Breezeway Product Updates

Brittney Bergevin
Brittney Bergevin

July 3, 2024

Welcome to our latest product update! We’re thrilled to unveil several significant enhancements, including the new Upsells feature and added functionality for Payments. We've also made exciting upgrades to our mobile app and several PMS integrations, and a new satisfaction rating feature in our welcome book is coming soon.

These updates enhance user experience and team efficiency, providing the best value to Breezeway clients.

Major Updates 🚀

Introducing Upsells 💰  We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Upsells feature, available exclusively in the United States. Enhance your guest experience and increase your revenue. This feature allows you to effortlessly monetize and automate guest services while expanding your brand's influence—all within the Breezeway platform. Here's what you can expect. upsells UI

  • Create Upsell Offers: Easily create and manage tailored offers and experiences for your guests.
  • Send Offers to Guests: Upsell offers can be sent via messaging or directly in Guide.
  • Approve/Deny Requests: Manage all Upsell requests with the ability to approve or deny as they come in.
  • Easily Set Up Payments: Set up payments through our Stripe integration.
  • Coming soon: notifications will alert clients when a new request comes in and inform guests when their request is approved or denied.


Payments update 💲 We’ve improved the payment experience to provide more detailed and helpful information. Enhancements include:

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  • Payment History Table: This table now includes statuses like Paid, Marked Paid, Processing, and Failed. Additional filters help you find specific payments easily.
  • Payment Record Flyout: Conveniently view detailed payment records, showing property and address, payment status, method, amount paid, and linked tasks.
  • Multiple Assignees: Admins can now pay multiple users assigned to a task and adjust their payment amounts.
  • Payment Recipient Notes: Send notes to payment recipients directly from the payment modal for improved communication.
  • Paid Tasks Table: This table has been enhanced with new columns for Paid Amount, Status, Date Paid, Property, and Task ID, offering a clearer overview of completed payments.



Satisfaction Rating 🌟 (Coming soon) We’re excited to introduce Service Ratings in our Welcome Book. Guests will soon be able to leave a 1-5 star rating based on the property's cleanliness. This feature will help you gather valuable feedback to improve your service.

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  • Flexible Settings: Easily turn on or off for each Guide template.
  • Enhanced Feedback Loop: Gain insights directly from your guests to continually enhance your property’s cleanliness and overall guest satisfaction.

User workspaces 🏢 Workspaces allow users to share a single login across multiple companies, making it easy to toggle between accounts without managing numerous usernames and passwords.


Mobile App Updates 📲 

Our recent mobile app updates have brought several enhancements to improve user experience and functionality, allowing your teams to operate even more efficiently. 

  1. Workspaces: Users can now easily switch between workspaces directly from the main navigation. This update allows users, especially those managing multiple companies, to seamlessly transition between work environments without needing separate logins.
  2. Notifications Settings: We've revamped the notification settings interface in the mobile app to mirror those available on the web app. This enhancement ensures that users have access to all notification settings, allowing for comprehensive management directly from their mobile devices.
  3. Task Route (Lab Feature): The Task Route feature enables users to plan routes between tasks within the mobile app. By pushing multiple addresses to their device's navigation service, users can efficiently navigate between job sites, optimizing their workflow.
  4. Stripe Callout: We've added a Stripe callout on the payments page to notify users when their Stripe account approaches or reaches a threshold requiring additional actions. 
  5. Hide Completed Requirements: Users can now hide completed requirements on the requirements page by selecting "Hide completed" from the bottom bar. This feature simplifies task management by allowing assignees to focus solely on outstanding tasks, enhancing productivity.


Strengthening Integrations 🎯

Our latest partner updates enhance capabilities to streamline property management across various platforms. Updates include: 

  1. AppFolio: We enhanced management capabilities for community-based properties by pulling Community Associations and units into Breezeway as properties.
  2. Barefoot: We ensured every new property from Barefoot was visually represented by automatically pulling property photos.
  3. Guesty: We enabled seamless guest access management by pulling guest reservation lock codes from the Guesty Lock Manager.
  4. Mews: We introduced Reservation Add-ons for the seamless integration of additional services and products into reservation details.
  5. Streamline: We facilitated accurate task management and reservations by pulling Brivo and Lynx access codes for reservations. Additionally, we supported pulling Non-Renting properties.
  6. Opera Cloud: We maintained accurate housekeeping room status by pushing property status updates from Breezeway to Opera Cloud upon property readiness.
  7. PointCentral: We simplified guest entry and enhanced the guest experience by automatically updating access periods when properties were ready early.

Check out our complete list of integrations and preferred partners here. 

✨ Stay tuned for more updates in October, and feel free to reach out to our Client Success team with any questions or feedback at 📥

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