Breezeway Product Updates

Brittney Bergevin
Brittney Bergevin

December 22, 2023


As we bid farewell to 2023, let's recap the fantastic strides Breezeway has taken in the past three months. From productivity boosts to enriching guest experiences, here's a snapshot of our year-end progress!!

New Products 

Messaging Insights  πŸ’¬  Explore detailed statistics and dashboards with our innovative messaging insights module, providing in-depth analysis of your messaging program's performance and trends.


Assist Insights  πŸ“Š  Tailored for Assist clients, this comprehensive dashboard tracks inbound and outbound message and call volumes and offers high-level charts and metrics on Assist response time and task escalation ratios.

New Features and Updates

Service Partner Task Exports βœ… Empowering Admins and Supervisors, this feature facilitates seamless task exports to Summary, Costs, Payroll, and Custom reports in the web app. Access-level permissions ensure secure data handling.

Property Elements on the Go 🏌️Administrators and Supervisor users can now add and remove photos and documents for property elements directly in Breezeway's mobile app.


Translate multiple requirements with one click  β†—️ Translate requirements for entire rooms and elements with one click in Breezeway’s mobile app. 

Multiple Guide templates in your account πŸ“š Guide users can now create multiple versions of their Guidebook and apply them to select properties to deliver best-in-class experiences to guests!  

mcOBPuDjoeh8BNGCdGA2VvboMVEogKhocoLN6-3iyZX66fFAvfWGOY5uaqdH6VOdcmouVwKKTh1fUf0WjxCDpErpqm_S8dHg8YYJIxBBPiMHof5onAVLgRtJjiJ1Messaging Enhancements βœ‰οΈ From creating tasks directly from messages to refined language in Breezeway Messaging, repeating auto-messages based on the day of the week, and introducing internal notes, communication has never been more efficient within our Messaging platform.



Auto-Messages: Introducing Day-of-the-Week Scheduling πŸ”’ This highly requested feature for our messaging systemβ€”repeating auto-messages based on a specific day of the week is now available! Set daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly messages with this auto-message event. Instead of relying on check-in and check-out days, messages are scheduled based on the day of the week, ensuring guests can receive timely communication at any point of their stay.

Task Creation Made Simple πŸ›ŽοΈ When Messaging clients create a task from a new message, the description is automatically filled with the message content. Plus, we establish a convenient link between the conversation and task details, easily accessible from both the conversation event and the task details page.

Open and Close Conversations πŸ“« We introduced a new "closed" view in inboxes, allowing you to seamlessly access all closed conversations and easily manage open and closed conversations. 


Partner Integration Updates

Streamline Export to Partner πŸ”Œ Streamline users can now seamlessly push a Guest charge type into Streamline, ensuring data consistency across platforms.

Smart Property Matching for Airbnb 🏑 This feature automates property matching using addresses, streamlining synchronization between Airbnb and Breezeway.

Barefoot Lock Codes for dormaKaba and Brivio πŸ”’ Breezeway now includes guest arrival codes for Barefoot reservations.

Reservation Notes Enhancements πŸš€ Clients using Track, Guesty, Escapia, Beds24, Smily, Hostfully, OwnerRez, and VRM can now view additional context on their Breezeway schedule when calendar blocks /holds are created in the PMS.  

Hostaway Integration πŸ“ˆ Users with an active Hostaway integration can now access 'Guest Notes' in the Reservation Notes section of Breezeway bookings.

New Integrations

AppFolio Integration (Coming Soon) 🌐 Currently in closed beta, our AppFolio integration is set to launch officially for all clients in January.


Thank you for being part of our journey into the future of property management technology πŸš€βœ¨We look forward to working with you in 2024!

Have feedback for our team? Clients can share feedback right from our platform. Please feel free to contact your account manager if you have any questions.

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