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Terms and Conditions apply. We appreciate your referrals and want to make it easy for you to share Breezeway and be rewarded. Referral rewards will be sent via Visa gift cards within four weeks of submission. Referrals must be done through this form, must be managers that our team is not already engaged with, and join Breezeway within 90 days of your introduction.




You work with so many property managers and hosts who would benefit from Breezeway, and we'll send the love back to you with $250!


You know first-hand the value that Breezeway brings, share that value with your friends in the industry!


Connect your clients with Breezeway and receive a commission when your referral signs up!

About our Referral Program

Many of us at Breezeway have been in the vacation rental business for more than a decade, and have a deep connection with the industry. We believe that managing rental property cleanliness, safety, and quality will determine the success of vacation rentals in this new travel climate, and the extent to which the industry continues to gain market share. The more managers that leverage comprehensive property care programs, the better we can build confidence in our industry with guests, owners, and communities.
That's why we've launched this referral program. Simply nominate an industry peer that you believe would benefit from Breezeway, and we'll send the love back to you with up to $250, and free implementation for them.