A Guide to Guest Communication 

In prior years, vacation rental managers have taken a reactionary approach to in-stay communication: leave the guest alone, and be ready to respond when needed. Today, this is no longer the case. The trend for proactive engagement throughout the stay has accelerated in 2020, becoming a basic expectation for many guests.

In fact, 74% of professional managers plan on communicating with renters before, during and after each stay. Proactive outreach not only demonstrates a level of professionalism, it also helps get in front of potential issues, and improve the in-stay experience.

We reviewed thousands of messages from professional vacation rental operators that use our guest messaging product to formulate the following templates. We encourage you to customize these templates to fit your brand, voice, and protocols, and deploy them as part of your guest communication strategy. Doing so will simplify your operational processes and help you deliver best-in-class guest service. 

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