Transforming the Way STR Managers Schedule Tasks

Ben Firn
Ben Firn

November 21, 2022

Running a short-term rental operation is hard. Whether you’re a host with just a few rentals, or an enterprise manager with hundreds of homes in different markets, it’s challenging to know which properties need attention. And even when you do, scheduling service providers and field staff isn’t exactly easy. Hospitality providers have historically thrown spreadsheets and generic task management tools at the problem, but these work-arounds just complicate task assignments, convolute internal communication, and jeopardize property readiness.

It’s almost 2023 now, and vacation rentals have never been more popular. More competition and increased traveler expectations continues to shrink the margin of error for delivering quality accommodations and unique experiences. Here at Breezeway, we think the secret to differentiating your rental operation lies in the intersection of data and property care. It’s a drum we’ve been beating for several years now, and why we launched Automated Workflows.

“Automated workflows is the most data-driven property care scheduler we’ve ever built,” says Andrew Lee, Breezeway’s VP of Product & Design. “No matter the reason, length, or needs of a reservation, hosts and managers require the ability to coordinate specific tasks to service and enhance every occasion. We felt compelled to make it easier to tailor property preparation to individual homes and reservations.”

Specifically, our new scheduler empowers operators to:

(1) Save time and gain control by auto-scheduling work based on triggers.

This means operators can automatically schedule tasks around occupancy, vacancy, and reservation events, making routine property care work easier than ever. Consider the different ways you service segments of your inventory; for single-family homes an exterior inspection may be necessary, whereas for condos you’re simply inspecting the interior of the unit.

(2) Leverage property attributes to build your schedule.

You can now assign work with customized rules on property groups and tags to schedule the right work at the right properties. For example, you can schedule an additional task to ‘service hot tub’ at only homes where a hot tub exists.

(3) Customize property service for each stay, guest, and property type.

Improve flexibility on when you schedule work to align your teams and personalize experiences for every guest. Now, when a guest pays for pool heat, Breezeway will recognize the 'Pool Heat' charge and can schedule the task to be done one day before arrival.

When automated correctly, scheduling work to field teams has a powerful ripple effect throughout your business, saving hours of manual work, and vastly reducing guest issues at check-in. More than that, though, scheduling automation helps hospitality providers showcase the professional care they take towards preparing and facilitating amazing guest stays.


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