7 Reasons Why You Don't Need a Breezeway Alternative

Lizzie Griffin
Lizzie Griffin

February 1, 2024

“We were still relying on our internally developed system that involved manually printing worksheets... Recognizing the limitations of our existing workflow, we turned to Breezeway to streamline our operations. By leveraging their platform, we were able to embrace a more efficient approach.” 

This testimonial is from Bjørn Schrøder R., Senior PMO at vacation rental marketplace DanCenter. He goes on to say, “Breezeway's system provided us with comprehensive visibility into the status of cleanings, allowing us to track progress and receive timely updates, ultimately enhancing our overall workflow and productivity.”

Breezeway is a complete vacation rental operations management platform: From automated scheduling to guest messaging and digital guidebooks, Breezeway gives you all the tools you need to run your short-term rental portfolio, provide a better guest experience, and build a sustainable, scalable business. 

See why you don’t need a Breezeway alternative, including a look at how Breezeway helps you deliver better turnovers, reduces your workload, improves how you communicate with guests, and makes your operations scalable. 

The only operations management solution you’ll ever need
Breezeway centralizes and automates all your key processes, from turnovers and maintenance to guest messaging. 

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Better, more consistent turnover quality

“Breezeway has provided a streamlined task management system that allows our company to easily work with various 3rd party vendors and internal employees so we can ensure consistent quality for our guests.”
-Alex and Wes Hoecker, Owners of Two Pines Properties (Big Sky, MT) 

You need a way to monitor turnover quality, but paper checklists for cleaners come with almost no accountability. Photos for quality checks sent via SMS or email are cumbersome to track, meaning you’re left sending someone to inspect each property after each turnover to ensure it will meet guest expectations. 

Breezeway helps you ensure gold-standard quality with each turnover. Our user-friendly mobile app comes with digital cleaning checklists that your housekeepers can reference while they’re on the job, and lets them upload images of their completed work so you can review it wherever you are. 

You can roll these checklists out across your entire portfolio and customize them to fit the unique characteristics of each unit. What does this mean for you? Peace of mind knowing your units are always guest-ready.

See how Nopali Properties uses Breezeway to ensure turnover consistency and achieve a 4.99/5 rating on Airbnb.
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Simplified automated task scheduling 

“It's amazing how much more automated our process is with Breezeway. We've reduced the time we spend texting, calling, and updating by over 50%, and are spending 20 fewer hours each week scheduling cleans and inspections.”
-David Wilcox, General Manager of Summit Mountain Rentals (Breckenridge, CO)

If you manually create your cleaning schedules, you’re probably spending hours each week on the following tasks: 

  1. Tracking reservation dates across online booking sites and your property management software (PMS)
  2. Putting together a cleaning calendar in Excel or on paper
  3. Sending out a message to each of your cleaners to notify them of their tasks. 

This approach to scheduling is not only time-consuming, but also error-prone. What happens when a guest modifies their reservation? Or a last-minute booking comes in? That’s where Breezeway makes an immediate difference. Breezeway connects to online travel agencies (OTAs) and your PMS to gather real-time reservation data and automate task scheduling

The platform then notifies your cleaners of their task and updates them if any changes occur (such as a guest canceling or changing a booking). These powerful automations can result in 10-20 hours saved per week that you can spend on other tasks—plus you’ll know that your housekeepers will never miss a turnover or show up at the wrong unit. 

Breezeway cleaning task creation

Breezeway automatically creates and assigns turnover tasks when you connect the software to your property management system.

Greater operational visibility

“Breezeway is a major part of our continued success. The software ensures our properties will be perfect for guests, and has led to higher guest and owner satisfaction. With the information right at my fingertips, it's much easier to contact an owner about an issue.”
-Susan Piotrowski, Owner Liaison at Morning Breeze Cabin Rentals (Blue Ridge, GA)

Without vacation rental software, you don’t have visibility over what’s happening across your portfolio. Are cleaners showing up to the right units on time? Are turnovers meeting your standards? Having a trusted member of your staff to inspect each unit before check-in is inefficient and not scalable across a growing portfolio.

Also, the time you spend trying to coordinate work and understand the status of your properties is time you’re not spending on other impactful tasks. But by using an Airbnb cleaning software tool like Breezeway, you’re no longer in the dark. 

Our property dashboard lets you manage the team remotely and gives you a real-time view of property and task status across your portfolio. So, you can manage more units without having to take on more management staff.

