so much easier by automating the work between reservations. This also helps our staff be more efficient and autonomous while still meeting our brand standards. Breezeway is a perfect time-saver in our daily cleaning, inspection and maintenance work.

Anna Adamczyk
Tusity Rentals,
Las Palmas, Spain

Breezeway has been an amazing addition to our operation! With the support of Breezeway and Guesty’s tools, we’re always confident that our vacation rentals are ready to wow guests from the moment they check in. We can schedule, coordinate and supervise efficiently and ensure all tasks have been completed at every property and spend more time prioritizing our guests.

Rocio Montaño
Founder & CEO,
Ronival Property Management,
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Breezeway's integration with Hostfully has completely changed the way we manage our portfolio at Osa Property Management and allowed us to grow. It has made scheduling and planning smooth and efficient. Most of our Homeowners are over 2,000 miles away and the ability to quickly show them the maintenance projects, for transparency reasons and proof of work, gives owners peace of mind and provides us a centralized location of maintenance history. Breezeway is a critical and important 'partner' in our business.

Nick Halverson
Osa Property Management,
Costa Rica
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