How To Make Property Care Data Work For You

Lizzie Griffin
Lizzie Griffin

July 18, 2022

It has never been more important to be able to record and track data from your property care programs. Leading operators are working smarter, not harder, to improve efficiencies in their operations through data analytics, and in turn, are boosting guest experiences. Many proptech tools have the ability to pull and display data, but being able to make sense of it and use it to your advantage is essential to leveling up your business strategy. Breezeway has reviewed use cases from thousands of clients to gather and showcase the type of data we have found to be most beneficial to hospitality operators:

1. Operational Task Data

Your housekeeping and maintenance teams are one of the most essential pieces to keeping your operation running smoothly and accomplishing tasks efficiently. Help them operate at top capacity by leveraging information on staff availability, location, and historical task times to better schedule work and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Equipping teams with mobile checklists with property and amenity data makes it easy for field staff to prepare for each unique property and perform higher quality property care. Surfacing this data from property profiles and maintenance records also helps teams to quickly diagnose service issues and reduce repair time. 

 See how Paso Robles harnessed property data to eliminate 30 hours of manual work per week and saved $37K. 

2. Supplies & Inventory Tracking

In addition to your field staff, the supplies they use and the amenities they help stock properties with are essential to your overall operation and can be monitored to increase efficiency. Use data to track inventory and supply levels, as well as associated billing costs, so that you never run out or find yourself incurring unnecessary costs. On average, managers spend $17 per reservation on guest essentials, like paper products, shampoo, trash bags, etc. These analyses not only help you manage costs, but also help showcase your detailed work to owners.

3. Guest Communication Preferences

Property care data can also help power guest communication before, during, and after the stay. Before guests arrive, asking for their preferred contact method can help provide a more personalized service and ensure messages are well-received. Aggregating this data can also ensure your team is investing in the right communication channels. During the stay, 18% of professionally managed vacation rental homes operate with keyless entry or smart locks. Integrating these tools with your operations and messaging platforms can allow you to trigger guest alerts, like automatic check-in/check-out instructions, and updates on service and concierge requests. Even after the stay, through automated gap-night messaging, 8% of guests are accepting offers from managers/hosts to extend their reservation for additional nights, driving additional revenue

Curious how Breezeway users further aggregate data? Check out our property care by the numbers interactive infographic!