Breezeway VS Operto Teams: An In-Depth Comparison for Vacation Rental Operators

Lizzie Griffin
Lizzie Griffin

July 19, 2022

You’re probably here because you need a better way to run your vacation rental operations. Maintenance tasks slipping through the cracks, inconsistent quality on turnovers, or a missed clean may have been the final straw to convince you that you need to find a reliable operations management solution.

Whether you’ve been trying to run all your operations manually up until this point or have been using an alternative tool that falls short, both Breezeway and Operto Teams (formerly known as VRScheduler) are comprehensive operations management platforms that can help you be more efficient, provide better stays, and scale your business.

This article walks you through a features comparison of the two platforms, looks at their limitations, and explains why so many vacation rental managers choose Breezeway.

The only operations management software you’ll ever need
Automated task scheduling, customizable cleaning checklists, and streamlined guest messaging are just a few of the features that make Breezeway the market’s most comprehensive solution. 
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Breezeway vs Operto Teams: Features comparison

Breezway and Operto have a number of features in common, like task scheduling and cleaning checklists. To begin, though, here’s an overview of all the products each platform offers.

Operto has the following products: Connect, Tech, Guest, Teams, and Boost. For this article, we’ll be talking about Teams, which is Operto’s operations management platform.

Breezeway has three products: Its Ops Platform, SMS Messaging, Guide, and Assist. You also have the option to sign up for a bundled platform that comes with Ops and SMS messaging. 

Breezeway’s comprehensive short-term rental operations management software includes features like:

  • Automated scheduling
  • Real-time issue notifications
  • Cleaning checklists
  • Inventory and supply tracking
  • A central management dashboard
  • GPS tracking to monitor the status of your team
  • Guest communication tools like messaging and welcome books
  • Integrations with +40 technology partners including leading Property Management Systems
  • Smart tech to maximize gap night revenue
  • Responsive customer support


Breezeway feature #1: Automated scheduling

Forget the time-consuming scheduling Tetris that currently eats up your day. Breezeway connects to over 35 property management software (PMS) solutions, as well as various online booking platforms (we’re an official Airbnb partner) to sync your reservation data with your booking calendar and automatically schedule tasks

The tool lets you set rules for each reservation, guest type, property attribute, and length of stay, meaning all your turnovers get scheduled and assigned to a cleaner automatically and accurately. Plus, tasks and notifications automatically update if a reservation is modified, keeping your staff in the know.

Breezeway automated task scheduling feature

By connecting to your PMS and booking platforms, Breezeway automatically generates cleaning and turnover tasks based on reservation data. 

Breezeway feature #2: Cleaning checklists

You’re not going in and cleaning your properties yourself, so how can you be sure all your turnovers meet guest expectations? With Breezway’s quality assurance features, you can verify your cleaners and maintenance staff meet your brand and guest standards, providing a 5-star stay every time.

Breezeway’s vacation rental cleaning software gives you customizable templates to create cleaning checklists for all your properties, so turnovers are always performed to your precise specifications. Your cleaners can access these checklists via the Breezeway mobile app, plus track their time on the job and upload photos of their work for you to inspect.

“It was a need to have inspections because of the high number of same-day reservations (61%). I had to build out systems to protect ourselves, our property, and our cleaners, and the easiest way to do that was with virtual inspections with Breezeway’s tools.”
-David Fornelli of Nopali Properties

Breezeway feature #3: Inventory management

From toilet paper and hand soap to the cleaning products your staff need to do their work, manually tracking inventory across your properties is an imperfect solution. Breezeway’s inventory tracking functionality lets you manage stock to ensure a cleaner never shows up just to find out there’s no carpet cleaner or vacuum filters.

Your staff members simply update stock upon completion of a task, whether that’s a maintenance worker changing a lightbulb or your cleaner using the last of the paper towels. You can activate notifications for low stock alerts, as well as track historical records to see what inventory was used and when, helping you manage your costs and forecast future expenses.

Breezeway inventory tracking dashboard

Ensure a cleaner never arrives at a property just to find out there’s no Windex with Breezeway’s inventory tracking feature. 

Breezeway feature #4: Guest messaging

Our guest messaging tool simplifies guest communication by pulling data from your PMS so you don’t have to manually input guest names, reservation details, and contact information when sending messages. You can view all your guests' messages in a centralized portal, meaning you can easily see which guest questions still need a response.

You can also use templated customizable messages to cut down on the time you spend on guest communication tasks, and assign maintenance tasks directly from a guest message. What’s more, the platform identifies ‘gap night’ opportunities, automating a message to your guest inviting them to lengthen their stay (meaning fewer gaps in your booking calendar).

