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Meet Breezeway

Breezeway's industry leading property operations and services platform helps coordinate, communicate, and verify the detailed work you do at each property.

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Thanks for Visiting

Sarah Karakaian and Annette Grant, hosts of the 'Thanks for Visiting' podcast, discuss how Breezeway's tools help them manage their luxury properties.

KO at VRMA Europe

On Location

Breezeway's Koryn Okey, Breezeway's VP of Client Experience catches up with VRHP's Durk Johnson while in Prague for the VRMA Europe conference.

Breezeway on the Today Show

Jeremy Gall, Breezeway's Founder & CEO, and NBC’s Vicky Nguyen discuss safety items that guests should be mindful of when staying in a vacation rental. 


Bathroom Safety

Get some quick tips on bathroom safety in vacation rentals with Thanks For Visiting and Justin Ford, Breezeway's Director of Safety.


Bedroom Safety

Get a refresher on egresses, dwelling protocols, and other bedroom safety best practices with Justin Ford, Breezeway's Director of Safety.

Extension Cord

Extension Cord Safety

Learn the basics of extension cord usage and protocols in this short video on extension cord safety and best practices. 

Boiler Room

Boiler Room Safety

Even though its unseen, the boiler room of a short term rental requires many safety checks. Review boiler room needs with Justin Ford.

Deck Railings

Deck Railing Safety

Deck railings are and important aspect of vacation rental safety. Review best practices and code adherence in this short video. 


Deck Safety

A deck is a well used spot in many vacation rentals and requires an extra level of safety. Review best practices and codes for keeping your deck safe.

Dwelling Card

Dwelling Cards

Justin Ford, Breezeway's Director of Safety, reviews the necessity of dwelling cards in efforts to keep you short term rental safe.


Electrical Safety

Justin Ford, Breezeway's Director of Safety, covers best practices for electrical sockets an panels in short-term rentals.

Fire And Smoke

Fire & Smoke Alarm Safety

Fire and smoke safety is one of the most important aspects of a vacation rental. Review details and guidelines with safety expert Justin Ford.

Fire Pit

Fire Pit Safety

This social spot can provide risk to any property. Review the scope of fire pit safety with Justin Ford and the ladies of Thanks for Visiting.


Fireplace Safety

A fireplace is a great feature of a short term rental, but it requires extra precautions. Review fireplace safety in this short video with Justin Ford.


Grill Safety

Learn how to keep your short term rental safe while your guests fire up delicious eats in this video on grill safety.  

Hot Tub

Hot Tub Safety

Justin Ford, Breezeway's Director of Safety, covers best practices for keeping hot tubs safe at short-term rentals.

Knife Safety

Knife Safety

Knife safety is never a dull moment! Review best practices for keeping knives safe and secure in short-term rentals.


Stove Safety

Review safety best practices around stoves and hot surfaces in this short video with Justin Ford, Breezeway's director of Safety.

Locking A Room

Utility Closet Safety

Justin Ford, Breezeway's Director of Safety, covers best practices for keeping utility closets safe in short-term rentals.

Water Temp

Water Temperature Safety

The water temperature in a short term rental can pose as a risk for guests. Learn more about water heater and temperature safety in this short clip.

Trip Hazard

Tripping Hazard Safety

A commonality in many short term rentals, tripping hazards are often overlooked. In this video, learn solutions to keep items grounded.

Furniture Anchoring

Furniture Anchoring Safety

Justin Ford, Breezeway's Director of Safety, covers the importance of furniture anchoring in short-term rentals.

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