Top 5 Operto Teams Alternatives for STR Management

Lizzie Griffin
Lizzie Griffin

November 23, 2023

Operto Teams is a powerful tool with advanced features for automated scheduling. But you may be looking for a more intuitive solution for your management team and housekeeping staff, or looking to consolidate multiple solutions into one dashboard.

Growing a short-term rental (STR) business requires more than just automation capability for smooth team operations—you need accessibility and immediacy, too. Especially as your team scales, whether with more cleaners, vendors, or property managers, your software solutions need to be easy to explain and understand.

At the same time, you can’t sacrifice on functionality—you need automated scheduling with customizable rules, digital checklists for remote inspections, inventory tracking, and a welcome book that minimizes guest questions.

In this article, we look at Breezeway’s STR operations management solution, which covers all these areas and more. We also look at other Operto Teams alternatives, so you can make an informed choice about which platform is best for your business.

Minimize your manual tasks and maximize business efficiency
Breezeway’s STR operations management solutions are robust and easy to use.

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Operto Teams

Operto Teams calendar view

Operto Teams vacation rental software includes advanced rules for auto-scheduling and a drag-and-drop calendar.

Operto Teams, originally VRScheduler, forms part of Operto’s family of products for short-term rental and hotel management. The housekeeping and maintenance software includes complex rules capability for automating cleaning schedules and tracking task status, and, as with Breezeway, comes with an app for housekeeping staff.

Here are some of the main solutions that Operto Teams offers:

  • Automated scheduling
  • Cleaning checklists
  • Progress and issue tracking
  • Laundry and linen forecasting
  • Payroll reports

If you’re looking for an alternative, maybe because you need software that’s easier for your team to use or because you want to see all your operations management solutions on one dashboard, we explore five platforms below.

Operto Teams alternatives for vacation rental managers

Efficient operations management is essential to a healthy short-term rental business. The first of the five Operto teams alternatives here is Breezeway, which has multiple advanced features and integrations but is still intuitively simple to use.

1. Breezeway: Best operations management and digital checklists

Breezeway property schedule

Breezeway automates schedules and communicates them with cleaners, so your calendar always reflects your latest booking information. 

Breezeway is the industry-leading short-term rental operations management solution.  The platform connects with your property management system (PMS) and/or booking channels, like official partner Airbnb, to automate your cleaning schedules, auto-populate guest messages, and streamline all your processes and workflows.

Even with the platform’s extensive functionality, including task management, supplies tracking, and smart guest messaging, it’s completely intuitive—so onboarding is fast and housekeepers can easily use the app when they’re out on a job.

Aside from its accessibility, one of Breezeway’s most popular features is its customizable checklists, which make it simple to share your requirements for each unit with cleaners and run remote inspections. Another helpful feature is Breezeway’s consolidation of digital guide, guest messaging, and team coordination, which gives guests and managers an all-in-one solution to deal with maintenance solutions as they arise.
Breezeway’s guest and team management inbox

Breezeway’s fully streamlined workflow for maintenance tasks is unique in STR operations management.

"My employees love Breezeway. It's easy to use and reduces unnecessary back and forth. Things don't slip through the cracks."
-Jackeline Wilson, President and CEO, Biloxi Beach Resort Rentals


Take a look at some of Breezeway’s top features

Here’s a selection of features vacation rental property managers use on a daily basis to reduce their workload and minimize their staff-to-unit ratio.

  • Automated scheduling

Breezeway syncs with your booking software to assign tasks to cleaners based on your latest check-in and check-out data. You can customize your scheduling rules for each unit, stay type, and guest type.

Create checklists for each unit with reference photos for your cleaners. The software automates special checklists and guidelines for owner stays. Then, cleaners can upload pictures of completed tasks for you to review.

Monitor supplies and see where you’re running low to streamline your ops and minimize costs. You’ll also be able to quickly track billables so you’re not left out of pocket.

  • Linen packing reports

Make it easy for your team to prepare for each turnover, so cleaners can pick up what they need, when they need it.

  • GPS team tracking

Our property management software gives you a clear view of your team so, if you have your own cleaners, you can immediately see in your dashboard where they are and what they’re working on.

  • Automated notifications to monitor live issues and unit status

A last-minute issue can cause panic, so receive a notification any time an issue is reported so you can ensure that it’s immediately addressed.

  • Smart guest messaging with shortcodes for auto-personalized message template

Make light work of guest messaging with pre-built templates that are automatically populated with stay-specific details like the guest’s name, property information, and check-in times.

Enhance the guest experience with a natively integrated guide that provides all the information guests need—including automatically shared access credentials and WiFi passwords—and cuts down on their questions.

  • Automated gap night messaging

With Breezeway’s PMS and OTA integrations, you can automate ‘orphan night’ offers to help fill gaps in your booking calendar.

  • A central management dashboard and mobile app

Breezeway is built to be easy to use for managers and staff in the field. You’ll have clear visibility across your entire portfolio as you keep cleaners and service providers in the loop.

  • Integrations with +40 PMSs, and an official Airbnb partnership
  • Breezeway Assist: 24/7 hospitality provided by trained agents so you can be fully scalable and safely go off the grid whenever you need

“Now, all of our teams know what’s going on across our portfolio without having to physically go into each property every day. Cleaners can report when they find issues while doing a turnover, and it goes directly to our maintenance supervisor to create the work order.” 
-Nikolai Kronk, Operations Leader, JZ Vacation Rentals

Intuitive all-in-one operations management. 
Thorough onboarding and responsive support.
A scalable solution for a growing portfolio.
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2. TurnoTurno calendar view

Turno helps connect hosts with local cleaners.

