Leverage property data for predictive asset management

With everything else going on, it's hard for managers to make sense of data and drive more predictive asset management. Breezeway helps you drive insights from property details and task history so you can increase the quality, safety, and cleanliness of each property and deliver a better experience for guests and owners.

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Property Details-1

Capture and update property profiles to store all the information you need

Data is at the very core of Breezeway's platform. Our dashboard captures information from integrations (PMS systems and IoT devices) and completed inspections to help you create robust profiles for every property. Easily store, access and share details on room layout, appliances, and WiFi codes with guests and select members of your team. 

Element Detail

Track element profiles to predict appliance lifespans and proactively upgrade assets

Emergency repairs cause headaches, guest complaints, refunds, and sometimes even weeks in forgone revenue. Our tools help you track the age of each element across your properties, which helps prevent sudden malfunctions and equips you with data to convince your owners to upgrade their assets.

Repeating Tasks-2

Schedule recurring tasks for better preventative maintenance

Property managers are always putting out fires, so it can be challenging to proactively manage assets. Our tools let you schedule maintenance on things like pools, hot-tubs, grills and chimneys on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, so you'll extend the lifespan of your owners' property.

Manage Supplies-2

Manage supply tracking to ensure every property is fully-stocked

From changing filters and light bulbs to a number of small repairs, it's difficult to document and track the supply needs for each property. Our supplies and cost tracking feature solves this challenge, and helps you reduce guest requests for extra linens, utensils, etc.


Leverage task history to quickly diagnose & resolve issues

With Breezeway, data on property details, appliance make/model/serial numbers, time & rates per task, maintenance history, and staff location is right at your fingertips. We help you make sense of your data to quickly diagnose maintenance and service issues, reduce repair time and associated labor costs, and drive a better client experience. 

Features for proactive asset management

Recurring Tasks

Schedule tasks to repeat so you'll stay on top of preventative maintenance.

Supply Tracking

Track item inventory and replacements to ensure every property is fully-stocked.

Maintenance History

Access maintenance history from your fingertips to easily diagnose and solve issues.

Property Profiles

Build property profiles and access details like property type, location, room count, etc.

Appliance Management

Surface and share appliance age, make, model and serial numbers with your team. 

Customized Inspections

Customize checklists with requirements for photo uploads, star ratings, and more.

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