Asset Maintenance and Detailed Owner Reporting

Owners are currently aware of only ~20% of the work performed at their properties. Breezeway's preventative maintenance and owner reporting programs help managers build trust with their clients, so they can increase owner retention and boost referral business.

Owner Arrival Workflow

Implement Customized Property Care Programs for Owner Stays.

When your homeowner is scheduled to stay at his or her property, it's imperative that no stone is left unturned. Our customized workflows ensure your team aligns the property in accordance with every picky owner preference (like hanging that off-brand painting that's usually kept in the basement)! 

Recurring Tasks

Schedule Recurring Tasks for Better Preventative Maintenance.

With everything else going on, it's hard for managers to proactively protect equipment and appliances from depreciating over time. Our tools let you schedule maintenance on things like pools, hot-tubs, grills and chimneys on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, so you'll extend the lifespan of your owners' property.

Peace of Mind Inspection

Export Tasks to Proactively Share All Your Work with Owners. 

Communicating the details of your services is the foundation for building more trust with owners (especially for absent owners who live hours away from the property). Our smart tech lets you easily capture and share every touch point with the property, through unique links or PDF reports.

Manage Supplies

Manage Supplies and Cost Tracking for Accurate Owner Billing.

From changing filters and light bulbs to a number of small repairs, it's difficult to document all of your billable work. Our supplies and cost tracking feature solves this challenge, and helps you get reimbursed for every replaced item. You'll eliminate your shoe-box of receipts, and those awkward conversations with owners.

Dishwasher history

Leverage Rich Property and Element Details for Robust Asset Maintenance.

Data is at the very core Breezeway's platform and mobile apps. By surfacing things like appliance make/model/serial numbers, issue history, managers can quickly diagnose issues, prevent emergency repairs, extend appliance lifespan, and drive more predictive property management. 

Owner Report (HOW IT WORKS)

Share End of Season Property Reviews with Homeowers.

End of season owner reports is part of the recipe to retain owners and boost word-of-mouth referrals. It's powerful to remind clients of the detailed attention devoted to their property, and further justify your management fee. Our owner reports equip you with all you need to showcase the full value of your work. 

Functionality for Better Owner Retention

Owner Workflows 

Programs specifically designed for when your homeowners stay at his or her property.

Recurring Tasks

Schedule tasks to repeat so you'll stay on top of preventative maintenance.

Detailed Activity Reports

Generate shareable links and PDF reports to share your work with homeowners.

Property Details

Track historical task activity, and appliance serial numbers for more robust asset management.

Supply Tracking

Track item replacement and associated costs to recapture all of your billable work. 

CSV Upload and Download

Easily download and upload CSV files to export and share data with your clients.

Build More Trust with Your Owners.