The Ultimate Airbnb Inventory Checklist: Essential Items & Appliances

Lizzie Griffin
Lizzie Griffin

February 7, 2024

Airbnb may have begun as an air bed on someone’s floor, but successful Airbnb hosts today are up-leveling the guest experience and simplifying management tasks with smart technology and high-end appliances in every room.

Most savvy hosts and rental managers already know the importance of high-quality furniture, basic amenities, a well-stocked kitchen, and even extra touches such as a welcome food hamper or luxury toiletries—but today’s ultimate Airbnb inventory checklist goes far beyond this.

Instead, the best rentals now have cutting-edge technology and appliances throughout, wowing guests with a modern, luxurious property that’s better than their place at home—and for which they’ll be only too happy to pay more (and leave great reviews, too).

Here’s our ultimate Airbnb inventory checklist of the essential modern items and appliances, which you can use to impress guests and secure bookings—for consistent business, healthy revenue, and super-low operation costs.

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Comprehensive Airbnb inventory & appliances checklist for every room

There’s almost no room in your rental that wouldn’t benefit from smart appliances. Not sure where to start? Here’s our comprehensive checklist.


The kitchen is a great place to start when it comes to equipping your rental with must-have appliances.

  • Nespresso, Keurig, or similar high-end, sleek coffee machine
  • Fridge freezer with water and ice dispenser
  • Air fryer
  • Nutribullet or similar high-end smoothie blender
  • KitchenAid or similar high-end standing mixer
  • Super-clean, modern gas or induction stove and fan oven
  • Voice assistant (e.g. Amazon Echo or Google Home) to offer easy answers and recipes

You’ll also want to make sure that your Airbnb guests can do all the cooking and baking they could dream of on vacation—especially if they’re staying during a food-centric holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas. 

Extras that complement your appliances, such as spotless baking dishes, plentiful paper towels, cookie sheets, Le Creuset pots, and matching pans will go a long way to make your rental stand out and increase Airbnb bookings among guests looking for the perfect luxury home from home.


Bathrooms often get forgotten when it comes to giving guests a luxurious stay, but with a few tweaks and high-end appliances you can offer guests a spa-like experience to rival any wellness resort. 

  • LED waterproof lights in the shower that can change color or set the scene (e.g. “Relax”)
  • Flattering lighting around the mirror
  • Waterfall ceiling-mounted shower head
  • Dyson or similar high-end hair dryer
  • GHDs or similar high-end hair straightener/curlers
  • Heated towel rack (with fluffy bath towels)
  • Jacuzzi tub
  • Waterproof Bluetooth speakers
  • Waterproof in-built TV
  • Voice assistant to dim lights

It goes without saying that the bathroom should be sleek, modern, and totally spotless. Adding extra amenities like luxury toiletries, a pile of fluffy towels (and good-quality pool or beach towels, if this applies to your rental), slippers, bathrobes, and enough toilet paper to more than cover their stay will elevate the “smallest room in the house” to even better heights.

Living room

The living room can be the place where your rental appliances really come into their own, as the center of a luxurious vacation home. Invite guests to come in and be entertained—whether they’re a honeymooning couple looking for maximum coziness; or a multi-generational family who want movies, music, games, and lots of space.

  • Stable high-speed WiFi throughout the entire property
  • Smart TV with all the popular streaming services (e.g. Netflix, Prime, Hulu, Disney+)
  • Electric fireplace with remote control (if not a real fireplace)
  • The latest gaming consoles with enough controllers for everyone (e.g. PS5)
  • Smart lighting (e.g. Hue bulbs) controllable through a tablet or app
  • Surround sound speakers for excellent movie-watching and Bluetooth-connected music
  • Voice assistant to control lighting and TV

Ensure the seating corresponds with the maximum number of guests (so everyone can take a comfortable seat when the home is fully occupied) and provide extra cushions, rugs, blankets, and footstools (depending on the weather and time of year.) Make the living room the heart of your rental, and guests will come running back.


As the main relaxation space, the bedroom may seem like the one room that doesn’t need much in the way of appliances. But even here, subtle technology can help guests luxuriate in comfort, get an excellent night’s sleep when they eventually power down, and wake up refreshed.