“Messaging our guests through Breezeway gives them the opportunity to reach out with any issues or questions throughout the stay, and holds our team accountable. Several guests have told us that they love having the option to text us at the office!”
-Kristen Ludwig of Carolina Beach Realty

Breezeway feature #5: Guide

Cutting down on your manual tasks can also benefit your guests. Guide, Breezeway’s digital welcome book, gives your guests all the information they need about your property and how to make the most of their stay. With Guide, guests can access arrival information, house rules, and local recommendations in a convenient mobile-first digital welcome book.

What does that mean for you? First off, fewer guest questions throughout your day, freeing up your time to focus on growing and improving your business. Plus, providing this resource to your guests shows that you’re a thoughtful and proactive host and makes their stay more comfortable and enjoyable (leading to more 5-star reviews).

Breezeway Guide showing three screens

Breezeway Guide not only helps you provide guests with a smoother stay, but it also means fewer questions about where to park or how to connect to the WiFi. 


Constantly switching between tabs should be a thing of the past 
With features to help you optimize operations and enhance the guest experience, Breezeway is the all-in-one solution for managing your short-term rental business. 
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Operto Teams feature #1: Automated scheduling

Any good housekeeping software for vacation rentals should come with automated task scheduling, as both Operto Teams and Breezeway do. Operto pulls reservation information from your PMS to automatically schedule turnover tasks, factoring in cleaner availability and optimum routes. 

blog #6 image 4

Operto’s Master Calendar lets you view your automated cleaning schedules for all your properties in one place.  

Operto Teams feature #2: Cleaning checklists

Like Breezeway, Operto Teams comes with customizable checklists that give your housekeepers clear instructions for cleaning, staging, and restocking. That way, you can ensure quality and consistency across your properties and rest assured that guests will arrive at a property that meets their expectations. 

Operto Teams feature #3: Progress and issue tracking

Operto Teams sends you instant notifications to keep you up to date on your cleaning and maintenance task progress. That way, you can easily reallocate resources and manually reorganize your schedule if an urgent task arises. Plus, this gives you end-to-end visibility over maintenance issues, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. 

Operto Teams feature #4: Laundry and linen forecasting

Property managers and hosts often overlook the challenges that laundry and linens present, but Operto Teams is a step ahead. By helping you forecast your laundry requirements, Operto ensures your team is never caught without clean towels or sheets. Plus, the tool lets you provide clear instructions for staff for which linens need to go where and when.

Operto Teams feature #5: Payroll reports

Whether you work with an in-house team or cleaners from a third-party service provider, you need a centralized way to manage payroll—one that connects with the rest of your operations. Operto’s payroll reports make it easy to pay cleaners for time worked and keep track of expenses, plus the feature simplifies the process of billing owners for completed work.

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Breezeway vs Operto Teams: Limitations of each

Finding the right tool is key to effectively automating your Airbnb business or short-term rental property management company. Use the following information to help you determine which platform suits your needs best.

Breezeway limitation: Doesn’t have a cleaner marketplace

Like Operto, Breezeway doesn’t help you source cleaners for your turnovers.

However, you can use Breezeway to manage and streamline your cleaning operations, whether you work with your own team of housekeepers or outsource your turnovers to an external cleaning company. 

Operto Teams limitation: Not as user-friendly as Breezeway

While Operto Teams has some similar features to Breezeway, some users find that the manager dashboard and mobile app aren’t as intuitively simple to use as Breezeway’s.

Below, we look at some feedback from Breezeway customers on the user-friendliness of the software.

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Breezeway vs Operto Teams: Limitations of each

Multiple user reviews point to ease of use as a big reason for choosing Breezeway. “The overall ease of use is fantastic,” says David J F., Head of Marketing and Short Term Rental Operations. “I love that I can quickly view which cleaners and inspectors I have scheduled, make any changes on the fly, and the fact that everything is automated!”

“Breezeway has become just as important to us as our property management system. From communicating with guests, to handling the operations between our two locations, Breezeway is where it’s at for us. Our staff also heavily relies on Breezeway and the workflows that make their jobs easier.”
-Elaine Stitcher of Seaside Vacations

Not only is Breezeway intuitive, but it also consolidates all your key vacation rental management operations into one platform. One user calls Breezeway their “central control for all things housekeeping, maintenance, and inspections,” with another stating that the software is “extremely robust, if you only utilize one or two features you will still be getting your money's worth.”

Top this off with an “amazing customer service team,” and it’s no surprise Breezeway is the industry leader in short-term rental operations management software. 

The only operations management software you’ll ever need
Automated task scheduling, customizable cleaning checklists, and streamlined guest messaging are just a few of the features that make Breezeway the market’s most comprehensive solution. 
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The only operations management software you’ll ever need
Automated task scheduling, customizable cleaning checklists, and streamlined guest messaging are just a few of the features that make Breezeway the market’s most comprehensive solution. 

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