The Best Airbnb Management Software for Growing Your Portfolio

Ashtyn Zussy
Ashtyn Zussy

April 24, 2023

As you look to grow beyond managing a small number of short-term rental properties, you’ll start to notice the cracks in your existing processes. 

Manually overseeing cleans is time-consuming, unexpected maintenance issues complicate scheduling, and, to ensure positive guest relationships, you end up glued to your phone answering a constant stream of questions about parking, access, and passwords. 

Airbnb management software streamlines your operations by automating these tasks. In this article, we explore pricing tools, team management solutions, and property care platforms so you have the solutions you need to coordinate tasks, wow guests, and scale your business. 

Grow your portfolio without growing your to-do list
Breezeway’s all-in-one automated property care solution saves you time and stress 
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How Airbnb management software makes your operations scalable

Managing all your operations manually is a surefire way to burn yourself out.

In order to step back from the day-to-day tasks and focus on growing your business, you need to use automated tools. These help you form processes that support you as you scale, reduce the time you spend on repetitive tasks, and make your business more profitable.

With Airbnb management software, you can:

  • Streamline team communication. With a centralized space for your staff to talk, view tasks, and flag issues, you can resolve problems more quickly and make sure important tasks don’t get missed. 
  • Automate cleaning scheduling. By using a tool that syncs your booking information and staff availability, you can avoid scheduling errors and seamlessly manage last-minute turnovers.  
  • Gain visibility into team operations. You get automated updates on property status and inventory via a mobile app or online dashboard. 
  • Maintain clean quality standards. With tools for creating and distributing cleaning checklists, plus the ability for your team to upload photos as they complete their jobs, you can run quality checks more easily.    
  • Automate guest messaging. Avoid slow response time causing a bad review with message templates and digital welcome books. 
  • Optimize revenue. With revenue and pricing tools, you can keep inventory costs down, set the right rates for your properties, and spot gaps where you can offer extended stays to guests. 

Airbnb software saved this vacation rental business 20 hours a month

By using Breezeway’s property care platform, Pro Familia Homes began saving hours on turnover scheduling and communication tasks each week. They’ve now scaled their operations and improved the guest experience.

“Breezeway has been a game changer for us. We haven't had the struggles of many newcomers in the vacation rental industry. We recognized we wanted to be the best from the beginning and would need the right tools and partners to get us there.”

- Lynn Smith, Co-Owner of Pro Familia Homes

6 Best Airbnb management software

The best vacation rental software comes with a range of features to streamline your operations. Here are our top recommendations, as well as what features to look out for when making your decision.

Breezeway: Leading all-in-one property care and operations software

Breezeway’s dashboard and mobile app

Get an instant overview of your operations inside Breezeway. 

Breezeway: Simple scheduling and less guest messaging

Breezeway’s features help you manage key areas of your operations, from owner relationships and the guest experience to scheduling and team management.

The platform integrates with your latest booking information to automate task management, provides you with a unified inbox for your team and guests, and preemptively answers guest questions with a digital welcome book for each property. 

Meanwhile, other features like customizable checklists, extended stays, and owner stays save you time, help you exceed guest expectations, and ensure owners have the best possible experience when they use the property for themselves.

“Before Breezeway, we had no clear way of scheduling tasks for cleaners. The solution has drastically saved us from missing cleans, equating to hundreds of dollars saved monthly. And our portfolio has grown from 10 to 25.” 

-Kristi Campbell, Operations Manager at Vanwaw Corporate Rentals 

Features up-and-coming hosts love 

  • Automated scheduling based on team availability, location, and performance data
  • Customizable checklists and photo uploads for quality assurance 
  • Team communications solution with a unified inbox to centralize guest and team messages
  • A mobile app where your team can upload photos of their cleans for remote inspections 
  • An intuitive dashboard where you get instant insights into property status 
  • Inventory tracking with instant notifications when you’re running low on stock 
  • Automated guest messaging with templates and bulk messages so you can quickly respond to issues
  • Digital guidebooks that create a great first impression by giving guests essential information about their stay
  • An extended stay solution that identifies gaps in your calendar and automates communications with guests to let them know
  • Owner stays automatically update your workflows and checklists in line with the property owner’s preferences
  • Reporting on data like guest reply rates, maintenance issues, inventory costs, reviews, and revenue 

Why Breezeway stands out “across the board”

Breezeway makes your business operations efficient, improves your guest and owner service, and reduces your workload. 

As Jacqueline Wilson, President of Biloxi describes, “Breezeway saves so much money across the board—reservations, maintenance, housekeeping—because it's all right there. Everything is literally streamlined into one place.” 

Grow your portfolio without growing your to-do list
Breezeway’s all-in-one automated property care solution saves you time and stress 
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The Turno dashboard

Turno’s marketplace helps you find skilled cleaners in your area. 


Turno is a scheduling tool and cleaner marketplace. Like Breezeway, it offers a range of automated solutions for team management so you can step away from your spreadsheets. It also provides a way to connect with new cleaners, which is great if you don’t have the infrastructure to build a team of your own just yet.     