  • SmartTV with streaming services
  • Automatic black-out blinds
  • Voice assistant with smart bulbs and speakers to offer relaxing or energizing lighting and music
  • Smart radio or Bluetooth for music or podcasts
  • Daylight alarm clock for natural wake-ups

Of course, the best black-out blinds or smart TV won’t help if your bed is lumpy, so be sure not to forget a super-comfy mattress, soft duvet and blankets, at least two pillows per person; and spotless, high-end bed linens. Providing slippers and robes (if they’re not in the bathroom), delicate sleep sprays, satin eye masks, and earplugs are also little touches that will relax guests even more.

Outdoor area

If your rental has an outdoor area, chances are guests will have chosen your property specifically for this, so they’ll be very impressed with appliances and touches that make outdoor living easy and fun.

  • Hot tub with lighting
  • Modern Weber or similar high-end barbecue with all the required fuel
  • Outdoor pizza oven with required wood or gas
  • Solar-powered, easy-to-use lighting on the patio and in the pool
  • Waterproof Bluetooth speakers for outdoor music and entertainment
  • Automatic pool cleaning vacuum

The best way to equip your outside space is to imagine that it’s the same as every other room in your house, just outdoors. Keep it in neat and good condition, and don’t make guests run into the house for everything every five seconds. 

For example, will they be cooking pizza? Make sure they have all the utensils they’ll need by the woodfired oven, and enough dining seats for everyone. Got a pool? Provide pool towels, and sunbeds with comfortable cushions, and even consider an outdoor plunge pool or shower.

Keep your furniture clean and updated. You could even provide extras like sunscreen (for summer) or blankets (for winter), high-end patio umbrellas, eco-friendly bug spray or candles, and a screened-off area for privacy. Guests on vacation won’t ever want to leave!

Safety and convenience 

Must-have appliances today go beyond the cosmetic or “wow” factor. Modern technology can also make it easier to automate your Airbnb business, and manage safety and access easily—without the cost of hiring a huge operations team.

  • Smart locks for key-free, secure access, so you can change the entry code regularly, and let guests come and go easily no matter when they check-in or check out (cleaners and maintenance staff can use this too)
  • Welcome tablet and/or digital welcome guide sent to guests’ phones, with recommendations for the local area so they feel at home and can get around easily
  • Tablet with apps for hiring of helpful items, such as travel cots, high chairs, or sports equipment
  • Streamlined messaging so guests can contact you easily and quickly if there’s an issue, or they want to order additional services.
  • Automated outdoor lights for safe entry, if guests arrive at night, or there is a dark area
  • Smart lights controlled by voice assistant or app, for easy mood lighting
  • Smart thermostat controlled by voice assistant or app, for a comfortable temperature at all times
  • Noise and occupancy monitors to ensure that guests comply with the rules on parties (and prevent damage to your rental)
  • Automated regular maintenance and safety inspections, so you can ensure your property is compliant with local code, and there are no safety risks for guests

Using technology in your rental may sound complex at first, but when installed and used correctly, it can streamline the guest experience and your experience as a property manager or host.

Smart locks are a good example; you can set the entry code remotely and change it after every guest while also giving unique codes to staff.

Cleaning supplies

Equipping your rental with efficient cleaning appliances and supplies will not only make it easier for guests to keep the place clean during their vacation (if they so wish)—but more importantly, it will enable your cleaning staff to ensure the place is immaculate before the next guests arrive.

  • High-end washer and dryer, with display and different programs, so guests can do their family washing, and cleaners can plan their turnovers efficiently
  • Efficient vacuum to keep the property spotless
  • Roomba or similar hoover to automate cleaning and pick up after guests as they go
  • High-end dishwasher

You can also make it easier for your guests and cleaning team to keep the place looking and feeling good by investing in eco-friendly cleaning products and materials—including dish soap and surface cleaner>—and always keeping a backup selection in a cupboard or a separate storage area or utility room.

Extra towels, trash bags, food storage items, cleaning supplies, wash rags…it’s easy to forget these items as an afterthought, but they’re an important part of a comprehensive rental inventory, and ensure guests have everything they need throughout their stay (especially if they’re coming with dogs or kids.)

Tips for managing your Airbnb inventory

The ultimate Airbnb appliance list makes managing your rental easier, but sadly it’s not quite a case of “set and completely forget.” Consider these three areas when stocking your rental, for optimum success.

Pay attention to what kind of guests you’ll be hosting

The exact inventory or must-have appliances will vary depending on our ideal guest, and the type of people your property is designed to host. Keeping your guest in mind when equipping your rental will ensure you have everything you need.

