Supplementing your Existing Housekeeping Checklists

Emily Hancock
Emily Hancock

September 29, 2021

This peak summer season has been one of the busiest the vacation rental industry has ever seen. Workloads have increased, turns have become tighter, and guest expectations are harder to meet.

In an effort to help managers keep their properties in top-grade shape and get through the busy season smoothly, we’ve put together a list of items that are frequently missed or overlooked in standard turns. Adding just a few more checkpoints to your housekeeping checklist can make the difference for guests, and help keep your properties looking pristine through the end of the season.

Based on a review of thousands of housekeeping checklists on Breezeway's platform, we’ve compiled this list of commonly overlooked items to be used as an addendum to your existing housekeeping checklist.


- Dust all ceiling fans

- Sweep and mop all floors

- Vacuum stairs

    • Empty vacuum

- Wipe down front and back of all doors 

- Inspect walls for scuffs and handprints 

    • Wipe down with wet rag

- Wipe down all blinds 

    • Check windowsills for dust/bugs/debris


- Clean the garbage disposal

    • Ensure the disposal and faucet are turned off
    • Clean the disposal using the following:
      • Six ice cubes
      • One tablespoon of baking soda
      • Three thin lemon slices
      • One teaspoon of bleach
      • Follow with six more ice cubes 
    • Run disposal until grinding stops 
    • Flush with cold water for 30 seconds 

- Wash garbage can with soap and water 

- Clean and disinfect silverware tray 

- Run drain filter from the sink through the dishwasher

- Wipe down hard-to-reach areas of the backsplash

- Make sure the cabinets are clean

    • Wipe down the interior of each cabinet
    • Wipe down the exterior of each cabinet 
    • Wipe down handles and ensure there are no fingerprints 

- Wipe down the top of the refrigerator 

    • Sweep and mop underneath 

Dining Room

- Pull apart table leaves to ensure no food particles have been left behind 

- Clean in crevasses of chairs 

Living Room

- Clean and vacuum under couch cushions 

- Dust entertainment center and electronics 

- Wipe down and disinfect all remotes 

- Wash throw blankets available for guest-use


- Clean lamp bases & shades, fans, and light fixtures 

- Vacuum under each bed

- Wipe down all mirrors and picture frames

- Dust and de-wrinkle bed skirt 


- Wipe down medicine cabinet (inside and out)

- Vacuum and clean the bathroom exhaust fan area

Laundry Room

- Clean out washing machine detergent tray 

- Check top of washer/dryer for detergent spills 

- Sweep/mop behind machines 


- Rinse out trash and recycling receptacles with soap and hot water

- Scrub leftover food particles from barbecue 

- Sweep/power wash patio

Download the complete overlooked items checklist here - and as always, drop us a line with any questions.