The Benefits of Texting Your Vacation Rental Guests

Devyn LaCamera
Devyn LaCamera

June 28, 2021

The most personal, detailed, and automatic way to differentiate your business is by supporting your operations with great guest communication. Tying a service request directly to a work order, or prompting early check-in when properties are ready, can enhance your guest’s experience and in turn, elevate your brand.

One Text Can Increase Reviews and Bookings

The ability to send customized guest messages can have a big impact on your bottom line. This simple addition to your communication strategy only informs clients of valuable property updates, but can benefit your business by driving positive reviews and return bookings. River Ridge Rentals utilized this approach by automatically texting each guest two days after departure with a link to their Google Reviews. The Result? More repeat bookings and more owners interested in their management services.

Proactive Communication Extends the Guest Experience

The guest experience is not bounded by time at a property, but extends from booking through the time they arrive back home. Proactively communicating with guests builds trust and rapport while creating various brand touches for your business. Offer guests early check in or stay extensions as they become available, or check in with your guests prior to their arrival with weather updates or local attractions.

Offering Mid-Stay Services Can Increase Revenue

With the modern traveler expecting hotel-like amenities in their vacation rental experience, professional operators are starting to offer additional services like mid-stay cleans, outings, and other experiential ad-ons. These offerings not only boost t the guest experience, but often increase revenue to the overall stay. Communicating these services via SMS allows for quick delivery, easy response, and record of the transaction.

Programmatic Messaging = Operational Efficiency

While texting creates a forward-facing and interaction with your guests, it can also drive efficiencies seen in your back-of-house operations. With Breezeway SMS texting, check-out texts can prompt your cleaning staff to get a head start at the property, and standard back-and-forth communication can generate a task or work order for your team to act on. Powering your operations with purposeful client communication helps create seamless interactions for an elevated guest experience.


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