  • Automated scheduling that syncs with your bookings calendar 
  • Cleaning checklists with templates 
  • Team communication features and an app to keep your staff connected 
  • Integrated payments to make it easier to stay on top of invoices 
  • Inventory management so you can track your supply of stock

Why it stands out

Turno’s cleaning software includes a marketplace that helps you find cleaners in your area. This makes it a good choice if you don’t have an existing team or are having a hard time finding reliable staff. 

After submitting information about your vacation rental property, cleaners bid on your project and you can select the most suitable staff for your turnovers.

Operto Teams

Operto Teams’ dashboard showing task rule set-up

With Operto Teams, you can create custom task rules that determine the steps your staff have to take during a turnover.


Operto Teams, formerly VRScheduler, is a task scheduling solution that saves you time as you manage your growing team and business. It comes as a standalone solution, but you can also pair it with Operto Guest to manage guest communications alongside overseeing your team.


  • Task automation based on custom rules 
  • Route optimization to make the most of cleaners’ limited time 
  • Issue tracking where your team can flag maintenance tasks so they don’t fall through the cracks
  • A master calendar that gives you an overview of tasks, employees, schedules, and workflows 

Why it stands out

Because of its custom rules, Operto Teams is a great solution if you have a large cleaning team that requires complex workflows. For example, you can set it up so that half your properties in one area receive one type of recurring clean (perhaps because they have a pool) while the other half don’t.

WheelhouseWheelhouse’s dynamic pricing dashboard

Continually optimize your nightly rates with Wheelhouse’s real-time insights. 


Wheelhouse is a leading dynamic pricing tool that adjusts and optimizes nightly rates based on factors like seasonality, competitor rates, and booking time. 

By connecting with your PMS, it updates your listings automatically, ensuring you’re always offering the optimal rate. And through its integration with Breezeway, you can review revenue reports and your team’s schedule alongside your latest prices and bookings. 


  • Data-driven pricing recommendations based on the current market
  • Personalized pricing strategies along with automated settings
  • Insights that show you the impact of your pricing strategy 

Why it stands out

Wheelhouse is known for being an easy-to-use dynamic pricing tool because it comes with pre-set pricing strategies as well as the opportunity to customize. And its up-to-date market reports let you make data-informed decisions and see how you stack up against the competition. 

The importance of a centralized solution as you scale 

When you’re growing your vacation rental portfolio, automation tools give you much-needed time to strategize, think about bigger-picture issues, and even just relax. Without an overflowing inbox and countless operational issues, you can focus on marketing your properties and optimizing your revenue. 

To save as much time as possible, however, you need to avoid navigating between several apps and tabs. That’s why you should look out for a centralized solution that includes features for: 

  • Automated scheduling 
  • Quality control 
  • Streamlined communications
  • Inventory tracking
  • Revenue optimization features
  • Extended stay solutions
  • Reporting 

With Breezeway, you can access all these features in one easy-to-use platform, as well as connect your PMS and pricing tools. With an automated tech stack, you’ll save hours each week, gain a complete overview of your operations, and find ways to generate more bookings and increase revenue.     

Grow your portfolio without growing your to-do list
Breezeway’s all-in-one automated property care solution saves you time and stress 
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Frequently asked questions about Airbnb management software

What are the advantages of using management software for Airbnb? 

Airbnb management software helps you save time as you manage your team, support guests, and oversee your properties. 

Automated tools mean you no longer have to manually complete tasks like creating schedules, replying to guest questions, and tracking inventory. And, with all your key information in one place, you avoid having to navigate between spreadsheets and messaging apps. 

By cutting your workload and maximizing your revenue through inventory cost optimization and extended stay solutions, you can reduce your workload and focus on growing your business. 

How can Airbnb management software enhance the guest experience?

Airbnb management software ensures an easy and enjoyable stay for guests by:

  • Giving them autonomy and independence with information about the property and local area in the form of digital guidebooks 
  • Providing them with instant answers to questions through automated and templated messaging
  • Automating cleaning schedules so they always arrive to a pristine property
  • Ensuring maintenance issues are flagged and resolved quickly inside team communication solutions

What are the key features you need in Airbnb management software?

It’s important to choose Airbnb management software that centralizes key areas of your operations. Otherwise, you’ll lose time navigating between different solutions and trying to find important information. With that in mind, here are the features your platform should include:

  • Team scheduling tools for optimal efficiency 
  • Customizable checklists to ensure cleaning standards are maintained
  • A team communications solution that connects with the guest inbox so you can quickly highlight and fix issues
  • A mobile app to make it easy for your team to respond on the go
  • Inventory tracking solutions with instant notifications about stock
  • Automated guest messaging so your guests can quickly get the answers they need
  • Welcome books to increase guest independence by giving them key information
  • Revenue optimization features, such as Breezeway’s extended stay solution which helps you fill gaps in your booking calendar 
  • Integration with other key software, like PMSs and online travel agencies (OTAs)
  • Reports on inventory costs, reviews, and revenue to support relationships with property owners