Breezeway Product Updates

Brittney Bergevin
Brittney Bergevin

April 2, 2024


Our focus this year is simple: delivering more value to our clients. We've been listening closely to feedback and had a busy start to the year crafting new features and enhancements to make the Breezeway experience even better. 

Here are all the exciting things we’ve been working on!

Breezeway Owner Reporting

Owner Reporting  📊 We're thrilled to share our latest feature to improve the collaboration experience with owners. With Owner Reporting, operators can designate a point of contact for each property and set communication preferences (weekly or monthly). Breezeway will automatically generate reports, tailored specifically for property owners, which can be customized to include the level of detail you're comfortable sharing.

Inventory Locations📍Get even more organized with Multi-location inventory, enhancing your inventory management experience! Now you can seamlessly manage your supplies at different locations, ensuring efficient tracking, resupply, and usage at different properties. 

Payments 💸 Say goodbye to waiting for invoices. Task Payments are live and designed to simplify and expedite the process of compensating your vendors. Payments are connected to tasks so you can manage completed work easily and streamline your administrative processes. Turn on payments right from your settings! *While Payments is currently only available in the United States, the team is working to make this available to our friends globally as fast as possible!

Breezeway Payments

Guide Insights 📈 A new insights module has arrived! This time, we have a report for our Guide clients. This will allow guide users to see how guests are engaging with their welcome book, what their conversion rate is, and what sections are getting the most engagement. It will also provide some additional insight into guest-reported issues!

claim tasks in breezeway

Claim Tasks ☝️ Also known as “up-for grabs-tasks” users can opt for a first-come, first-served approach to task assignments, meaning you can assign a job to multiple users, and once the first user accepts the job, it is removed from other task lists. Companies can customize individual user settings to receive offers or be directly assigned tasks for more robust availability and scheduling functionality. 

Pause WorkflowsAutomated Workflows currently allows users to pause and unpause workflows directly within their scheduling settings. Tasks won't be created, adjusted, or deleted for the paused workflow, giving users control over when updates occur. This allows more flexibility with seasonal tasks and reduces the need to recreate workflows in the future.

Easier Onboarding ✋We're making onboarding with Breezeway smoother with two awesome updates. First, with "Assign Tasks Immediately," even if someone hasn't accepted an invite, they can still get tasks assigned. You'll spot them with a "Pending Invitation" tag. Plus, our new "Self-Service Landing Page" makes it super easy for new companies to get started, guiding them on what to do when they log in for the first time.

Messaging Assignments 📝Team members with messaging can handpick who handles specific conversations by assigning them manually. Assigning conversations can be done individually or in bulk directly from your inbox. This update also includes two new inboxes: "My Inbox," which holds conversations assigned to you, and "Unassigned," where conversations without a designated assignee reside.

Pricing Presets💲No more manual itemizations! With pricing presets, you’ll have preset options for your supplies and the power to override default settings when needed. You can tweak markups and customize pricing for each supply, task, or modifier to fit your needs.

Pricing presets in Breezeway Supplies

Notifications 💬 To enhance the Notification Center, we now include mobile app support and automatically remove notifications older than 60 days from the Notification Center.

 Integration Updates 🎯

Not one or two, but FIVE new integrations launched in the Breezeway Marketplace! Our PMS integrations effortlessly sync data into Breezeway to streamline the coordination of cleaning, inspections, and maintenance for a more seamless hospitality experience. This brings us to 47 integrations to date (and still growing)! 🚀

Our new integrations include:

  1. AppFolio

  2. 365Villas

  3. Lodgify

  4. Hospitable

  5. Opera

Check out our full list of integrations and preferred partners here. 

Have feedback for our team? Clients can share feedback right from our platform. Reach out to your Client Success Manager with any questions!

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