Formerly TurnoverBnB, Turno specializes in providing vacation rental hosts with a cleaner marketplace, so you can easily connect with professional housekeepers in your local area. The platform includes scheduling automation and digital checklists, which, though not as powerful as Breezeway’s or Operto’s solutions, are user-friendly for managers. Turno also includes apps for cleaners and has automated payment processing.

User reviews tend to speak highly of Turno, appreciating the software’s ease of use and cleaner marketplace solutions. On the other hand, some hosts report minor glitches in the system or that they’ll need an alternative solution as they grow their portfolio.

Top features

  • Cleaner marketplace

You can use Turno to search for cleaners or select from bids for your available tasks.

  • Auto scheduling

Hosts can sync task assignments with the corresponding booking information from major OTAs like Airbnb,, Trip Advisor, and Vrbo.

  • Automated payments

Turno’s Stripe integration makes it easy to track invoices and complete secure transactions.

  • Digital checklists

Turno’s checklists include reference photos and photo uploads by cleaners of their completed work.

  • Inventory management

By customizing thresholds for your supplies, you’ll be notified when items are running low.

  • Mobile app

The app centralizes your team communications and includes attachments.

3. EZcareEZcare calendar view

EZcare gives you a simple view of scheduled work and unit status across your portfolio.

EZcare has a broad range of features for STR property management, including drag-and-drop assignments in the scheduling calendar, inventory management with QR code scanning to track missing items, linen packing reports with a touchscreen-capable checklist, optimized work order management, and an owner’s portal to approve repairs.

The solution also comes with messaging tools to facilitate communication with both your team and your guests—this feature includes automated messaging and work order creation directly from guest messages. 

Top features

  • Customized digital checklists

You can choose checklist templates from the in-platform library or create your own from scratch.

  • Streamlined issue reporting and management

EZcare lets you schedule maintenance tasks and create urgent tasks as issues arise based on team and guest reporting.

  • Linen packing reports (EZ Linen™)

Linen and amenity packing reports are automatically generated as part of a streamlined cleaning workflow.

  • Inventory and supply tracking (EZ inventory™)

The software allows you to import inventory catalogs and create inventory lists, with customized thresholds for automated alerts when you’re low.

  • Owner portals and reporting

You can create a space for owners where they can see tasks and booking information, approve work, and add their own notes.

Inventory and supply tracking (EZ inventory™)

4. ResortCleaning
ResortCleaning calendar view

ResortCleaning includes a cleaner network where you can rate housekeepers.

ResortCleaning is designed for hotels, STR property management teams, and housekeeping businesses. The software connects with your PMS to automatically generate schedules, and the platform includes business solutions like inventory and invoice management. 

The solution also comes with a service provider network that can help you find a housekeeper or maintenance provider if you don’t have an in-house team. Plus, ResortCleaning offers operations consulting if you’re looking to scale but aren’t sure where to start. 

Top features

  • Task scheduling

ResortCleaning integrates with your PMS to automatically schedule turnovers and other cleaning tasks. 

  • Custom checklists

You can create a generic checklist across all your properties or customize checklists for each of your units.

  • Inventory management

Make sure your housekeepers are never caught without the cleaning supplies they need.

  • Invoice tracker

Centralize invoices from all your service providers so nothing slips through the cracks. 

  • Mobile app

Keep your cleaning staff in the loop when they’re out on a job. 

5. BeHome247
BeHome247 portfolio view

BeHome247 lets you manage smart home devices from a single dashboard.

BeHome247 is designed for short and long-term rentals. The platform doesn’t have fully automated scheduling like Breezeway or Operto Teams, but it connects with your smart tools to simplify team and guest management with automated messages based on check-in and check-out times, including smart lock codes, cleaning checklists, and work orders.

You can also use the platform to provide a streamlined guest experience with solutions like the digital concierge, and automated gap-night messages. As well as this, you can remotely manage access, with temporary access codes for vendors and emergency responders, and door code resets.

Top features

  • Housekeeping automations

Use automations and workflows to simplify your housekeeping management and get more time back in the day. 

  • Customizable workflows for work orders

Submit, store, manage, and pay work orders on a centralized platform.

  • Task management solutions

A centralized dashboard gives you visibility over all your outstanding and upcoming tasks. 

  • Mobile app for guest comms

Communicate with all your guests in one place with a unified inbox. 

  • Integrations with smart home tech

Connect the platform with your smart lock, noise monitoring device, and other smart home devices. 

Prioritize user experience without compromising on functionality

If One of the most exciting aspects of STR property management is the potential for growth. Yet, at the same time, this is also one of the biggest challenges for any business—scaling operations in an efficient and sustainable way.

As your portfolio grows, your need for frictionless solutions intensifies—that includes user-friendly dashboards and apps, a simple way to set up checklists for new units, and easy work order generation. 

But this can’t come at the expense of functionality—you need a complete solution, from guest experience features like smart messaging and digital guides to advanced auto-scheduling and inventory management.

This is why we’re so confident Breezeway should be your first choice if you wish to reduce your workload as you grow your business—so you can enhance not only the guest experience, but the homeowner and host experience, too.

Minimize your manual tasks and maximize business efficiency
Breezeway’s STR operations management solutions are robust and easy to use.

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