A Guide to Basic Preventative Maintenance

Emily Hancock
Emily Hancock

January 3, 2022

We created this ‘Minor Maintenance Checklist’ to help your team proactively engage in preventative maintenance so that you can best maintain the quality of your properties.  Inspecting and documenting these deeper property care and maintenance needs makes it easier to meet owner expectations for top-to-bottom asset management, while equipping you with higher quality units and experiences for guests. Created from a synthesis of millions of inspections and maintenance repairs on Breezeway’s property care platform, this checklist can be used between reservations or after the end of busy season to help fortify your asset management programs.


  • Check that the smart lock is functioning correctly
    • Do the batteries need to be replaced?
    • Reset if necessary
  • Confirm there is a back-up key at the property 
  • Test smoke alarms & carbon monoxide detectors 
  • Check to see if the air filter needs to be replaced 
  • Check window and door screens for holes/damage
  • Dial out to confirm the phone is working 
  • Confirm that the WiFi is working
    • Reset if necessary 
  • Tighten any wobbly furniture or fixtures
  • Check the temperature of the hot water heater 
    • Is it between 120-140 degrees?
    • Check for leaks 
  • Ensure pilot light is lit for gas fireplace
    • Light fireplace to test that it is working 
  • Check the flue of the fireplace 
    • Does it open and close correctly?
    • Check for any damage 
  • Ensure thermostats are functioning correctly 
    • Are they set to the correct temperature?


  • Check kitchen vent hood filter 
  • Does the water filter need to be changed?
  • Ensure the garbage disposal is clean 
    • Test that the disposal is working
  • Make sure the dishwasher is clean and fragrance free
    • Check for leaks
  • Sink is draining correctly 
    • Check under sink for leaks 


  • Shower is functioning 
    • Check shower head for mildew build-up
    • Test the water pressure 
    • Ensure the tub drains 
    • Check water temperature 
  • Inspect tile grout and caulking 
  • Make sure toilet is functioning 
    • Is it running?
    • Check for leaks 
  • Sink is draining correctly 
    • Check under sink for leaks 

Living Room

  • Make sure all TVs are working
    • Turn on and set cable to input 
    • Are remote controls functioning?

General Exterior 

  • Gutters are clear and working 
  • Exterior lighting is working
  • Inspect driveway and walkways for any cracks / tripping hazards 
  • Are there any rotting / loose floorboards on the deck?
  • Lean / push against railings 
    • Can they withstand 200 lbs of pressure from any direction?
    • Are railings at least 34 inches high?
  • Is there propane for the grill?
    • Ensure the grill is clean and debris-free

Download the printable checklist here! Feel free to reach out to us directly for more detailed guidance of vacation rental housekeeping, inspections, preventative maintenance, guest messaging, and owner reporting.