A Guide to Proactive Asset Management

Emily Hancock
Emily Hancock

June 3, 2021

Historically, short-term rental managers have taken a reactive approach to property maintenance — making repairs only when items are reported instead of preventing maintenance issues in the first place. But as the scope of work continues to increase with higher client expectations, operators have started more proactively managing assets to deliver higher quality rentals and memorable guest experiences. Based on a review of thousands of preventative maintenance checklists from leading managers on Breezeway’s platform, we’ve compiled this guide for proactive asset management.

Property Interior

  • Schedule recurring pest control treatment
  • Ensure all lights are functioning correctly 
    • Check that there are spare bulbs at the property 
  • Ensure all windows open and close easily
    • Check that there are screens in every window 
    • Verify the condition of the screens 
    • Make sure all windows lock
  • Check the temperature of the hot water heater 
    • Take a photo of the thermometer 
    • Check for leaks 
  • Check that the thermostat is working
    • Take a photo of the temperature 
    • Note when the batteries were last replaced
  • Confirm that the A/C is working
    • Clean/replace the filter if necessary 
  • Confirm the furnace is working
  • Report any necessary paint touch-ups 
  • Check for signs of water damage in ceiling 
  • Confirm sump pump is functioning correctly 
  • Replace the batteries and test the following:
    • Smoke detectors 
    • Carbon monoxide detectors
    • Is the device hardwired?
      • Confirm that a test has been run in the last month
      • Confirm device has been replaced in the last 10 years
  • Ensure the gauge on the fire extinguisher shows adequate pressure
    • Check that the fire extinguisher is less than 12 years old (if not, replace)
  • Confirm all sinks are draining correctly 
    • Check for leaks
    • Check the temperature of the water
    • Inspect for caulking deterioration 
  • Ensure all toilets flush without issue 
  • Confirm the kitchen appliances are functioning correctly 
    • Check for water build-up and leaks 
    • Do the handles easily open without issue?
  • Test garbage disposal 
  • Inspect shower and tub for caulking deterioration 
    • Ensure the tub drains without issue 
  • Check that the dryer vents are clean 

Property Exterior 

  • Verify that the septic system has been inspected
    • Pump if necessary 
  • Ensure all lights are functioning correctly 
    • Check that there are spare bulbs at the property 
  • What is the condition of the siding?
  • Is the front door in good condition?
    • Complete paint touch-ups where necessary 
    • Check for any rot
    • Is the smart lock in good condition?
  • Inspect the foundation for any damage 
  • Inspect the driveway for cracks or potholes 
  • Confirm the garage door is functioning correctly 
  • Check the roof for damage
    • Are there any loose/missing shingles?
    • Check the gutters for debris/leaves/nests
  • Inspect the deck
    • Check for any cracked wood or missing/loose nails and boards
    • Does it need to be pressure washed?
    • Test that railings are secure and not wobbly 
  • Turn sprinklers on
    • Check for clogs /weak water pressure
    • Replace leaky valves as necessary 
    • Check timers 

Access the full preventative maintenance guide here. For more detailed guidance on recurring inspections and preventative maintenance, please contact us.

Do handles easily open without issue?