Breezeway vs ResortCleaning: An in-depth comparison for vacation rentals

Lizzie Griffin
Lizzie Griffin

October 10, 2023

Vacation rental operations get increasingly complicated to manage as you grow your business, which means one of two things: 

  1. You scale and struggle to keep up with all your team coordination and guest messaging, with your quality of service suffering as a result.
  2. Your business growth stagnates as you’re too busy to market your services and take on new homeowner clients.

Alternatively, you implement a tool to automate key processes like task assignment and guest messaging, your operations become scalable, and you can start focusing on higher-level concerns, like driving revenue and signing up more homeowners.

Before you can benefit from that alternative, though, you need to decide which operations management platform is best for your business—which is what this article will address. 

By the end of this article, you’ll have explored the top features of Breezeway and ResortCleaning, and will be able to choose which one provides the scalability and guest experience solutions you need.

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Breezeway vs ResortCleaning: Features Comparison

Breezeway and ResortCleaning are powerful tools that help you become more efficient, improve service quality, and drive revenue. Explore their top features below so you can decide which platform will best suit your business needs.

Breezeway has been a game changer and the single most important technology addition to the operations side of our vacation rental business in the past several years. We couldn't be as successful and customer-driven without the tools and data available from Breezeway's inclusive platform. Tech and customer support is also top-notch. 
-Mike Short, Property & Operations Manager at Daugherty Management

Breezeway operations management software: Top 5 features

Breezeway is the leading operations management solution in the STR industry. It provides detailed, user-friendly automation tools for you to manage and grow your short-term rental (STR) business, and includes mobile and desktop applications for your team and service providers.

Here’s an at-a-glance overview of Breezeway’s features for STR operations management:

  • Automated scheduling
  • Digital cleaning checklists with reference photos and uploads
  • Inventory and supply tracking, including integration with sojo to automate ordering and coordination
  • GPS map view to track team status
  • Automated notifications to monitor live issues and unit status
  • Guest communication tools like messaging and welcome books
  • Automated gap night revenue solution
  • A central management dashboard and mobile app
  • Integrations with +40 Property Management Systems (PMSs) including partnership with Airbnb


1. Automated scheduling

Breezeway connects to your PMS and/or Airbnb account to auto-schedule cleans based on your latest booking information, with schedules auto-shared with your housekeepers in the user-friendly app. 

You can view all the schedules in the master calendar and manually drag and drop tasks for stays that are booked from elsewhere—for example, if the homeowner independently schedules a visit.

With Breezeway’s auto-scheduling software, you’ll never miss a clean again, housekeepers will always go to the right property at the right time, and there’s no more running around, calling after cleaners because of a last-minute booking change.

The software works it all out for you, assigning cleans to available cleaners, and automatically updating their schedule according to your customized rules. 

Breezeway dashboard automated property schedule view

Breezeway automatically generates cleaning and turnover tasks based on your latest check-in and check-out times, and your customized rules for each unit, guest type, and length of stay. 

2. User-friendly digital cleaning checklists

Breezeway’s industry-leading digital checklists allow you to remotely manage your properties and ensure hotel-standard cleans for every single stay across your entire portfolio.

Use Breezeway’s customizable checklist templates to create unique checklists for each property, including representative photos so cleaners have a clear reference and standard to adhere to. Then, once a turnover is completed, cleaners can upload photos of their work for you to remotely inspect.

This feature also includes the ability to create special checklists and processes for owner stays, so the homeowner can arrive at their property and find it exactly as they like it.

This is a fully scalable solution to quality STR service—so you can grow your business without risking a dropoff in the cleaniness or presentation of your units.

Breezeway guest message template library

Breezeway’s vacation rental cleaning software includes customizable digital checklists for every unit—making remote inspections simple and effective.

3. Inventory and linen management

Guests expect hotel-quality service—and supplies—which places a lot of pressure on your operations. Cleaners need to be able to start their day with a clear view of what soaps, towels, and linens they’ll need to get each property guest-ready, and so do you.

With Breezeway’s inventory tracking, you can easily monitor supplies across your whole portfolio, see where you’re running low, and track and export billables for homeowners.

