A Guide to Communicating Guest Services 

The vacation rental market is more competitive than ever before. There’s new management in each market, and profit margins are lower. With an abundance of supply and increased expectations for personalized service, there’s a premium to differentiating your brand and delivering more value to guests. Those professionals that offer creative amenities and services will embrace their new ‘hospitality provider’ identity, and capitalize on growth opportunities.

We distilled thousands of messages from professional vacation rental operators that use our predictive operations and messaging technology to communicate and deliver more service to their clients. For example, some professionals are identifying short gaps between reservations (that typically remain vacant), and offering both departing and arriving guests the ability to lengthen their stay. This drives more value for their guests and additional revenue for their bottom line.

You can customize these templates to bolster your existing guest services programs, and start offering stay extensions, mid-stay cleans, and early check-in. You’ll start treating your guests like true VIPs, generating more positive reviews, referrals, and repeat stays.

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