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Transparent task history

“Most of our Homeowners are over 2,000 miles away and the ability to quickly show them the maintenance projects, for transparency reasons and proof of work, gives owners peace of mind and provides us a centralized location of maintenance history. Breezeway is a critical and important partner in our business.”
-Nick Halverson, Principal at Osa Property Management (Costa Rica)

Billing owners and paying housekeepers is a big part of your job, so you need access to a clear history of completed tasks. Without it, payroll is difficult and time-consuming, outstanding maintenance work slips through the cracks, and you can even lose revenue—no proof of a task being completed means you can’t bill an owner for it. 

But when you use Breezeway, every task you create on the platform is saved, you can use filters to find exactly what you're looking for, and see when each task happened, how long it took, and all the associated supplies and costs. 

Being able to keep track of all completed work means you can:  

  • Easily check cleaner invoices against the tasks they completed
  • Generate reports to bill owners
  • Review lists of outstanding tasks to ensure you don’t miss a maintenance job

Breezeway cleaning task reportInstantly export task reports for greater transparency with owners. 

Seamless messaging with guests and staff

“Messaging our guests through Breezeway gives them the opportunity to reach out with any issues or questions throughout the stay, and holds our team accountable. Several guests have told us that they love having the option to text us at the office!”
-Kristen Ludwig, Office Manager at Carolina Beach Realty (Carolina Beach, NC)

When you use email, phone calls, or apps to communicate with guests, it’s impossible to track your conversations. Aside from the inconvenience, some guest messages inevitably get missed.

Breezeway’s guest messaging features centralize all your guest communication within one portal, so you’re not left hopping between platforms to see what’s been said and to who. And if a guest makes a request or reports an issue, you can easily create and assign a maintenance task within the same view.

Breezeway’s time-saving messaging features include: 

  • Pulling contact information from your PMS to auto-fill message templates with guest details
  • Automated gap night messages to drive revenue
  • Bulk messages for specific dates and property types
  • ‘Repeat messages’ to guests for check-in and check-out days
  • Streamlined work order creation and management

See how Breezeway helped Travel Advantage Network achieve a 58% reduction in guest phone calls year over year. 
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User-friendly interface

“We finally have a smart program that ties together all aspects of our property care into one easy-to-use interface. The increased tracking we get from Breezeway's platform has enabled us to provide an elevated experience for our guests, and more visibility for our homeowners.”
-Reid Matthews, COO & Financial Controller at Luxury Properties (Jackson Hole, WY)

We want our clients to feel empowered to make the most of all our key features, which is why we’ve designed an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. But don’t just take our word for it: Users find the platform “very user-friendly and easy to navigate.”

One client states that Breezeway is “easier to use and more focused” than a competitor, going on to say that the platform “offers a more cohesive and user-focused experience.” While you’ll enjoy the convenience of an intuitive interface, so will your staff. 

Having a platform that’s easy to use and learn is essential as you grow your team and work with a variety of cleaners—your operations management software is only valuable if all your employees and providers know how to make the most of it. 

Breezeway property dashboardBreezeway’s intuitive dashboard gives you a clear overview of property status across your portfolio. 

Best in class customer support

“We implemented Breezeway 3 + years ago, and it has been a stand-out product in our tech stack. Not only is the product top-notch, the support team is hands down the best in the business. Their communication and follow through is impeccable.”
-Leah Freeland, Managing Director at Bluewater Vacation Homes (San Diego, CA)

Of course we think we offer great customer service, but our reviews back this claim. “Not only is the product top notch, the support team is hands down the best in the business,” states one user. Another client says that “the Breezeway support team is the best in the industry.”

We pride ourselves on offering an all-in-one solution that makes property managers’ lives easier, by helping you improve business performance, the guest experience, and the host experience, too.
So whether you aren’t sure about how to set up an integration, need help creating a digital welcome book, or want guidance on using one of our features, we’re always here to provide you with the support and assistance you need. 

Want more information on how we stack up against the Breezeway competitors? Check out our Breezeway vs Resort Cleaning and Turno vs Breezeway comparisons. 

One centralized platform for all your operations management needs 

“None of the other platforms we’ve tried are as good as Breezeway. Breezeway's software has simplified our workstreams and aided in every aspect of property and guest preparation,” 
-Anthony Lee, Head of Operations at Altido. 

Anthony goes on to say, “The team is incredibly supportive in helping us achieve our company goals, and I highly recommend Breezeway for any operation looking to automate its property care and deliver more service to its clients.”

Breezeway does more than just take time-consuming manual tasks off your plate—it will transform the way you run your company and your ability to offer an exceptional experience to guests with every stay. Multiple features for efficient ops, an intuitive interface, and outstanding customer support, means that when you choose Breezeway, you’ll never have to look to another platform to help you run your vacation rental operations.

The only operations management solution you’ll ever need
Breezeway centralizes and automates all your key processes, from turnovers and maintenance to guest messaging. 

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