For example:

  • Digital nomads or business travelers - Prioritize super-fast Wi-Fi, the latest coffee machine, smart lighting in comfortable working areas, and smart locks for anytime entry.
  • Multi-generational families on a big vacation - A modern barbecue and pizza oven, Smart TV, the latest video game consoles, and a modern, well-equipped kitchen for large family meals.
  • Honeymooning couples - A luxury hot-tub, bedroom smart speakers, smart lights for mood lighting, and a tablet packed with recommendations for the nearest romantic restaurants. 


Buy in advance and in bulk

The cost of high-end appliances and good quality inventory for your Airbnb properties can add up, but the overall investment will more than pay off as you charge higher nightly rates, get more bookings and five-star reviews, and boost repeat business (happy guests come back).

However, you can reduce the cost if you buy items in advance, or buy them in bulk. Economies of scale really can pay off, and this is true for everything from coffee beans, to smart TVs, to cleaning products. 

You can also find excellent quality appliances in ingenious ways, for example, buying refurbished items or ex-display models. Taking this approach can mean you can secure nearly new (and sometimes, never-used) equipment for a fraction of the cost of a brand-new item.

Some retailers may also be able to give you discounts if you’re buying many of the same items at a time, or build up a relationship with them as a regular, trusted customer.

Automate your stock and inventory management

Stocking your property with high-end appliances and supplies may wow guests, but their happiness will quickly turn to dismay if they realize the coffee machine’s not working, the barbecue has run out of fuel, the smart lock battery is dead, and the heated towel rack is leaking.

The solution? Automate regular maintenance and stock resupply so nothing is ever left broken, empty, or dirty.

The easiest way to do this is to use automated technology and Airbnb cleaning software especially designed to help you manage your vacation rental maintenance. 

For example, Breezeway lets you communicate with your cleaning team, and automatically assigns them tasks and turnovers based on your Airbnb booking calendar and/or property management system, PMS. 

It also lets you keep track of where they’re at with dynamic checklists that update in real-time as they get the job done. You can also use the in-app messaging platform to maintain a “paper” trail of everything you asked staff to do, and send them quick updates if there’s a last-minute change.

This helps you:

  • Add regular checks to cleaner checklists, so they never forget to restock key items and make checking everything a normal part of their turnaround routine.
  • Schedule periodic maintenance checks, with a separate Airbnb inspection checklist, to keep track of things like battery levels on smart devices, lightbulbs, cleanliness of hot tubs and coffee machines, and pool water pH levels.
  • Automate deliveries to your properties so you never run out of fuel, coffee beans, disinfectant, window cleaner, or toiletries.

Using automation technology lets you not only equip your rentals with the ultimate inventory and appliances, but keep them sparkling, functioning, and up-to-date, too (in less time, and with less stress).

The Ultimate Airbnb Inventory Checklist: The smart (tech) route to success

Equipping your vacation rental for ultimate success goes beyond adequate furniture and leaving some extra towels in the bathroom. Now, smart technology and high-end appliances can please your guests and make managing your short-term rental business easier and more efficient.

Not only that, but equipping your rental with smart devices and using a specially-designed automation tool like Breezeway to schedule regular updates and maintenance, and save hours with checklist templates, means you can do it all with minimal stress—and be more competitive within your local market.

Top technology, awesome appliances, wowed guests, and simplified maintenance? This truly is the ultimate checklist.

Wow guests and save thousands on operational costs
Update your rental property and elevate both the guest and property manager experience with Breezeway.

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Frequently asked questions about Airbnb inventory checklists


What should be stocked in an Airbnb?

An Airbnb needs a lot to keep guests happy and ensure they have everything they need. Beyond the obvious of high-quality furniture, sheets, towels, and coffee, you can elevate your Airbnb experience by including the latest kitchen gadgets, extra bathroom luxuries, excellent living room entertainment, smart devices, and operations management via smart tech like Breezeway. This helps you to ensure that all appliances and tech are working well, and that essential amenities and supplies are stocked.

What “should” be stocked depends on the guests you want to attract—for example, large families will want more entertainment in the living room and a well-stocked kitchen, while digital nomads will appreciate a high-end coffee machine, and 24/7 smart lock self-check-in access.

How do I keep track of my inventory on Airbnb? 

You can sync your calendar with an operations management platform like Breezeway, which tracks inventory and auto-schedules cleaning and maintenance tasks. You can also plan periodic checks and inspections with dedicated checklists, to ensure that everything in your rental remains in working order.

What are the essential items in an Airbnb?

Beyond the obvious items like beds, sheets, towels, kitchen plates, and cutlery, you may want to install smart kitchen appliances, smart entertainment devices, and smart home technology.