Breezeway's 2021 Property Operations Report

The growth of the short-term rental category over the past five years is well documented. This is seen not only with respect to the number of rentable homes and management companies, but also the pain-points and challenges that professional managers now face. The pandemic accelerated the importance of property operations (now a ubiquitous term and distinct category within the business), changing processes and routines for most vacation rental professionals.

Breezeway conducted its 2nd annual ‘Property Care & Operations’ survey to uncover trends and best practices with respect to these areas. We surveyed over 300 professional managers around client expectations and traveler behavior, property operations and processes, quality assurance and safety compliance, client communication, and software tools and technologies. This report aims to provide a reflection of the current state of vacation rental operations, and strengthen the dialogue on how short-term rental operators can navigate the demands of travelers and owners, and capitalize on the growth opportunities that lie ahead.

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