The software makes it easy for the cleaning team to pack the right linens for each property, you can automate supply counts based on completed maintenance and cleaning tasks, and with your supply tracking and access to historical records, you can forecast expenses, too.

Breezeway inventory tracking dashboard

Breezeway’s supply tracking dashboard allows you to automate counts, easily see when you’re low, and forecast expenses.

4. Automated guest messaging & unified inbox

One of the biggest time sinks for any STR property manager is guest messaging, which Breezeway addresses by using data from your PMS to populate message templates with guest names, reservation details, and property specifics. 

This lets you send messages in bulk and have a bank of auto-personalized templates at the ready, including, for example, arrival instructions, welcome messages, in-stay messages to check all is well, and check-out reminders.

Also, Breezeway’s ‘gap night messaging’ feature automates messages to offer a discounted extra night to guests when you have availability in the calendar.

All your messages go to your manager’s dashboard, so it’s easy to keep up with incoming requests and inquiries, and when issues arise, you can create new maintenance work orders directly from your message view—so it’s fast and easy to manage task assignment on the fly, too.

Breezeway guest messaging

Breezeway provides auto-personalized templates, automates gap-night offers to drive revenue, consolidates your messaging into a single view, and streamlines task assignment.

5. Digital guidebook

Modern guests want independence throughout their stay, which means you need to anticipate their concerns and preemptively provide all the information they need to have a fantastic guest experience.

With Breezeway’s Guide, the platform’s fast-to-create digital welcome book, you can share essential information like:

  • Arrival instructions, including directions and parking information
  • Access details, including automated smart lock codes
  • House rules, WiFi passwords, and instructions on how to use appliances
  • Recommendations on what to do and see
  • Check-out instructions and reminders

Breezeway’s welcome book takes minutes to set up, but it will save you hours of guest messaging by resolving questions and issues before the fact. 

Breezeway’s guidebook providing access and WiFi information to save time

Breezeway Guide saves you from having to answer repetitive guest questions.

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ResortCleaning maintenance and cleaning ops: Top 5 features

ResortCleaning’s dashboard

ResortCleaning’s dashboard gives you a view of unit status across your portfolio.

ResortCleaning connects with your PMS to provide automated solutions for property management and housekeeping via mobile and browser apps. Here are its top features.

1. Automated task scheduling

ResortCleaning uses data from your PMS to automate cleaning schedules, which you can oversee and manage from the mobile or desktop application. As with Breezeway, you can see live status reports on your units via a color-coordinated dashboard view.

2. Inspection checklists, notes, and photos

You can use ResportCleaning to create checklists for your housekeeping inspections, with representative photos so cleaners can see the standards you wish to set, and notes for each unit to provide helpful information to your team.

3. Service provider network

The housekeeping platform includes an extensive network of service providers so you can find cleaning professionals in your local area. And, as part of its team management solution, ResortCleaning lets you grade housekeepers and set productivity expectations.

4. Service provider invoice management

The software includes a streamlined solution to invoice management, allowing you quick access to all your historical invoicing information within the platform, as well as integrated payroll tools to simplify how you pay staff.

5. Inventory management

Resort cleaning also has an inventory management solution, so you can track supplies and run billable reports detailing the inventory of each unit.

Breezeway vs ResortCleaning: Features Comparison

While both Breezeway and ResortCleaning support efficient operations for vacation rental managers, ResortCleaning is more limited by only focusing on housekeeping solutions, with a service provider network and invoicing and payroll tools. 

Meanwhile, offers both a comprehensive platform for housekeeping and a broader range of operations management and guest experience solutions. These include fully automated turnover scheduling, quality control features like advanced digital checklists, guest messaging, customizable digital guides, and smart inventory management.

Also, Breezeway is a highly user-friendly solution that’s built for scalability. So, you can grow your portfolio without increasing your workload in terms of task assignment, team coordination, guest communication, or tracking supplies.

“Breezeway is an amazing way for us to stay organized and to be as efficient as possible. Instead of just managing a cleaning crew, we can manage our cleaning crew, maintenance crew, inspectors, and inventory. It’s the best way to stay organized and efficient.”
- David Fornelli, PM & Host, Nopali Properties

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