Elevating Guest Experiences with Custom Stay Messaging

Ashtyn Zussy
Ashtyn Zussy

June 30, 2022

Creating custom quality experiences comes with a need for a modern tech stack that diversifies your business communications. Breezeway's newest solution within its property operations tool, Custom Stay Messaging, automatically relays personalized property specific communications to guests while saving operators time and boosting service revenue. To explore the foundation of this new launch, we sat down with Jen Brooks, Product Designer, to hear key insights on how this new feature can truly elevate the guest experience.


What led Breezeway to add custom stay messaging as a feature within our messaging solution?

Jen Brooks: Our product team has received a ton of feedback through our productboard to provide guests with more personalized communications. Not only do our customers want more than the default auto messages they currently utilize, but they also want to target specific groups of guests and properties. Now, operators are strategically incorporating personalized information in their auto messages to aid in providing an exceptional experience to their guests.

 How is our custom stay messaging tool saving property managers time and impacting overall business operations?

Jen Brooks: This new feature is saving property managers time by giving them the flexibility to send property specific information to guests. They can set up as many auto messages as they need to so they are no longer limited to only using the auto messages. 

With the difference it can make on the technical side, how do you see custom stay messaging then impacting the guest experience?

Jen Brooks: Guests can expect to receive communication that is uniquely targeted and personalized to their stay. Custom stay messaging opens up more opportunities for guests to receive important information at the appropriate time. 

How have you seen this tool already help professional managers differentiate themselves and their business?

Jen Brooks: Yes! Being able to create custom groups and messages that only go to selected individuals can help professional managers have more well rounded automation. They can get the information out to their guests without needing to manually send more information based on the length of their stay, their location, their group size, etc. 


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